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Still no word about Mrs. the Poet, and Other (Good) News

First post of 2023! As of midnight 2023-01-02 I have no news about Mrs. the Poet’s condition other than her positive C-19 test and a case of sniffles that I knew as of the last post. I think she left her phone on her nightstand out of reach, and then “forgot” to charge it later, because she didn’t answer Thursday and Friday, and it went straight to voicemail Saturday and Sunday.

But I should find out better today as we are planning to at least visit the nursing home even if we can’t see her. And I’m fading so it’s time to put this post to bed and me shortly after.


I need to change a setting

text text text

I need to change a setting for when I publish a post, so I need to publish a post to find out the name of the setting I need to change

To all you triskaidekaphobics out there, BOO!

It’s Friday the 13th 2020, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing in the future can be any worse than what we have overcome in the past.

That’s it, that’s the post.

The Good News Is… The Bad News is…

I had my annual hearing test to see how much I lost since last year. The good news is I only lost a little more high frequency hearing, and I qualify for a $150 hearing aid. The bad news is I have lost enough high frequency hearing that I need that $150 hearing aid. I’m having problems telling between “f” and “s” sounds and “t” and “th” but I’m not doing too bad when I have context from the conversation to know which is more likely to show up in the word. But when I’m with an unfamiliar speaker and I don’t have context from prior conversation I’m likely to miss a lot of words. That’s what happened during the test when they went from pure tones to words, I blew a lot of them that had consonants in the frequency range where my losses are worse.

Got a lot of miles logged today on my fitness app, because it was a long way from bus stops to destinations and Casa de El Poeta, which explains why my feet hurt. I might need to get new shoes, but all the local shoe stores are closed. Some because they are out of business, some because fear of shoes spreading COVID-19…

I need to put this one to bed before I do another faceplant into the keyboard. I don’t know how many more it can take.

I hope all you Mothers had a Happy Day

That’s it, that’s all I want to say.

Just a storage draft

Please don’t poke the ghost, Mr. Werewolf. The Witch hasn’t finished her coffee. It’ll make a mess.

Up but back down

Well we had internet for a few hours, but then someone hit a transformer and the voltage spike took out the interface box. So Casa de El Poeta is cut off from the outside world again, and last report from the cable company is that the thunderstorm the other night damaged a bunch of the interface boxes and they are running out of replacement parts, so the first day they can get here is the 24th. And the composition window for my phone won’t let me categorize or tag this post. So, I’m outta here. Y’all stay safe out there, and mind the heat.


This is a little weird. We lost all wired communication with the outside world and I’m composing this on my phone so I am doing hunt and peck on a tiny screen. I haven’t been able to contact the cable company to fix it yet, so I don’t know how long it will be out.

This has happened before and is due to rain incursion in the outside interface box that converts the fiber optic cable signal to electronic signals for Internet, cable TV, and telephone. This has become more frequent lately and I think the enclosure may have degraded with age.

So anyway I will be silent for a while until I get internet back.

Probably going off-air for a while

Rather than turning this blog into a bitch-fest, I will be taking a break for a while until I do something note-worthy. I’m trying to get the donation link fixed, but until then just copy/paste the URL into your browser window if you really want to send money to my PayPal account. That part of my sidebar has dropped below what I can access from my dashboard. EDIT: Fixed!

And FYI I made almost $4 with Sweatcoin last month.

Unmedicated writing is short because unmedicated

Another short post today, because I’m still flushing out before starting the new meds.

The depression keeps me from having much inspiration to write, or enough energy to write if I do anything else that day. And if I do manage to write a decent length post I don’t have the energy to do anything the rest of the day and a good chunk of the mext.

But I have stuff to do today so this is all you get.