Hips are hurting and other things that aren’t new

Lately I go to bed and my hips hurt but eventually I can get to sleep. Then I wake up in the morning and they hurt again, but different, and before I have dinner, or maybe after I have lunch, they hurt like they did when I went to bed. And then they hurt like that for the rest of my day. Apparently hips that don’t hurt are not on my menu.

In other news, sky without clouds has a distinct blue tint, and rain is wet. This is my new reality, things hurt 24/7, and there’s nothing I can take that stops it. Until recently pain was a warning that something serious was wrong with me, now it’s just telling me I’m still alive. But I already know I’m alive, cogito ergo sum works for knowing the difference between alive and dead.

Also in other news, weather in the local area is changing between hot but dry and chilly and wet. Also we had a rainless T-storm come through, followed by a quiet gentle rain. Texas weather, can’t make up its mind.

Current writing jam: “Ball and Biscuit” by The White Stripes, followed by “Clint Eastwood” by gorillaz. At least I have access to good tunes these days. I hope you have a pleasant one in spite if what I’m going through, no need for both of us to have a bad day/night.


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