Daily Archives: July 29, 2022

Patreon keeps bugging me

Every time I log into Patreon they keep putting up this notification that I need to start my own Patreon page so you guys can pay for things to write about, like buying parts and raw materials for making things to write about. So, what do y’all think about it? Yay or Nay? There used to be an add poll option for the Composer, but I don’t see it now, so leave a comment yay or nay, yes or no?


My body failed me, again

The idea was when I went to bed I would get up way early (1400) and return the pants I bought for Mrs. the Poet that were too big for her since the cuffs ended up about mid-arch of her foot instead of mid-ankle of her leg and also did not have a drawstring waist. When the alarm went off I remember picking up the phone to turn off the alarm, and nothing after that until Wheel of Fortune woke me again about 1830. I had some dreams where I was all sweaty for some reason that made sense in the dream but that I don’t remember now. I think that was when the AC shut down because it couldn’t handle the load and I was sweaty in real life and it transferred over to my dreams because that’s what dreams do.

So now the plan is to make the return early tomorrow and stay up all day so I can reset my body to diurnal from nocturnal. That’s the hope, anyway.

Another thing I’m having a problem with is I can’t use the bathroom until my diuretics kickstart my kidneys. I have been on diuretics since the start of the Obama administration or maybe before the end of the W Bush administration. It has been a long time anyway, and apparently my kidneys won’t work without them. My current medication of choice is HCTZ which is short for a word I don’t know how to spell and neither do most doctors and pharmacists hence the initialization. But when I got up today I didn’t have anything in my bladder to discharge until a few minutes after I took my morning drugs with my breakfast pizza of spinach and mushrooms in a white sauce. For my wife it was dinner, for me it was breakfast.

Anywho I took the med at the beginning of the meal after only getting a slight amount of fluid when I got up after more than 8 hours in bed, then about a half-hour later I had a full bladder to discharge. Like I just wrote it’s like my kidneys were waiting for the HCTZ to turn them on. Later I supercharged that by drinking a beer. Then urine was definitely flowed.