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This is aggravating

Plumber is here installing the new toilet, only Lowe’s only delivered like half of it, the base. The tank and fill valve were sent in a separate box that the delivery driver didn’t pick up, which I called Lowe’s to (gently) bitch them out about. After the toilet is installed and the water gets turned back on I’m going to shower and go visit a friend who wanted to get me out of the house and dealing with actual people IRL and not just through a screen.

Anywho it took only about an hour for the rest of the toilet to get delivered so about 2 hours after he got here we are finally getting the toilet installed. It’s one of those fancy toilets that uses almost no water to flush. So over a month later from ordering the toilet we have a working toilet in the bathroom off the master bedroom, meaning we have one fully-functional bathroom again. If you don’t count the bare concrete and the hole in the floor as being less than “fully-functional”.

And I’m back, and my friend fed me lunch and we watched 2 episodes of “She-Hulk, attorney at law” together because that’s all there is this week, and then she bought me bubble tea taking me home because it’s like a $30 Lyft to get there and she was going to her parents’ place for dinner and since they were driving anyway…

So I had a fun afternoon after a frustrating morning. Then I had Whataburger for dinner, and didn’t get to watch the Xfinity series race from Daytona because Deluge a few minutes before the race was supposed to start. I watched “Engine Masters” instead which was also fun but not as fun as watching a live race.


I managed to think last night

Nothing to panic about, I’m still trying to come up with a way to make that manifold with the materials and processes I have at hand. Now I don’t have access to any 3D printers, much less anything that would allow making compression molds for intake manifold runners. But what I DO have is sheet metal, and hammers and dollies for shaping that sheet metal, and a torch that I can use to heat metal so it can be formed without wrinkles or tears.

So what I thought about was making a sheet metal mold that would mimic the actual part, then making molds from that sheet metal positive, with lots of reinforcement so they don’t collapse under the forces of compression molding. By using sheet metal to make the positive I wouldn’t have any problem with making the positive mold absolutely smooth, that’s a process I mastered decades ago. But yeah, sheet metal positive for the inside and outside molds, I can do this. It would also work for the plenum molds, especially since to swap left to right all I would need would be to turn the plenum over so the throttle arm of the throttle bodies would be closer to the center than the outside on both plenums.

The plenum will have 3 sides and 2 ends for its mold, the bell mouths for the runners will meet to form the 4th wall of the plenums. The inner finish for the plenums is not critical at all except for the entrances to the runners, which will be molded into the runners.

And I need to eat and it’s almost 2200 so I’ll have to find something I can throw into the microwave, then go to bed.

Mrs. the Poet is free from her prison

Not that she was in actual prison, just in isolation until her C. diff infection cleared up which it did yesterday. So she did some PT in the gym this morning. She still has a long way to go, but at least she’s on the road to recovery. Now she’s complaining to me about not having enough pants. The problem is her clothes have to be marked with her name so they can be washed and returned from the rehab center’s laundry. And most of her pants are too dark for the marker to show up.

So I ordered another 3 pack of sweatpants for her and also for me. Because I’m running out of clothes that fit, because everything I own is old and worn out. Now I will have clothes that fit and are not worn out. They are due on Sunday, but Mrs. the Poet’s pants will be here on Friday.

And that’s pretty much all I have for today, sorry for not being more interesting while my wife is sick.

Mrs. the Poet is almost ready for PT

Right now they had her in the rehab center for a week and her diarrhea is almost gone, she has to be clear of that before she can use the Gym for her physical therapy. We brought her peanut butter and crackers so she can get more protein to build up her endurance. The protein drink we got her makes her diarrhea worse, so scratch that. Also she has this thing where meat just makes her full which is why we are looking for alternative protein sources she can eat. She did manage to eat what the rehab center calls a cheesesteak last night, which is great improvement. And I got to give her a kiss last night for the first time since before she was transported to the hospital the second time back on 8/8. So it’s been like almost a month since we kissed.

