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I found another Opus!

I was watching the closing credits on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and one of the writers was named Opus. That’s it, that’s all I have to say. I used to run into people with my deadname all the time, first and last, but this is the first time I saw someone named Opus. My deadname was John, my dad was John (different middle name), and I had an uncle and a great-uncle named John. But I’m more flabbergasted at finding another Opus!

What the actual fuck was that?!?

I think this makes the second time I used the F-word in a post, and let me tell you, this was a day that earned an F-bomb or twenty. This makes another time that I allowed national politics to surge into the sanctum of my blog, because seriously WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!? Armed fascists storm the Capitol, and ONLY ONE PERSON WAS SHOT! That picture with three guns drawn as crazy tried to force their way into the House and NONE OF THE FASCISTS AT THE DOOR WAS SHOT!! Why are those people still working for the government?

Seriously, we need a psych eval that can find these fascists in LEO and get rid of them without actually asking “Are you a racist or fascist”, because if you try that they will try to say they aren’t when they totally are both. But seriously, the only way those people at the door to the House chamber didn’t get shot is because there were actual factual fascists holding the guns. There should have been MAGAt bodies stacked like cordwood in the halls of the Capitol, not just the one woman shot in the chest and carried out still alive (she died either outside the building or in the ER). Seriously, an armed mob attacks the houses of government and they should be repelled by massive fusillades of fire, withering rains of bullets, a wall of hot lead. Not one guy with a baton backing his way up a stairwell. Now the black guy with the baton and a radio I feel sorry for, because he had a literal impossible job and no backup other than the guy with the camera behind him, taking pictures of the people in armed conflict with the government in case somebody decides to maybe prosecute these people. And they absolutely must prosecute every one of those people, or give multiple millions of dollars to every man woman and child shot by LEO for just being black in the wrong place. Just say, “Sorry, we hired a bunch of racists who used any and every pretext to terrorize you, all we can do now is make you stupid rich.”

Now that I have vented, I feel better, but we still have a huge problem. On the one hand a mob of white people attacked our government and all but one will be able to return home to their families with only 30 people arrested for failure to disperse. On the other hand there are people arrested at BLM because they were nearly killed by police firing “less lethal” projectiles and couldn’t leave when ordered to, or when following the orders of one group of pigs were sent straight into the arms of another group who arrested them. Or to make it simpler we have a massive racism problem in LEO that we have to deal with yesterday or sooner. And I know this isn’t the sweet bike blog it used to be, but I can’t leave this alone.

Massage finally achieved, bank balances fixed, new tea cup broken

The beginning of the new year was mixed for me. Yesterday I made a 6+ hour journey to pay the mobile bill, deposit checks to multiple accounts, and get a massage. Most of that was waiting for and getting the massage, because there were already people getting a massage tying up the massage techs, and I got a 90 minute massage that concentrated on my neck and glutes (both of which were a disaster), but there were also long waits for the next bus and my unwillingness to pay for a ride share service. Let’s face it even with no wait taking the bus is twice as long as ride share or just driving, when you factor in waiting for the bus to get there between doing things and transfers you take what would have been maybe 2 1/2 hours and make it over 6. I left home before 1500 and got home after 2100. 💩 I do have to say the massage got all the kinks out of my neck for the rest of the day, it’s just that it took so long to get the rest of the day was like just a couple of hours. 😭

Now on the bank balances, while I was depositing the checks via the ATM I also checked the balances of the accounts I could access via the ATM, and some of them were way off. I had set up an automatic transfer from the checking account to the savings account, and there was almost nothing in the savings account when there should have been the $300 I had transferred from the checking account, and there was way too much money in Mrs. the Poet’s checking account. Her account was fine, it was just that our combined stimulus check had gone to her account and we had to have my $600 transferred to my account. My accounts for some reason the automatic transfer didn’t transfer automatically on 1/1/2021, so we had to go in and manually transfer the money that should have gone to the Tax Payment account and the Big Ticket Item savings account. The bank guy had no idea why the money didn’t go where it should have, because the transfer notice was right there on the accounts, but for some reason it didn’t happen.

