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I has new teeth

Just got back from the dentist and getting dentures. I have to wear them overnight to control the swelling from having my last 12 teeth pulled, then I can pull them out to clean and soak overnight. It was an ordeal, but I have dentures!
Me waiting to be able to leave the dentist's office.
I'm smiling again!

I have to leave them in overnight to control the swelling, but I can take them out for cleaning tomorrow night. I’m still bleeding slightly, and I hurt some, and I’m drooling a bit because I still can’t work my lips right, but by this time tomorrow I will be able to bite and chew again.

Now if you’ll excuse me my eyes are leaking.


Dang, it has been a while

I haven’t posted anything because nothing interesting happened to me recently. I had a big fight with my kids over throwing my stuff away, but TBH that is not interesting. I mean sure it is interesting to me, but to you guys not so much.

In other news I found that improvised neck warmers make my neck work better so I bought a fleece gaiter from Amazon so I can wear it outside, and keep my neck mobile while I’m mobile. It’s black and has a fleece lining to help retain body heat next to my neck. Neck Warmer Hopefully this will keep the back of my neck from getting cold. And in case you forgot the injury is old Arthur Arthur Dent, left over from removing useless lump of fat Chris Cristy from the back of my neck in 2015. There may have been nerve damage from that tumor or the removal. I don’t blame the surgeon, the damage was already there and noticeable before the surgery, I just hoped it wasn’t permanent. As I noted in this blog after the surgery, there was some improvement right after the operation. Post About the Dent In My Neck pretty much covers it.

And that basically covers it, except I’m going to the dentist on Friday for a preliminary exam to get dentures. More as I know it.

Happy Indictment Day!

As I compose this, I still haven’t gotten anything about the indictment or any restrictions the judge placed on Agent Orange. It was believed the judge would place some kind of gag order on Mango Mussolini, or prohibit him from making social media posts. And I just got an AP article posted to my phone that was not the case, he made a post on his social media company that he would have a presser from Mar-a-lago this evening. At least I don’t have to listen to his blather about how persecuted he is to have to stand up for his many felonies, because I’m not even going to turn the boob tube on tonight.

In other news my April Fools post went up late, but I hope you enjoyed the kitten. I downloaded the image in reply to a comic comments section where 2 women used the soda gun in a bar as water pistols and happened to spray each other with their favorite soft drink/soda and made the comment of “I’m delicious.”

So anywho, Happy Indictment Day, and may we celebrate it often and frequently.

Changing the focus of the blog again

And as with the last time this is for my mental health. I think I want to post kitten gifs.
I haz a flavor.

You’re welcome.