While I was composing this I was also playing Shadowrun as The Old Man and just slashed the $h!+ out of a bad guy with my katana because I was within the lethal splash range for my grenade launcher. Another player was able to draw a bead on her and burst fire her to a lingering death. This accomplishes the payout goal of the run, get her teeth and fingers to ID her for the Johnson. We’re just brining the teeth in a convenient container, and the fingers still attached to the hands. The torso and her implants were not part of the bargain, so we’re keeping the implants to get access to her finances to make this run pay something other than pure karma. We had to end the session early so we find out how much nuyen and karma we get next week.

Hard as it may be to believe I haven’t been thinking about the Sprint-T in a while, worrying about my wife was using up those processor cycles I would have been spending on thinking about the car. So, no progress on the Sprint-T. It’s about time for me to fix dinner so I’ll call this one over for now.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied

And by that I mean Mrs. the Poet is in the hospital again for round 2 of her digestive issues. This time around the antibiotic she was getting for the UTI and to head off any opportunistic infections destroyed her gut biome leading to a C. diff infection. I mean C. diff is supposed to be there but if its the only thing left of her gut biome it just makes a mess (in more ways than one).

What they’re saying now is they may move her to rehab until she gets strong enough that I can care for her again, because I hurt myself trying to get her off the floor when she fell on Monday night. And I’m still hurting. So basically she needs to be able to get in and out of bed and on and off the toilet, by herself, because I can’t lift her anymore. My back has been in a fragile state pretty much since I got off the walker back in 12/01 and started using the cane. Working hypothesis on that is somehow the broken hip didn’t go back together right leaving one leg way shorter than it was before the wreck, because as I recall it was my right leg that was the short one up to that point because my bobbing up and down on my short leg drove my drill sergeant up the wall, because I stood out like a sore thumb, and there was nothing I could do about it. But anywho, short leg, bad back, can’t pick up Mrs. the Poet.

So she’s staying until Monday when we will see about getting her in a rehab bed, which are almost as scarce as hospital beds. This means we get to use the long-term care policy I’ve been paying for for over a year now, if I can find where Mrs. the Poet hid the policy.

Well I’m starting to fade so it’s time to put this post to bed and me shortly thereafter.

Allergies are knocking me down and almost knocking Mrs. the Poet out

This will have to be another short post. I’m having allergy eyes which makes seeing the post a bit rough. But Mrs. the Poet has allergy tummy from post nasal drip carrying the pollens to her tummy via the back of her throat, which is even worse. I can barely see but she’s on meds for vomiting and diarrhea and still puking and pooping at all hours of the day or night. All I have to deal with is sometimes I get a film over one or both eyes and I can’t see for a minute or two, which is annoying but nothing like not being able to eat or drink anything without getting sick to your stomach and constant nausea. This makes me feel bad because there’s nothing I can do except try to get her to drink water and take her meds when they’re due. Also both of us are a little tired from lack of calories because Mrs. the Poet can’t eat and I feel guilty about eating when she can’t.

Well that pretty much covers everything I can post to my blog. Except my dent from where the tumor used to be is giving me fits from the nerve that got trapped and is now doing the tingling and burning routine of nerve damage. I’m used to ignoring pain I can’t do anything about, so I can ignore this too, with practice. I just could do with less frequent “practice”.

I’ve been busy with Mrs. the Poet being sick

Mrs. the Poet has been ill for over a month, and lately I have had to step up with her transportation issues, as she doesn’t have any transportation apps on her phone. Not that she could use them if she had them. That’s how sick she has been, on the verge of throwing up constantly and still unable to eat until we can get her meds from the pharmacy.

Anywho that’s why I haven’t been posting lately, either taking Mrs. the Poet somewhere, or trying to sleep, or trying to get my neck fixed. I have been good at taking Mrs. the Poet places she needs to be, so-so at trying to sleep, and failing at getting my neck fixed. Nobody has been able to keep the neck fixed for more than an hour or two. I think I might need another surgery to fix my neck after the surgery in 2015 to remove the roughly one-pound fatty tumor that was squeezing muscles and nerves and just about paralyzing my right side. But that will have to wait until my Medicare kicks in next September if the GQP can be prevented from taking my Medicare away. But that is a discussion for a different blog.