 Now as for my new teacup, Mrs. the Poet was putting away the dishes and jostled the cup rack trying to get a clean cup on the rack, and my Cossie Rallycar cup fell off. As you can see it’s repairable, but not in a way it could be used for drinking tea from.

The break goes right across the bottom of the cup which basically means my Cossie Cup will no longer hold hot liquids, like tea. That chip in the rim was the impact point and is just dust where the cup hit the stove. And I just checked and there are no more Cossie Cups available, the last one was sold last month. Mrs. the Poet is why we can’t have nice things. I will say I have a cup that was a gift from one of my customers at the convenience store/gas station I worked the fall of the year Mrs. the Poet earned her MRS degree that we still have. Seriously, I got this stupid Starsign cup over 40 years ago, and I still have tea from it sometimes, but my Cossie Cup I paid the big bucks for didn’t last 2 months 😭

And the new composing software won’t let me resize the pictures like the old one did. I could specify 500 pixels wide on the old software, but I’m stuck with what WP gives me with the new… Anyway, I hope y’all have a good 2021.

Nasty thing I wanted to say to Trump followers deleted, you are welcome.

OK, they got to go

I know I said just the previous post we can’t get rid of the fascists who managed to get in office, but that was before Ted and Louie spouted off about overturning the election and keeping Agent Orange as “President”. I’m ashamed that they are even living in the same state with me, but I shouldn’t be, they both spend more time in their DC houses than here in TX. But it still rankles me when I see the (-TX) after their names.

I’m not a violent person, but I do have fantasies that involve violent things happening to politicians. You know, things being stuck inside places that are not physically possible, even if they are really flexible. Or body parts getting kicked so hard they end up places on the body that are also physically impossible. I’m not going to spell these out because from the few times I have actually communicated with you readers, you like imagining these things more than reading about them. Also some of you have really sick imaginations, just saying. I like that in a reader, saves time.

We’re stuck with Crazy Uncle Louie for another 2 years, which is bad enough, but Teddy boy is going to be running around loose for at least 4 more years unless he’s rendered harmless. I checked and Calgary says they won’t let him back into the country again. And I really don’t think being an insane fascist should be a death-penalty crime, so we need something between a guillotine and letting them run loose. Not that I don’t think we would be better off after the guillotine, but like that stupid dog that never brings back the right stick, somebody loves them in spite of their (almost infinite) flaws. So, for those people and so we don’t make martyrs out of them, something humiliating that doesn’t actually kill them but does make them look so stupid that nobody sane would ever vote for them again. I’m open to suggestions especially that involve scatalogical humiliations, that make them look so crazy perverted that they will never even think of going outside without a disguise, much less running for office.

Anywho, that’s how angry and annoyed I am at the fascists and their enablers.

Now let’s talk about the Shadowrun game. 

There isn’t much to talk about this week. In-game my character is a “pet runner” for TI after taking a grenade to my lap defending TI during the Battle of Central Expressway, I was the only member of the crew in the machine gun nest to survive even though I lost both legs and my left arm, like Steve Austin. They paid the bucks to replace everything with top of the line cyberware, and in return I do the occasional “favor” for them at a high price and guaranteed secrecy. So the job is to “extract” a teen girl troll from a building in a high-class neighborhood North of Dallas in Denton county. We don’t know at this point if this is a rescue or a kidnapping because this is the kind of neighborhood that only has trolls as servants or toys, and she’s cute enough to be either one. We also don’t know if she’s willingly there or against her will. And knowing that will change how we handle this run. A rescue will be completely different than a kidnapping. At this point in the game we are distributing the intel we got from my Mr. Johnson and seeking out more intel on the situation and the site, and that’s where the session ended because our conferencing software isn’t the greatest, and we had a hard time communicating because nobody has any radio discipline. (Mutter, fume)

So that’s all I got for you today.

