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Happy Insurrection-verserary

I’m going political again, because this was as big an attack on the country as 9/11. And I’m not kidding, 9/11 was an attack by external enemies, but 1/6 was an attack from within. I watched it live as it happened, and I know what I saw.

There are people trying to say it was Antifa (even though they can’t pronounce it right) or Democrats under a false flag (literally as they were waving Trump campaign banners), which when you stop to think about it is about as dumb as it gets. Why would the Democrats try to overthrow an election they won? But then nobody has ever accused MAGAts of having an excess of logic capacity.

But forget all that, how are you dealing with the anniversary of the attempted overthrow of the government?

And the correct way to pronounce Antifa is to use the component words of the portmanteau, anti and fa for fascist, Anti-Fascist, like Anti-Aircraft cannons, not using the Hispanic pronunciation with the “i” accented and pronounced like “ee”, or having the “fa” unaccented. That irks me so much, pronouncing words wrong. I’m a guy who has been working with words since the close of the previous century and words matter to me. I was proclaimed to be the Opus who was the poet and not the penguin way back in 1998, which means words have been part of my Identity for about 22 years. It’s like when a mechanic sees someone using a screwdriver as a prybar or a chisel, it’s just wrong all the way down to my soul.

And I really need to get my neck worked on again, I’m having problems drinking the last bits from a cup, glass, or bottle because I can’t tilt my neck back that far. The 2 liter bottles are especially troublesome, because the necks are uphill from the parts of the bottles that collect the last of the drink.