Daily Archives: August 21, 2022

Mrs. the Poet is almost ready for PT

Right now they had her in the rehab center for a week and her diarrhea is almost gone, she has to be clear of that before she can use the Gym for her physical therapy. We brought her peanut butter and crackers so she can get more protein to build up her endurance. The protein drink we got her makes her diarrhea worse, so scratch that. Also she has this thing where meat just makes her full which is why we are looking for alternative protein sources she can eat. She did manage to eat what the rehab center calls a cheesesteak last night, which is great improvement. And I got to give her a kiss last night for the first time since before she was transported to the hospital the second time back on 8/8. So it’s been like almost a month since we kissed.

While I was composing this I was also playing Shadowrun as The Old Man and just slashed the $h!+ out of a bad guy with my katana because I was within the lethal splash range for my grenade launcher. Another player was able to draw a bead on her and burst fire her to a lingering death. This accomplishes the payout goal of the run, get her teeth and fingers to ID her for the Johnson. We’re just brining the teeth in a convenient container, and the fingers still attached to the hands. The torso and her implants were not part of the bargain, so we’re keeping the implants to get access to her finances to make this run pay something other than pure karma. We had to end the session early so we find out how much nuyen and karma we get next week.

Hard as it may be to believe I haven’t been thinking about the Sprint-T in a while, worrying about my wife was using up those processor cycles I would have been spending on thinking about the car. So, no progress on the Sprint-T. It’s about time for me to fix dinner so I’ll call this one over for now.