It is finally over, 2021 can only be better

Literally we had Nazis, race riots, and a literal, factual, plague (that some people still denied while the bodies were stacking up like cordwood), and multiple natural disasters related to climate change. Like the Beatles’ song said “Everything is getting better, getting better all the time (It couldn’t get much worse)”.

So, we are getting the Nazis out of office, some of them anyway. Some are hiding so we can’t de-Nazify the US. Buuutttt, we have already unelected a bunch, and COVID unelected a bunch more. I’m sorry for the families of those who lost their lives committing gross stupidity because I’m sure somebody loved them, kinda like that stupid dog that’s always running into things and falling on his face and never gets the stick but brings back strange stuff nobody wants. Somebody loved them because how else would they have had children. So I feel sorry for their kids and significant others, not so much for the actual idiots.

But we still need to get rid of the actually factual fascists in office, which might be a long process because we seem to have overlooked being a fascist as a disqualifying status to holding elected office. I wonder how they missed this at the end of WWII? You think it would have been a no-brainer to make fascism disqualifying after surviving a global war against it and losing thousands of people because of it not counting all the people of Hebrew descent who were killed. But for some reason we didn’t do this in 1945-6, so we have to do it now. I’m not sure exactly how to do that and be Constitutional, but there are smarter people than me who probably need to work on this problem of preventing people who would be war criminals or criminals against humanity from running for office. For instance there were thousands of crimes against Humanity committed in the previous administration, ranging from dividing families seeking sanctuary to jailing babies and making actual infants defend themselves in court when they were not even verbal yet, much less able to understand the charges they faced. That’s what I’m talking about with the actual fascists in our government. What can we do about them before they commit actual crimes in our names?

Other considerations, what can we do about making hit-and-run the same as assault with a deadly weapon? Because cars are orders of magnitude more deadly than knives or guns, we need to make using one to injure, even “by accident”, a criminal act. After all in most places you are responsible for where the bullet goes when you pull the trigger, even when you are not shooting at someone. Same should be true when you pull the trigger on a motor vehicle.

Waving a single-finger salute to the departing year 2020

If any year deserved to be sent off with a 21 bird salute, this was the year. Any one of the many threads to this year would have earned “the finger”, but “all of the above” earns 10 people flipping the double bird while one guy waves a flag in his free hand and flips the bird with the other hand.

Let’s start at the beginning. God created the heavens and Earth. Nope, that’s too far back. Fred Trump either didn’t buy one or bought a cheap condom, leading to the birth of Donald, an anchor baby for his immigrant mother. Fast forward to the end of the XXth century when The Donald gets in hock with the Russian mob, and needs to get out from under them. He has a moderately successful reality TV show, and several failing casinos and golf courses that are perfect to launder money through for the mob, but he is such a poor businessman that he can’t even keep a casino afloat while literally shoveling buttloads of money through it. Someone suggested at some point that a political campaign is an even better way to hide buttloads of money by funneling it to certain PACs that are not required to report their donors or their recipients, created after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case. This, along with some Russian hacking of the reporting systems for the election, leads to Agent Orange “winning” the election in 2016. This is followed by rampant fraud and grift, more violations of the Hatch Act than I could count (in the thousands total), and a total disregard for the rule of law.

In parallel to this another group has been feeling unencumbered by things like laws and regulations and is letting their prejudices also run rampant to the detriment of the POC community. As Agent Orange got more and more blatant, so did they, eventually getting to the point of assaulting people in the streets with cameras going, because they felt disrespected as police, and then getting to the point of murdering people on camera because they thought they were Judge Dredd (“I am The Law”), and beyond such petty concerns as evidence and trials. 

