Daily Archives: May 5, 2023

Happy Cinco de Mayo! and other stuff.

I learned some things about Cinco today. It has been celebrated since 1863 in CA but no place else, not even in Mexico except for military parades. It got spread to the rest of the country in the 1980s when Mexican beer and tequila companies got together to try to promote sales of their products in this country, much like St. Patrick’s Day is a non-event in Ireland but a beer and whiskey consumption fest in this country.
cinco de mayo, not Cinco de Mayo

Our annual pun illustration. The only Mexican food we have in the house is a can of vegetarian refried beans which Mrs. the Poet can’t tolerate in her current condition, so we’re having frozen stuffed green peppers and turnip greens. Not very Mexican, but something she can eat and not get sick.

And that’s pretty much everything interesting we’re doing today.