Daily Archives: January 8, 2023

Actually saw Mrs. the Poet today

First things first, I put her phone on the charger to make sure I could call her in the morning. Since the charge cord was laying on the floor there’s no way she could plug it in herself. Also I lotioned up her legs which were very dry and rough. We also talked about how she’s eating and what, and how the protein bars were sitting on a table across the room from her bed, not where she could actually get to them to eat. I swear it’s like that woman didn’t want to come home, since she’s not doing the one thing that can get her home, eating.

Speaking of eating, grocery shopping this week only cost $44, so about half what we spent with Mrs. the Poet eating at home. And a big chunk of that was adult diapers to I don’t end up peeing my pants every day. Well the interesting thing is now that I don’t have to worry about not getting to the toilet in time, I usually manage to make it, so I end up wearing the same diaper for 2 days and then throwing it away because I wore it for 2 days, not because I used it. And I know that was a run-on sentence. I will strive to avoid those in the future. I usually buy frozen dinners or entrees and canned greens to make the meal more balanced.

So this is the month I pay Property taxes, but the problem is I still haven’t gotten all the tax bills. GISD was late setting their tax rates and I still haven’t gotten their bill. This means I’ll have trouble paying them by 1/31. But I’ll figure out a way.