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I want to parody Marvin the Android here but I won’t, and the Feed

For those of you going “WTF?!?!??” there is a poem written by Douglas Adams that he credits to Marvin the Android, a character in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series also written by Adams, entitled “How I hate the night”. I’m not going to post it here but some people have set it to music. So why would I want to write a parody of this sad little poem? Because I woke up to partial whiteout conditions again this morning because of plant sex. I also spent a good part of my Sunday drifting in and out of consciousness thanks to my allergy meds but at least I could breathe and see when I was awake.

Because there are a lot of Flash ads in the links today I’m having to filter in shifts which means the blog post is going to be a bit disjointed. There is nothing I can do about it as I didn’t get to decide how much Flash was used (and my displeasure with Flash ads has been posted to this blog before). I’ll do my best to keep things understandable at least.

Up first is another wreck that hard day’s ride from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Cyclist killed after being hit by car in West Travis County Another blind driver hits a cyclist who was not even riding on the road. Hit-from-behind protocols for what they are worth to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Wide shoulders are considered to be “bicycle infrastructure” by TxDOT, but as we see here they are basically only as good as the drivers on the road are about respecting them as “infrastructure” not meant for cars. Most drivers in this state think “pavement = for cars” and even treat sidewalks not protected by curbs as “car space”. And I have even talked to drivers that claim people doing “only” the speed limit should get out of the way and stop “endangering” other drivers by being “slow”. Yes there are people with that mentality in TX, and I’m not using the plural form as gender-neutral language as I have had the same conversation multiple times with different “people”.

Hi-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon goes lightly punished as long as the “deadly weapon” is “only” a car. Boise man who injured teen in hit-and-run gets suspended sentence The driver did not even make it to the street when he ran down the cyclist on the sidewalk, then got out of the vehicle and berated the victim and left the scene. For this he gets 10 days in jail with credit for time served before making bail making his actual time in jail only 8 days. TANJ!

Update on a fatal CO wreck. Driver who hit, killed cyclist with Spokane ties pleads guilty OK if your on your way to court for a DUI charge and you kit someone expect to get the book thrown at you over the DUI charge. Also if you routinely go without sleep for days at a time for psychological problems, do something about those problems or don’t drive a car until after you get some sleep. Mythbusters: Driving Tipsy-Sleep Deprived

An AZ wreck that’s just… Gilbert woman struck, killed by van while riding bike in Yavapai County There were 2 bikes and 3 cyclists all riding legally, and all that would have been required to prevent running over the cyclists would have been lifting the foot from the gas and placing it on the brakes for a second until it was safe to change lanes and pass.

Two links to the same wreck in the Emerald Isle. Fifth cyclist of 2014 dies following fatal accident in Mayo and Gardai appeal for information after cyclist killed in collision with car If that picture from the first link is the wreck scene the cyclist was hit from behind while riding on the shoulder of the road, notice the skid mark that starts almost at the edge of the paved area and goes back to the travel lane. And if that is the actual wreck scene remember that they drive on the wrong side of the road over there so that traffic would be coming at you in the closest lane where here in the US it would be going away from you. But to be honest that picture looks like a stock picture of a country road in the US, so who knows what really happened.

A UK wreck shows why recumbents are better for riding long distances. Bike girl killed after crashing into house ‘suffered cyclist’s palsy and couldn’t pull brakes’ That’s right, “cyclist’s palsy” is a real thing that can get you killed, but you don’t ride a ‘bent with pressure on your arms or hands so you don’t get this condition.

Two links to the same wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed in Qld collision and Cyclist killed after crash with truck at Norwell on Gold Coast Wow, this wreck has about as much information as a UK wreck report… Interesting injury report though, the cyclist had no reported head injury but died from a heart attack and a broken leg? How do you manage to get a heart attack from a broken leg unless that leg was crushed and broken in multiple places? Given the description of the weapon vehicle that’s probable, but anything I have at the moment is pure speculation based on prior experience.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: LACBC Bikes the Vote in June’s county elections, and anti-bike San Marino NIMBYs attack Presented without further comment…

All the Infrastructure! news today is from Jolly Olde. Why Britain’s top cyclists are urging their councils to back cycling

And this example of UK “bicycle infrastructure” has me confused between raging and ROFLMAO. Cyclists and drivers left baffled by wonky bike lane which weaves onto pavement and the side article linked inside cyclistsinthecity

And this is just beyond appalling. Change death-trap roundabout, crash cyclist’s widow begs I looked at the Google Earth image of the current infrastructure since the 2010 “improvements” and while there is some bike infrastructure it is hopelessly inadequate and incomplete, dumping cyclists on the southeast sector with no connection to any additional infrastructure and coming from the wrong direction for drivers to be looking for them, and no way for cyclists to access the bike infrastructure from the opposite direction. Generally just poor planning of “There’s some room here, the cyclists will fit” without thinking connectedly of how they would get to and from the “cyclists’ bit”.

