Daily Archives: March 28, 2023

I’m having to adapt

I’m on a new med for my blood sugar and things have changed. I used to graze on salty snacks, but my salty snacks have all been high carbs like pretzels or cheesypoofs or popcorn. But if I don’t graze during the day I get famished, which is why I started grazing in the first place, not just because “Kuchisabishii” or in English “Lonely Mouth”. My normal breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal which while high protein is not very filling and I get hungry again real quick. Or I would have a pack of PopTarts, which is not very filling or high protein. And well before any reasonable lunch time I’m STARVING!!!!1!!one!!!!

So now I’m looking for filling, high fiber, salty snacks to prevent my stomach from digesting itself. This isn’t low blood sugar, which was something else I need to keep aware of and which I know how it feels from hundreds of miles of “Bonk Training” for the Hotter’n’ Hell Hundred, and from when I was riding to Sherman from Dallas and back to visit an ex in a nursing home that got washed away in a flood. This is literal needing to put something in my stomach to keep it from trying to digest itself. The problem is I don’t have much of a food budget that I can afford that kind of snack food, and I can’t eat the kind of snacks I can afford, at least not any more. So while I exercise my Google-fu, I eagerly accept suggestions of low-cost high-fiber snacks, salty or sweet, that are suitable for grazing like I would pretzel sticks with peanut butter. I’m trying to keep my net carbs down for my blood sugar, and I really should be watching my fats because my lipids were also a little high.