Daily Archives: August 26, 2022

This is aggravating

Plumber is here installing the new toilet, only Lowe’s only delivered like half of it, the base. The tank and fill valve were sent in a separate box that the delivery driver didn’t pick up, which I called Lowe’s to (gently) bitch them out about. After the toilet is installed and the water gets turned back on I’m going to shower and go visit a friend who wanted to get me out of the house and dealing with actual people IRL and not just through a screen.

Anywho it took only about an hour for the rest of the toilet to get delivered so about 2 hours after he got here we are finally getting the toilet installed. It’s one of those fancy toilets that uses almost no water to flush. So over a month later from ordering the toilet we have a working toilet in the bathroom off the master bedroom, meaning we have one fully-functional bathroom again. If you don’t count the bare concrete and the hole in the floor as being less than “fully-functional”.

And I’m back, and my friend fed me lunch and we watched 2 episodes of “She-Hulk, attorney at law” together because that’s all there is this week, and then she bought me bubble tea taking me home because it’s like a $30 Lyft to get there and she was going to her parents’ place for dinner and since they were driving anyway…

So I had a fun afternoon after a frustrating morning. Then I had Whataburger for dinner, and didn’t get to watch the Xfinity series race from Daytona because Deluge a few minutes before the race was supposed to start. I watched “Engine Masters” instead which was also fun but not as fun as watching a live race.