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OK this is weird

It’s 2/21 and 1530 and the local temp is 88°F which is the forecast high. Eighty-eight freaking degrees Fahrenheit on the twenty-first day of February, we are less than a degree away from the AC coming on from the thermostat setting of 78°F. This is early Summer weather, not late Winter!

In other news Mrs. the Poet is recovering well, and is looking forward to returning to Casa de El Poeta as soon as all the skin grafts heal over and her infection risk returns to normal. And on that note, in today’s mail that came as I was composing this post came a note from the insurers that Mrs. the Poet should not have been kicked out of the nursing home. A few weeks late, but anywho they admit they screwed up. Which we can use in filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the insurance company, should that come to pass.

Anywho, bitch about the weather noted, bitch about heartless greedy insurance companies noted, and I’m pretty much out of things to say. I’ve given up hope of ever getting the Sprint-T completed, so that’s also noted. Catch you next time I have something to say.


I need to get this published while it is still relivent

OK 45 years ago the not-yet Mrs. the Poet and I hired a babysitter and got married, and 20 years ago we tied the knot (literally) and renewed our vows. I should have written down all the people who bet me a million dollars we wouldn’t last longer than 10 years, because we’re 35 years past that.

And in case you wondered why we had to get a babysitter to get married, I found out she was pregnant the afternoon after she delivered the baby on the way to the hospital in the morning. So we got off on the wrong foot, so to speak, but we have made it so far. Even if we have to live in different houses because she got sick. And that wasn’t the first time she had a baby before getting to the hospital, 3 years after that experience less 4 days I pulled the youngest out of her waiting for the paramedics to arrive. I believe I mentioned that one, compound breech birth at home with her older sister standing in the crib watching. Anywho, 10 days after the oldest was born, we got a sitter and got married.

Current writing jams, My Mix 2 on YTM, Electro Swing and original swing music.

Sorry I haven’t been keeping you posted

I should have at least been complaining about the weather, but I have been too depressed to do much more than feed myself, or take a shower. I can’t tell you when the last time I turned the TV on except I caught the last lap of the 24 Hours of Daytona last Sunday.

Anyway I forced myself out of bed and the house to pay property taxes Friday which I did for 2 of the three taxing bodies who lay claim to my property unless I pay their ransom. Just kidding I don’t mind paying taxes so much because they buy me something I like to refer to as civilization small “c” because the one with the capital “C” is a registered trademark.

Now the reason why I paid my taxes in February instead of January, and why I only paid 2 of 3 taxing bodies in my town is we have been covered in ice since Tuesday, actually light ice followed by light snow, followed by heavy ice that brought down tree limbs, and some trees, powerlines that weren’t buried, ditto phone lines that weren’t buried. It wasn’t a grid disaster like 2021, power outages were local and confined to likes broken by ice or brought down by idiots who can’t drive taking out poles and substations. I heard a rumor that the driver that destroyed a substation transformer died from the high voltage, but I’m pretty sure that was wishful thinking on the part of a person without heat because no electricity to run the thermostat or fans.

Anyway, I paid city and county property taxes, but the schools offices hadn’t reopened, so I can’t pay them until Monday of next week. Which means I have to spend more money on transportation, to go with the $30 extra I had to spend paying city taxes because we were out of checks and had to use a card. Summoning a Lyft or Uber is only about $10 with tip, but that’s a significant drain on the budget multiple times a day like what happened Friday because although the streets were clear the sidewalks and parking lots were NOT! This meant that as a person using a cane to navigate I was at more of a peril that usual because of limited traction to go with the bad balance. I managed, but not without some scary moments. And I have to do it again Monday, because GISD offices were still closed on Friday.

Anywho, enough of the meandering narrative or lack thereof. Time to put this to bed.