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Belated Happy Canada Day, and batten down the hatches for Artillery Simulation Day

Sorry for not posting anything for Canada Day, things were a little busy around here to do that. We had a drain back up on Friday, which caused a bit of a stink, and yesterday was grocery day. And of course the thing I posted about on the actual Canada Day. And I have been adjusting my sleep schedule so I can be awake when Mrs. the Poet is awake in case she needs help, which really does a job on my productivity.

This year for Canada Day the PM stated they will accept women seeking asylum because they need an abortion but can’t get one where they live, which is good but unrealistic. Most of the time women aren’t going to have the funds for international travel when there are states within easier reach, or they don’t have the funds to get an abortion in the first place. Oh yeah, Canada’s health plan will pay for the abortion if you can get there. So that’s something, if you can pay for the trip you don’t need to pay for the abortion. You don’t have to do both like you would here in the former land of the free.

Speaking of the land of the free, so far here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell we had a drum circle across the street last night, a fireworks show at the “maul”, (it’s not a mall because it’s outdoors), and we are expecting a simulated artillery bombardment tomorrow in spite of the facts that most of the state is under a burn ban because of the drought, and fireworks are illegal in the county and city. People just don’t give a damn about that if they get their jollies and make big booms. It’s almost like they have the mentality of a 6 YO, and the ability of same to delay gratification until it’s safe to do it. Fortunately we don’t have any cats to get frightened by the noise.

And Mrs. the Poet is having tummy problems so I need to go tuck her in and put this to bed, too.


I hope you had a happy and safe 4th

I went grocery shopping and since we can’t go outside with Mrs. the Poet yet, we had a fried chicken picnic in the house. I bought actual real chicken from the Deli at Tom Thumb, some chicken tenders, and some potato salad for the feast which we had after the races were over at Indy. Then I watched the IMSA race from Daytona while I was eating.

I got some really good information on the steering box while I was doing the last post so I will know how big a box I need to make to simulate the steering box in the Mini Sprint-T. Basically it’s a 5″ wide including the mount by 8″ tall by 6″ long box that I need to remove the bits that don’t look like a steering box from. Simple as creating the statue of David from a misshapen block of marble, little Renaissance Art humor there. I’ll have to do that in scale from plastic for the Mini Sprint-T.

I’m going out tomorrow to pick up a copy of Gran Turismo 5 from the local Gamestop for a literal pittance, $3 plus tax. If I get a day pass the bus pass will cost as much as the game. The idea is to hack the game to get access to the Caterham in the game and also give it the same power and weight as the Sprint-T as it already has similar aerodynamics and grip, then figure out how to get something I can use as a practice course for an autocross, probably something from the licensing tests they use in the game to unlock tracks and cars… Also tomorrow I expect to get my Joyce Smile mask and to model it for you.

I’ll be back tomorrow night with a new post, I hope. Stay safe until then.