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Happy 4/20

If you can, spark a bowl to celebrate!

I can’t, both because it’s still not legal here, and because even getting a good smell of ganja gives me a splitting headache. Still haven’t nailed why this is but since it only developed after I was killed, the best assumption is it has something to do with the TBI from the wreck.

Listening to Bob Marley on my music app.

Happy Marijuana Day

Somehow the date 4/20 has become associated with marijuana culture. I happen to be old enough to know how this happened.

Back when high schools in California had ash trays in the desks for smokers (yes for reals) and HS got out at 4:15 (1615) they would meet at 4:20 to pass a joint around before catching the bus home. The code for this became 4-20 as in “4-20?” “Yeah dude, 4-20.”

So now we celebrate World Marijuana Day April 20th every year because some kids in CA wanted a toke to take the edge off after school got out.

PSA, it’s a freebie, Opus the Unkillable