I don’t have enough caffeine for this

Sorry if this post is a little more disjointed than usual, but an insurance person called me before either of my alarms went off, so I’m both underslept, and uncaffeinated. My spell checker needs a larger vocabulary/dictionary, because it is showing both underslept and uncaffeinated as spelled wrong, but Google says I spelled them both right.

Anywho, I was called before my first alarm went off at 1000, about getting me the best deal for Medicare, and for me it’s Medigap to cover my deductibles and copays because apparently getting killed doesn’t count as a pre-existing condition, if I’m talking to them on the phone. So, I got set up on a policy that uses Medicare for most of my medical costs but covers the rest so my out-of-pocket should be pretty much nothing. The downside is I have a $120~ monthly premium, so another expense I have to cover on top of everything else.

And now it’s after 1500 and I’m fading because of that lack of sleep, so I’ll put this post to bed and get some food so I have the calories I need to function.


One response to “I don’t have enough caffeine for this

  1. Before you do anything, check with someone you know and
    trust who does this type of work. There are many medigap
    plans. I have a plan G which I like. However, they all go up
    every year because of your age. Also, the same plan with
    the same company will have different prices for different
    zip codes. Don’t forget you will need a part D.

    With parts B and D plus a medigap plan you could pay
    between $300 and $360 per month. (Your $165 part B
    is taken out of your social security check before you even
    get it.)

    Note: A part C may sound like a good deal but you don’t
    have the freedom as with a medigap plan. They are
    able to tell you what doctors and when you may
    or may not be able to see. They are cases where
    some people had to wait years before the company
    would allow them to see a specialist.

    If you don’t like your part C you may not be able
    to go back to a medigap plan .

    A mistake now will cost you every month for the rest
    of your life.

    PS- There is a small time window around your 65th
    birthday that the insurance have to take you. There
    are NO pre-existing conditions during this time.


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