So on top of all this we get Mother Nature lacing up her steel-toed waffle stompers and setting a pandemic in motion. Now in ordinary times this would mean a few dead people and some minor inconvenience, but as was already set out this was about as far from “ordinary times” as we could get. Agent Orange lived up to his nick and ignored the pandemic and ordered the people in charge of mitigating pandemics to take a permanent unpaid vacation (“All you losers are fired”), resulting in months of lost time when we could have been preventing the spread and preparing for the disease by stockpiling PPE. Then came the insanity of first denying the pandemic existed, claiming it was “just the flu” and would go away come warm weather, then weaponizing it against political enemies in states with large Democratic populations. This kept going until we have almost 400K dead, over a million permanently unable to work, and another million or so only able to work light work at part time, meaning when the pandemic is over there will still be holes to patch in the employee infrastructure. That means when the economy comes back it’s going to come back slow.

Now the good stuff: Agent Orange has been neutralized, we have an effective vaccine, two of them even! We might have the upper hand on the pandemic by Fall, or early Winter at the latest. And I’m hoping the DoJ does a RICO prosecution on the GOP over the influx of Mob money… And that’s going to mean getting rid of the Democrats because the only thing worse than having fascists controlling one of the two political parties is having only one political party. I have lived in such places that had only one legal political party, and it was the worst, because you couldn’t just go vote for somebody else if the current party platform was not appealing. We have a chance of getting the economy more egalitarian with a more progressive tax structure and a ratcheting minimum wage that’s set at “living” instead of “bare survival”. We can only hope…

I should get some writing practice in

And in case you didn’t realize it, I practice here in my blog because, why not?

I actually have several topics to write about, some car building related, some just on surviving physically and emotionally during the pandemic. And some are a little from column A and column B.

So, it has gotten more and more uncomfortable to walk with shoes on because I need to get my toes done, but I couldn’t get an appointment at the nail place I get my toes done at. And also, no I’m not Metrosexual, I can’t stay bent over long enough to do the toes on my left leg because I’m no longer flexible enough to cut my own toenails. I have been so long unable to reach my toes with clippers that I’m not even sure what year was the last time I did my own toes. I’m thinking maybe 2013 or 2014? Anywho it has been a while since I could cut my toenails the way I like them, which was shortly before unable to do them at all. But that’s neither here nor there, I went to the nail salon and had my toes just shortened a bit and now my shoes fit much better,

Speaking of shoes I have had fuzzy slippers on my gifting list for at least 3 years now, and the ones Mrs. the Poet ordered were on backorder again this year. So I went shopping online until I found the kind I want with lots of fuzzy lining on top and a warm felt type lining on the insole and open back heels so they’re easy to put on and get off but that don’t fall off. They should get here sometime around the inauguration of the sane-ish President.

I’m still thinking about that LS/Powerglide, 4 wheels and enough bits to keep everything pointed in the right direction A/MOD solo racer, and how to keep it close to the minimum weight of 900 pounds with my butt in the driver’s seat. I’m checking the weight of the tires I’ll need to stick all that power to the track. Even a mildly tuned LS has about 400 HP at the flywheel, stock, and some do even better with an LS7 making a guaranteed 505 flywheel HP before fiddling with the conservative factory emissions-legal tune. The LS376/525 uses a hot cam to get 525 flywheel HP with the factory tune, but can get more with some playing with the fuel and spark maps in the computer. The bad thing is there is a lot less power below 5000 RPM compared to even a stock LS7 and power below 5000 RPM is what gets you out of tight corners. Anywho, what I’m looking at for this build is roughly 1000 pounds without a driver, which is about 300 pounds overweight. The class minimum is 900 with driver, which is about 700 pounds without me. Since that’s only a smidge over the engine and transmission by themselves and less than the engine, transmission, and the lightest rear center section that will take the power of anything not originally from a truck or SUV in the LS engine family, I’m thinking that I won’t need to add ballast for this build.

Anyway, things have been Not Too Bad so far, aside from taking care of my kidneys making frequent trips to the bathroom to pee part of my normal. Between coffee and diet colas and straight water I’m doing about 2 liters of water a day, and while this is good for keeping stones out of my kidneys it’s Hell on my bladder. I’m right on the cusp of having more pain from the strain on my bladder than I would get from the kidney stones. What scares me is I might still get the stones even with the highly stressed bladder, but that is an extremely low probability as long as I watch my calcium intake.

