OK this is weird

It’s 2/21 and 1530 and the local temp is 88°F which is the forecast high. Eighty-eight freaking degrees Fahrenheit on the twenty-first day of February, we are less than a degree away from the AC coming on from the thermostat setting of 78°F. This is early Summer weather, not late Winter!

In other news Mrs. the Poet is recovering well, and is looking forward to returning to Casa de El Poeta as soon as all the skin grafts heal over and her infection risk returns to normal. And on that note, in today’s mail that came as I was composing this post came a note from the insurers that Mrs. the Poet should not have been kicked out of the nursing home. A few weeks late, but anywho they admit they screwed up. Which we can use in filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the insurance company, should that come to pass.

Anywho, bitch about the weather noted, bitch about heartless greedy insurance companies noted, and I’m pretty much out of things to say. I’ve given up hope of ever getting the Sprint-T completed, so that’s also noted. Catch you next time I have something to say.


2 responses to “OK this is weird

  1. aviationmetalsmith

    Sorry about the Sprint-T.


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