And a bit more UK infrastructure news if you aren’t already depressed enough. ‘Space for Cycling’: Thousands of cyclists ride in British cities to protest for safer streets

As the day gets closer, the links to the Ride Of Silence grow more numerous. ‘Silent’ St. Paul ride reminds bikers, motorists to co-exist and Silent bike ride in Medford Wednesday honors cyclists killed, injured also Petzel: Local Ride of Silence for bicyclists is May 21 more New Milford man rides in silence for cyclist rights

And this was the video that introduced me to 2Cellos. 2CELLOS – Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO] The virtuosity of their playing just blew me away. And the audacity of the concept of playing AC/DC on cellos…

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Getting really tired of this now, and the Feed

I had to miss both services and the church election yesterday because of allergies making it really hard to see where I was going, and my medication making it really hard to stay awake. I mean seriously, people! This is just getting in the way and annoying the crap outta me. I get that this is the downside of my abilities to fight infection and recover from injury in a fraction of the time that “normal” people do, but when you look at it dispassionately I spend about as much time “sick” from allergies as I would be really sick from germs and massive injuries. And truth be told how much time do people who have low pain thresholds spend recovering from injuries they don’t get because they quit before things get to that point?Of the injuries I have had since the wreck only one was because something happened to me that was out of my control, the shoulder injury I got on the train. All the rest were because I wasn’t feeling any pain as I went beyond limits of my body, like when I over-stretched my right hip, or my left thigh, or I just thought about it and all of my self-induced injuries were a result of post-workout stretching. I guess the advice to “stretch until it starts to hurt and back off a bit” doesn’t apply to me, because by the time I start to hurt a bit I have already damaged something seriously. And this isn’t the first time I have done stuff like that, I spent a lot of time in the Army on “profile” because I damaged my knee or ankle doing something in PT that I shouldn’t have, and when I’m trying to get range of motion in my shoulder back I hit “walls” where it doesn’t hurt, but my shoulder just won’t go past a certain point no matter how hard I try to force it with the muscles in my shoulder. Yep, I screwed something up royally, and can’t trust my own perceptions for when I go too far.

Up first because I’m getting tired of the stupid autoplay telling lies, more on the SWSS in Tulsa. 55-year-old man dead in auto-bicycle collision near 87th Street and Riverside I’m positive the cyclist in this wreck did not “dart” into the street because the physical evidence says he didn’t ride from the grass into the street, because the rider was aligned with the direction of travel and would have had to been at a very sharp angle with the direction of travel to get from the grass to the road and get hit. Also the bicycle sustained damage to only the rear wheel in the wreck while getting hit with the right front corner of the weapon vehicle, which would have been physically impossible if the cyclist had done what the driver claimed he did. So, yeah this is a SWSS.

Closer to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell bond was raised for the alleged driver of a vehicle that killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run wreck. Bond raised for hit-and-run driver who killed young cyclist in Montrose She failed a random drug test that was part of her release, so she went back to jail and had her bond raised. I’m with the people wondering how she could get back out after failing a drug test while on bond from a hit-and-run.

A MS town says the cyclist was mistaken, he didn’t run into the back of one of their patrol cars. Investigation concludes HPD vehicle not involved in cyclist accident You know you would think that LEO would be happy to agree with a cyclist that he wasn’t watching where he was going and hit the back of a police car, but this is just wierd.

A dead cyclist in PA. Cyclist Struck, Killed By Car In Northern Liberties Intersection wreck but from the look of the bike the cyclist almost made it through without getting hit. Protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A party bus runs down a cyclist in NYC. Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Collision With Party Bus Driver In Queens Hit from behind, ptotocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Find the driver and have him shredded behind the wheel of his “party bus” on live nationwide TV to really prevent

Left cross in GA. Cyclist injured in Athens wreck LEO have already found the driver at fault for this one and issued a ticket, so intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another wreck in the Great White North involving a cyclist and a big truck. Cyclist critically injured in accident with truck Right hook means intersection wreck, so use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Seriously, get cyclists away from those huge trucks so that we don’t get “killedly injured”. More Cyclist in stable condition after downtown Montreal crash

A SWSS in the Great White NOrth. Another cyclist killed in vehicle accident SWSS means hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and doing something about the infrastructure to prevent.

A driver in the UK is caught on camera trying to kill a cyclist. Help police catch this driver “before someone is killed” (+ link to video) The video is terrifying even without knowing the wide angle lens makes it look like there was much more room than there really was.

I’m not sure about this one as the bicycle motors can get a bike up to truly scary speeds when unregulated as they are in Oz (Total prohibition is not the same as regulation). Cyclist killed in pole crash Since they don’t say anything about the nature of the engine added to the bike you can not say anything about if the cyclist lost control or was “assisted” by a driver who left the scene after “helping” the cyclist into the pole.

The Daily Ted. Morning Links: The dawn of a new LA Bike Week, men’s & women’s racing news, and bike riders under fire

A little Ted to go with Infrastructure! news. LACBC releases latest bike count figures in time for Bike Week

And some Lifestyle stuff to wrap things up for the bike news. UTPA awards posthumous degree to cyclist killed in Edinburg

And last link is something I found while prowling YouTube. 2CELLOS – “Mombasa” from INCEPTION [OFFICIAL VIDEO] I saw these guys doing AC/DC a few weeks ago and then saw this one and it’s like this was the intended instrumentation for the piece from the beginning. Also I fully approve of this use of Carbon Fibre!

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