I’m feeling kind of Meta today

A link to show you what I mean:
Today’s (5/11/2023) Ozy and Millie

And I realize that a slice of life blog writer needs to have a life to take slices from to be interesting, and I’m just an old man trying to survive as best he can and take care of his wife when he can barely take care of a cat. The most interesting thing I’m doing is trying to survive on ramen noodles and protein shakes, and sometimes a bowl of plain oatmeal.

Current writing jam: Jacob’s Ladder from the Exit Stage Left album by Rush.

And I think I’m going to make another bowl of plain oatmeal for dessert tonight because I’m still hungry, and Calories, I’m running low on Calories. And I forgot to put on my fleece neck wrap, so my neck is bit sore and stiff.

Is that a big enough slice of my life, or do you want more?


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