Talked to the cable/internet company

And they still don’t know why they rejected our last payment, or maybe they’re just not telling us. But we still can’t pay until we get an accurate bill. So we are facing loss of internet in a couple of days. I have a back-up but I much prefer not to have to use it. It’s been a month and we still don’t have an accurate bill. I can’t pay the bill until we get an accurate bill. Basically, they recorded receiving the last payment and the same day declining the payment, then charged us for not sending in the payment. But they have records of getting the payment we didn’t send, according to them. Basically it’s a SNAFU.

My hips are acting up again, making me walk like I’m drunk even when I haven’t had any alcohol. I have two different injuries to the hips, basically my right hip was hyperextended when I fell out of a yoga pose and basically stuck my knee in my chest and chin. And you know what happened to my left hip, lots of surgical trauma repairing the broken bones from the truck hitting me, scars all over the place that after a few years have tightened up and limit my mobility. Like seriously, when I move either hip in certain ways, it hurts or doesn’t move. Sometimes both, and that really irks me. I mean I can deal with either hurting or not moving, but both on the same hip at the same time is too much.

Got the Snack Crate today and there were many things that Mrs. the Poet won’t eat, like Haribo gummy spaghetti, dried apple and cinnamon sticks, tomato and basil Cheetos, tomato onion and basil Lays, jelly bananas, and mystery fruit hard candies (Flocos de Neve), and some kind of fruit chews that resemble starburst. I have no idea why she’s turning down the apple sticks or the Cheetos or the potato chips, because all were good and not-spicy. Other things are just an automatic no for texture, like the jelly banana candy. Our daughter who visited from Scotland also left a bottle of Irn Bru, which is basically orange creme soda, but vegan. Which was also something Mrs. the Poet didn’t want.

Mrs. the Poet is having foot problems which are causing her to have constant pain, which is making her grouchy. As someone who has dealt with persistent pain for years I can understand this. Some days I’m not too much fun either. Basically her problem is her calluses are drying up and falling off and they are pulling at the live skin in the process and causing infections that also hurt. It is not a good situation for her. She hasn’t been able to wear shoes for weeks.

And I’m starting to fold now, along with running out of things to say, so this would be a good place to put this post to bed and then me.

2 responses to “Talked to the cable/internet company

  1. I am not telling your wife what to do as I am not a doctor nor
    do I know what her foot problems are. However, I have found
    a way to help with MY feet. I will coat them with petroleum jelly
    then put on socks. Every few hours I will add more petroleum
    jelly. It only takes about three days for the big cracks to dis-
    appear. The more I do this the less often I have to do it. It has
    been about two years since the last time.


    • Opus the Poet

      Unfortunately, that is not her problem. Mrs. the Poet’s problem is chunks of skin falling off and taking underlying skin with them, and infection of the underlying skin. So far the best we have is antibiotics and Band-Aids and lotion on the smaller chunks that aren’t separating yet.


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