Monthly Archives: October 2022

Perpetually tired lately

I know why I’m tired, there just isn’t anything I can do about it. Someone needs to take care of Mrs. the Poet and I’m elected by default because there were no other candidates. The problem is the previously noted difference in our sleep cycles. I have to be up and active during the day because that’s when she’s active, but my body doesn’t like that schedule and keeps trying to force me back to my normal nocturnal schedule. Thus, sleep deprivation and lack of cognitive functions that arise from that deprivation.

One of the things that comes with sleep deprivation for me is the inability to shut my brain off and go to sleep. The more sleep deprived I am the harder it is to get the monkey to shut up and let me sleep and the more sleep deprived I get in an endless feedback loop. And I have to be awake and functioning for an 1015 appointment for Mrs. the Poet’s doctor, when I usually go to bed around 0400-0500 and getting her up and dressed and fed is about an hour process and I have to get showered and dressed and fed also because I’m the one with the phone apps for Lyft and Uber. If I’m not up Mrs. the Poet can’t get there.

Current writing jam: Fairdreamers by Kliment


Been a long time

But I really haven’t had much time to post, nor anything different to post about. Mrs. the Poet is still either on the couch with her feet up (most desired option) in her wheelchair, or on the potty seat. We try to get her in the shower at least once a week, but her ability to stand up in the shower has been minimal and transferring her from the walker to the shower seat and vice-versa have been difficult because of that.

Because of her and my physical problems, getting aligned for even hugs and kisses is outside our physical abilities. I can kiss her, or I can hug her, but both at the same time is just not possible. One of us has to get in a posture that is physically uncomfortable to painful for hugs and kisses. I don’t want to hurt Mrs. the Poet, and it’s no fun when I’m hurting, either.

On the good side, the skin ulcers she had when she left the nursing home are healing up nicely thanks to Boudreau’s Butt Paste maximum strength formula. I found out about this stuff from several of my Ultracyclist (randoneer and RAAM riders who might spend as long as 36 hours at a stretch riding upwrong bikes) who were getting pretty much the same thing from sweat and friction and abrasion as Mrs. the Poet gets from not stopping for a wet diaper change.