Coming up on my blogiversary

Hard to believe I’m coming up on the 14th anniversary of this blog on this site. The first edition of the blog was on an adult dating site, because I was running Linux and that was about the only blog site that didn’t crash or crash my computer. Then I migrated to MySpace because it also didn’t crash my computer, but after a few months it would block people from reading it because I linked to a bunch of external articles because I was covering media treatment of bike wrecks and there were like anywhere from 6 to 20 wrecks reported in the media, and they thought I was pushing Spam. I was getting 1k to 1400 readers a day then so blocking my blog was cutting their nose off to spite their faces. But anywho, I started posting here I think on the 22nd of November 2008, I’ll have to look it up because I accidentally did my first blog post here on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Not on purpose, but there were a lot of coincidences between that and me.

I was treated in the same ER as they treated JFK after he was shot. He died in the ER, I died before I was taken to the ER and came back before they took me. JFK never spoke again after he was shot in the head, I apparently never shut up even when I was unconscious. I gave the wrong address for my home, giving the one where I lived while I was in high school 25 years prior, my parent’s phone number from several years before we moved to Dallas, and a whole bunch more information that while correct was not current, and none of it was for the state I was living in. I was in the middle of telling the joke about getting hit by a truck because the bus had stopped running at that time of night when I regained consciousness, and was able to talk seriously. I think that because I was dead when they first got to me they weren’t expecting me to make sense when I talked.

Anywho, there were lots of crossover things between my life and JFK.

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