Origin story, but superhero or supervillain?

OK this is my origin story, like I’m a Silver Age comic book or something. My problem right now is I don’t know if I’m a hero or a villain, because everyone is the hero of his/her own story. I think realizing that means I’m the hero, but not a hero, necessarily.

I think I’m smart, good grades in school and everything, built lots of things when I was a kid. Kinda like the 2 by 4 technology of the Kids Next Door, but for real. I even built a jet engine out of a tin can that ran for like 10 seconds before self-destructing. I knew how things worked, not so much about material science. Anyway I started getting clues as a kid but when it comes to things like that I’m neutronium I’m so dense. The ESP and precognitive dreams I thought were something everyone did/had, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then I cut the end off my finger and stuck it back on with a bandaid. I never knew anyone who had done that in real life, but I saw people lose fingers in movies and TV shows and they always showed back up with all their fingers later, so again skull like neutronium. Then I fell out of a tree onto a pile of limestone building slabs … and bounced. And once again I didn’t see it as anything special, I just figured I got lucky, a lucky bounce as it were (you may groan now at the pun).

This continued on for a few (dozen) years, with things like this happening every few months and me being too dense to recognize that this was super stuff. Low-end sure, but still outside the normal human ability spectrum and into the super spectrum. Even getting hit by a car while walking, several times, and leaving the car totalled out while I walked away didn’t make a dent in my skull, but the guy with the baseball bat left a dent, permanently, when I should have had a fractured skull, but did that sink in? Not a bit. I still thought I was just lucky not to have been seriously injured when that happened. Neutronium all the way down, and I thought I was so smart. Even when I survived getting shot and the guy that hit me at more than 60 MPH it didn’t sink in that I was a super. I was dead and just “woke up” from it, and still I didn’t think I was a super, just unlucky that all these things were happening to me and lucky to not get killed.

Now a few months ago I finally felt the penny drop as it were on being a super. Yeah, I had my super origin as an old man who walked with a cane because even supers wear out eventually if they don’t take care of themselves. So am I a hero or a bad guy? I identify as ChG in D&D which doesn’t mean I’m a hero. I get mad at people who hurt other people and animals, but I sometimes hurt people by accident because I don’t think about their feelings. I don’t think that pushes the balance one way or the other. And I’m still Chaotic Good as my D&D alignment so I’m a ChG superhero? supervillain? superanti-hero?