I think this is a good place to call a halt to the post.

Is 2020 the background to a horror story?

I know for many of you 2020 IS the horror story, but I can’t shake the feeling that there will be future stories that will basically start out “Because 2020 happened…” like for a while there were stories that were basically “Because the Great Depression…” Like Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath about the Dust Bowl Okies, who didn’t have money for food, but they always had money for gas and cigarettes…

And for some reason WordPress seems disinclined to accept my categories and tags for this post in spite of having used the categories in the past. Experimentation shows it dislikes my tags of Year in Review and Because 2020. I’m going to try one at a time to see which is the offensive term. It wasn’t Because 2020, so either it was Year in Review, or the combination of the two.

And Mrs. the Poet is arguing with the people in the newspaper articles saying Trump won the election, that Gawd will decide the election, and who carry AR15s to protests… I think she needs more interactive media, but she’s too much of a Luddite to get on Facebook and Twitter. She has a smart phone that she only uses for … Nevermind she only makes phone calls from it, otherwise it’s not even turned on. The only thing she uses her smartphone for that can only be done with a smartphone is getting pictures of the grandkid, which are usually deleted shortly after she gets them because she won’t learn how to save them to her phone, or how to hold her phone so she doesn’t delete texts while reading them. I’ve been trying to teach her about this for years, but it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. She needs saving and wants to have been saved, but isn’t putting in the work she needs to not have these problems with her phone. I don’t know what to do about her.

[Monty Python]I’m not dead yet![/Monty Python]

I’ve been prepping for the holiday we celebrate today all week so no computer time at all except for web comic sanity breaks. I’m so far behind on my emails I might never get caught up.

I hope you got the good stuff this year, because I certainly did. My daughter that still lives in this country got me a new insulated coffee and tea mug set with my initials masked into the decorative coating, in 12 and 32 fluid ounce capacity. This continues a trend in insulated mugs from this daughter over the years. This is the third insulated mug and the first was 24 ounce, the second was 32 ounce to the brim but somewhat less inside the lid, and this year the capacity was 32 ounces under the lid. The next size up is a 44 ounce mug under the lid but that one is hard to track down and I probably won’t get that one for a while because now that we have the dishwasher back up all the older mugs look almost brand new and I have an actual brand new mug. This year’s mugs have really good insulation, Mrs. the Poet made me a cup of tea in the smaller cup and an hour later I still couldn’t drink it because the tea would still burn my mouth, and the sides of the cup were still only slightly above room temperature. I don’t remember exactly where my daughter found the cup and mug set, but she got good ones.

I’m still working on the frame for the Sprint-T, trying to minimize weight while maintaining stiffness, using wall thickness variation so that in places where I’m not constrained by safety rules I use enough material to carry the load with a safety factor, but only that much. That means 0.120″ in the roll cage, 0.060″ in most other places, and 0.39″ in a couple places that are only carrying a very tiny load to brace another structural member against buckling. The fun part of this is when I run through the loads and reduce wall thickness in places where I don’t need the material I frequently find the loads in those members get less as the weight of the surrounding frame is reduced. It’s strange how when you reduce the weight of something the stress that member has to resist also gets reduced, even if the outside forces don’t change. Stresses at the applied load points don’t change, but somehow some stresses at some intersections are drastically reduced. I use a spreadsheet to do the calculations now because I used to forget some intersections, but with the spreadsheet I don’t lose any intersections. Now the trick is to make sure I enter all the intersections into the spreadsheet.

And I have noticed a sharp decline in my writing ability since I lost the translation cleanup gig, more runon sentences and less holding a coherent thought through a paragraph. I also notice I’m having trouble hitting the keys, leaving letters out of words and missing punctuation. Fortunately I spend time proofing before I hit publish, otherwise these posts would look even worse than they do with the bad writing.

Merry Yule

Please celebrate responsibly, monitor alcohol intake, and for [$DEITY]’s sake use a condom so you don’t plant a spawn in a drunken stupor. They’ll love hearing about that.