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Still cleanly poor not filthy rich, and the Feed

There were no winners in TX for the PowerBall jackpot, so I’m still a starving writer. At least I have a well-lighted garret with cats to keep my feet warm. I really would have liked to have a chunk of that money though.

Up first:

Truer words were seldom said.

The Big Story today comes from Oz, where a motorcycle cop assaults a cyclist on his bike because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Motorbike cop ‘pushed’ cyclist to the ground after he allegedly ran red light and Police officer pushed cyclist off his bike in Sydney’s CBD, witnesses say Listen to the witness report, the cyclist was riding with the light when the motorcycle cop rode up from behind at a very low throttle and just shoved him off the bike right in front of the witness. No siren, no verbal warning to stop, just “putt putt putt wham!” and the cyclist going “WTF!?!” If there was anything the cop said that happened it happened outside the view and earshot of the witnesses.

Infrastructure news from America’s Copenhagen. After years of planning and compromises, 20s Bikeway is poised for construction I don’t know why but it always feels like the compromises are on the cyclists’ side.

More on the same general subject from the same location. TriMet projects on Orange Line path at SE 8th should improve cycling If only there was some process where actual users of the infrastructure could see and comment on a project before it’s built so that dangerous or annoying mistakes could be caught and fixed without having to tear out the mistakes, saving $$. Something like maybe an advisory committee of cyclists and pedestrians? Or would that make too much sense?

Our Daily Ted, part 1. Morning Links: Alleged drunk hit-and-run driver faces charges, and Che Garcetti leads urban streets revolution

Part 2. Describe Your Ride: What riding a bike can teach us about driving a car

Still in CA. Norwalk Man on Bicycle Killed in Traffic Collision in Downey The directions of travel say the cyclist got more than halfway across the intersection before the wreck. That is a strong indicator of a stale green as shown in the Google Earth view of the intersection which had what looks like 4 lanes for the cyclist to cross and a high speed limit on the street he was crossing.

Some good news, a killer driver was found guilty of killing a cyclist. UPDATE: Man who killed cyclist found guilty of criminally negligent homicide Part of me wants to do a happy dance, part of me is still sad because the cyclist died needlessly.

News from GA as someone “mansplains” why cyclists can’t use a park to get away from cars. Reader responds to News Cycle column on proposed Forsyth bike ban

More on the MD cyclist stabbed to death. Three Arrested for Murder of Cyclist I’m still waiting to hear of a reason why they stabbed the cyclist. Theft? Settling a score? Gang initiation? Attack of the Stoopids?

More infrastructure news. Blaming Pedestrians While Absolving the Streets That Kill Them There are 3 unmarked and 1 marked crosswalk at that intersection, one street can’t be crossed at all according to the LEO report and one can only be crossed on one side because that’s the marked crosswalk.

Speaking of an attack of the Stoopids, here’s a very public one by a MO legislator. Missouri Lawmaker Wants to Require Tall Fluorescent Flags for Cyclists Fifteen feet tall to be precise, or 2’6″ feet taller than trucks are allowed without an oversize vehicle permit. Illegal under Federal laws, so on any road built with Federal Funds the flags would have to be removed and then reinstalled when back on the lettered county roads.

Here’s more on my least-favorite form of bicycle infrastructure. Study: Sharrows Don’t Make Streets Safer for Cycling Sharrows work well on traffic-calmed streets with little motor vehicle traffic. But then not doing anything also works well on traffic-calmed streets with little motor vehicle traffic. So why waste the money on useless paint?

More infrastructure news. Why bike lanes make people mad

Here’s a Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment from Jolly Olde. Hit-and-run driver stops to berate injured cyclist before driving off The driver apparently thought enforcing minor traffic infractions by assaulting the cyclist with his motor vehicle was perfectly reasonable.

WTF? part 2. Girl, 18, drank 5-and-a-half double vodkas before crashing car through roundabout No cyclists were harmed in the production of this link, though one did require a change of pants.

