Things are Weird, What Else is New?

I won’t claim to be psychic, but there are times when I know things I shouldn’t be able to know. As in things that happened in another state or country, or otherwise in a time or place I didn’t have access to. Like the medical history of someone I only met a couple of weeks prior in elementary school, or knowing someone else’s transport ship get would be delayed by a mechanical problem at sea, or knowing that Bush would start a war if he won the 2000 election (I saw burning buildings and people shooting in civilian clothes, I didn’t know where they were fighting, I thought it was rioting in the streets).

Anyway I know something I don’t know how to interpret, again. And as it’s strictly a visual/tactile vision without audible context to let me know where/when it happened/will happen. So you see my dilemma here. I know something has/will happen(ed) but I don’t know where, when, or with who, or if I even take part. Cassandra had it easy, she knew things but couldn’t do anything about them. I don’t even know enough to not be believed. But it’s usually always like this, I’m like Nostradamus, visions that can only be known in hindsight. Like “Oh that was what that was!” writ large. Or as Fred Sanford put it “Nostradummy”.


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