Patreon keeps bugging me

Every time I log into Patreon they keep putting up this notification that I need to start my own Patreon page so you guys can pay for things to write about, like buying parts and raw materials for making things to write about. So, what do y’all think about it? Yay or Nay? There used to be an add poll option for the Composer, but I don’t see it now, so leave a comment yay or nay, yes or no?

My body failed me, again

The idea was when I went to bed I would get up way early (1400) and return the pants I bought for Mrs. the Poet that were too big for her since the cuffs ended up about mid-arch of her foot instead of mid-ankle of her leg and also did not have a drawstring waist. When the alarm went off I remember picking up the phone to turn off the alarm, and nothing after that until Wheel of Fortune woke me again about 1830. I had some dreams where I was all sweaty for some reason that made sense in the dream but that I don’t remember now. I think that was when the AC shut down because it couldn’t handle the load and I was sweaty in real life and it transferred over to my dreams because that’s what dreams do.

So now the plan is to make the return early tomorrow and stay up all day so I can reset my body to diurnal from nocturnal. That’s the hope, anyway.

Another thing I’m having a problem with is I can’t use the bathroom until my diuretics kickstart my kidneys. I have been on diuretics since the start of the Obama administration or maybe before the end of the W Bush administration. It has been a long time anyway, and apparently my kidneys won’t work without them. My current medication of choice is HCTZ which is short for a word I don’t know how to spell and neither do most doctors and pharmacists hence the initialization. But when I got up today I didn’t have anything in my bladder to discharge until a few minutes after I took my morning drugs with my breakfast pizza of spinach and mushrooms in a white sauce. For my wife it was dinner, for me it was breakfast.

Anywho I took the med at the beginning of the meal after only getting a slight amount of fluid when I got up after more than 8 hours in bed, then about a half-hour later I had a full bladder to discharge. Like I just wrote it’s like my kidneys were waiting for the HCTZ to turn them on. Later I supercharged that by drinking a beer. Then urine was definitely flowed.

This was a hectic weekend

From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Mrs. the Poet was in hospital with kidney failure. She had the kidney problems because she let herself get dehydrated from diarrhea. And we still don’t know why she had the diarrhea in the first place except it was something she ate, or a combination of somethings most likely.

The problem with a combination of somethings is we will never know what set her off in the first place because we eat a variety of foods and try not to eat the same thing every week. We have pizza pretty often but this started a month ago as I was telling you about having to wash the poop off her a few times when she didn’t get to a toilet fast enough. Well there were a bunch more times she did get to a toilet and didn’t tell me about it, and then when I found out how long it had been going on I was trying to get fluids down her but she didn’t like anything I gave her and if she didn’t like it she didn’t drink it. So… dehydrated.

And I spent most of the weekend in a quiet state of panic because after I got her to the hospital when her doctor called Friday morning and said her labs came back awful from her visit I made her go to on Monday of last week, well we didn’t know if they would be able to get her rehydrated. Fortunately hey put a large bore IV in her and put fluids in her as fast as was safe for her veins. Actually we went a little too fast at first and leaked the first IV they put in. They also gave her IV drugs for the nausea and diarrhea so that she could take fluids by mouth and got both under control by Saturday night. By then she was eating regular food instead of the Jello she got Friday night to get some calories in her that didn’t upset her stomach.

But she’s home now and everything is (mostly) under control. We are trying foods in limited amounts that we know are “safe” until we hit something that triggers her tummy again, but so far Grilled chicken sandwiches don’t set her tummy off, fingers crossed.

Other than that things have been hunky-dory, I was awake 29 hours Thursday-Friday after getting the phone call at 0820 Friday morning when I was waiting for the massage parlor to open and take care of my neck that has been on the fritz. When I took my night meds I crashed hard and slept for over 12 hours and didn’t wake up. Well it has been a long night again and I’m hitting the sack now.