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No post tomorrow, guess why?

Something happened 16 years ago at 0119 so I’m not doing a post tomorrow. Yep tomorrow is my Death Day. I’m celebrating all day long, not because I died, but because I’m too stubborn to stay dead. I have a flipping frequent customer card for the ferry to Hades with 3 check marks on it already. It makes me wonder if other people have cards like that and can we see each other’s cards? Anywho, it’s going to be as much of a party as I can stand at Casa de El Poeta tomorrow. I’m out of anti-depressants so I can drink as much as I want (not that I’m a big drinker). Probably no more than 2 beers tops.

I’m not going to kid you that the last 16 years were a walk in the park. Between the loss of income and the ongoing medical costs it has been a struggle even with the lab rat gig. And when Mrs. the Poet retired it got even worse, because she kicked out all the people renting rooms so we lost about $400 a month from the rental and another $300 from going from her paycheck to her pension. That was a serious financial hit. And besides the poverty there were also medical issues not covered by the lab rat gig. Like the fact that the injured leg is shorter than the other leg, like the brain damage, like the depression, like the back pain from the short leg, like… The list is endless but the brain damage keeps me from being able to remember everything at the moment.

So after beating the odds big time I’m taking the day off to do something not related to bicycle safety or anything else related to what put me in this situation. Maybe I’m going to work on the front axle of the TGS2, maybe I’m going to make a pie. I don’t know yet. I’m going to read web comics first, maybe pop a beer.

See y’all in two days.

No links today, I got hit

I’m just a bit shaky today so you’ll excuse me if I leave in some typos.

I was running errands on Blue, getting things ready to go before I leave for vacation. I went to the bank to make a mortgage payment (directly so I know it went through). As I was turning left into the bank parking lot I was passed on the right in the same lane by two pickup trucks. The first one was scrubbing the curb so I was startled more than anything else by that one. The second one was a bit further over and I started waving it to the right or to stay behind me and my right elbow came in contact with the driver’s side mirror hard enough to break the mirror.

I’m OK, my elbow does not even hurt and you can barely see the scuff from the contact. The big problems I’m having is the PTSD attack from my third skin-to-vehicle contact with a vehicle in motion since the turn of the Century, and the adrenaline crash. When I got out of the bank (task fixation, part of the PTSD) I called 911 and the cops were already on their way from another person (not the driver of the weapon vehicle) calling in the contact. I discussed the incident with the cop, who said I shouldn’t have been on the street making a left turn. I quoted TX VC 551.103a and b by number and paragraph which stated what a person on a bike is supposed to do when making a left turn.

The driver of the truck got a ticket for an unsafe pass to go with his broken mirror. I got a massive case of the shakes.

PSA, Opus