Daily Archives: July 25, 2022

This was a hectic weekend

From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Mrs. the Poet was in hospital with kidney failure. She had the kidney problems because she let herself get dehydrated from diarrhea. And we still don’t know why she had the diarrhea in the first place except it was something she ate, or a combination of somethings most likely.

The problem with a combination of somethings is we will never know what set her off in the first place because we eat a variety of foods and try not to eat the same thing every week. We have pizza pretty often but this started a month ago as I was telling you about having to wash the poop off her a few times when she didn’t get to a toilet fast enough. Well there were a bunch more times she did get to a toilet and didn’t tell me about it, and then when I found out how long it had been going on I was trying to get fluids down her but she didn’t like anything I gave her and if she didn’t like it she didn’t drink it. So… dehydrated.

And I spent most of the weekend in a quiet state of panic because after I got her to the hospital when her doctor called Friday morning and said her labs came back awful from her visit I made her go to on Monday of last week, well we didn’t know if they would be able to get her rehydrated. Fortunately hey put a large bore IV in her and put fluids in her as fast as was safe for her veins. Actually we went a little too fast at first and leaked the first IV they put in. They also gave her IV drugs for the nausea and diarrhea so that she could take fluids by mouth and got both under control by Saturday night. By then she was eating regular food instead of the Jello she got Friday night to get some calories in her that didn’t upset her stomach.

But she’s home now and everything is (mostly) under control. We are trying foods in limited amounts that we know are “safe” until we hit something that triggers her tummy again, but so far Grilled chicken sandwiches don’t set her tummy off, fingers crossed.

Other than that things have been hunky-dory, I was awake 29 hours Thursday-Friday after getting the phone call at 0820 Friday morning when I was waiting for the massage parlor to open and take care of my neck that has been on the fritz. When I took my night meds I crashed hard and slept for over 12 hours and didn’t wake up. Well it has been a long night again and I’m hitting the sack now.