Back to Oz, two bikes go down in the same space. Cyclist treated for head injury after accident at The Spit, Mosman Sure they said the second cyclist went down aviding the first, but that just means the second didn’t have time to register that he would have gone down without the first cyclist to avoid. Regardless something made the first cyclist fall…

A wreck in Enn Zed. Car and cyclist collide The damages to the two vehicles involved look like the cyclist got hit after getting most of the way across the intersection and moving at a fair clip as the front wheel showed impact from the left and the front corner of the car showed impact but the main impact of the cyclist was in the center of the windshield. The intersection looks to have bike lanes on one street and a stop sign on the other.

E-assist bike news. Electric Bike Revolution Spinning Profits for Dutch Companies

How do you feel about going for a ride with Bono? Bono giving fans the chance to go bike riding with him in New York

Last link, do you need to ride more or… 10 Things Sex and Cycling Have in Common Do you get enough… bicycling?

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The post-Christmas CARnage hasn’t shown up this year in the Feed

I can’t claim to be disappointed in the development, indeed just the opposite, but the complete absence of kids-on-new-bikes-getting-hit stories does bother me on another level. I haven’t seen the sales reports for this Xmas but I suspect that there were fewer bikes sold this year. Or the generally rotten weather we have had this year after Christmas has kept the kids off the roads on their new bikes. I like that idea a lot better than kids not getting new bikes to ride.

Up first is Ted taking a break and thanking his supporters. Merry Christmas. And thank you. That means no Daily Ted this week. And Happy New Year to you, Ted.

Staying in CA, we get another wreck in the SF area. Another Cyclist Killed In San Jose

From America’s most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike. Palmetto bicycle rider in critical condition after accident in Sarasota on Saturday I have a question, when does falling down become “overturned”?

From America’s Amsterdam even there they are having problems with “engineers” who don’t understand bicycle infrastructure. Despite objections, TriMet installs swing-gates at 11th Avenue rail crossing The claim is that automatic bike/ped gates would be vandalized where motor vehicle gates last for years. But as I said in the comments section I have an easily man-portable welding unit that could fuse the hinge on the gate in the open position permanently, such that the only way to make the gates swing again would be to cut the hinge off and replace it, in just a few minutes of late-night vandalism. And as I also pointed out I have a rock-solid alibi of being stuck here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell should that actually happen.

Also from Portland and also infrastructure-related. Metro edits ‘Bike There’ map after man’s death in bike lane gap Again the point is not that the map was not accurate, the point was that cyclists need a map to avoid deadly infrastructure that forces cyclists to merge into 60 MPH traffic without warning to either cyclists or drivers, with the secondary point that there was deadly infrastructure that bicycles needed to avoid in the first place.

Bikes are good for the economy even in red states like WI. BICYCLING IS MOVING WISCONSIN FORWARD Billions of $ in revenues from bicycle sales and manufacturing, billions more in savings on health costs, all in a state that doesn’t “believe” in the environmental benefits of bicycles, but apparently can believe in the $ coming in.

Over in Jolly Olde a man saved his life with cycling. Cyclist puts type 2 diabetes into reverse following 7 stone weight loss For those who aren’t familiar with medieval English weights, 7 stone is 98 pounds. Or a useful amount of weight loss.

Still in the UK a cyclist gets hit trying to cross a railroad crossing. Cyclist injured in crash with van at Wool level crossing This is a location that presents a worst case scenario of having to have eyes in the back of your head while you watch to make sure you don’t get stuck or slide on the rails. Realistically you don’t have the ability to watch for impatient drivers and watch your tires so you don’t fall at the same time, leaving waiting until overtaking traffic is gone, risking falling, or risking getting hit as your alternatives, none of which are palatable.

Supposedly this deadly crash in Enn Zed did not involve a motor vehicle. Cyclist injured in Christmas Day fall dies I’m still unconvinced the severity of the injuries could be caused by anything except impact with a motor vehicle except in the most ridiculous circumstances.

Last link, do you feel a need to ride more? 40 Reasons to Ride More in 2016

And this was the thing I got for Christmas that I’m most proud of.

And I’m out of links and I can’t find any more.

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