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I just got a check from Facebook

I’m going to be quite honest about this and say I had forgotten completely about the issue that resulted in my getting the check, to wit Facebook using my name and avatar picture for advertising purposes without requesting permission first. This took place shortly after MySpace started censoring the sh!t out of links in my blog and I left MS for WP and FB.

So anywho, I have a check for $15 that I will now spend on useless things like groceries and comic books. Probably more groceries than comic books.

Also while I am doing a post, I bought a keyless chuck for my Dremel tool through Amazon using the gift cards I get from the mobile game, and a set of tiny drills to use in the chuck from Lowe’s using the card that I can’t use everywhere but I can use in a few places they pay me with at another one of my side gigs. This means I can finish building the scale SBC for the Mini Sprint-T. And yes I’m still building the Mini Sprint-T even though the full-scale car will now be mid-engine with a Mopar V6. One slightly ironic thing is the Sprint-T had to have an automatic transmission because there was no room for 3 pedals between the transmission tunnel and the side of the car, while the mid-engine car will have a flat floor and acres of room for pedals but no manual transmission available, just a full manual controller on the slush box.

While on the subject I have mostly finished redesigning the frame for the switch from front to mid engine. One thing I changed was the location of the forward hoop of the roll cage, which was also a crossmember of the frame, that had a diagonal running from the top of the rear hoop to the bottom of the front hoop. On the front engine version this ran through the passenger compartment, but on the mid-engine version I’m moving the bottom rail out from under the body and the bottom of the hoop likewise meaning I don’t have to figure out how to get the painted body back on the frame with parts of the frame under and over the body and one big part running through the body, because that “one big part” will now be outside the body. It will be a close fit but it will clear. The other thing changed was the location of the front coilover mount both on the axle and the frame. The new axle mount will be as close to the end of the axle as possible without the back of the spindle making contact with the unit at the ends of the turning travel, on top of the axle tube. The new frame mount will be high above the axle so that the front wheel doesn’t hit the diagonal from the frame mount to the bottom of the front hoop of the roll cage at full compression and full turning travel. This is a very unlikely place for the wheel to be but it is possible so the frame has to clear the tire. This has the secondary effect of increasing d which increases the torsional rigidity of the frame, meaning better handling.

And that’s about it today, go ride a bike. I’m still stretching to be able to ride mine again.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass

Pictures of the shearing on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m doing this post on the old desktop machine because the new laptop does not have image manipulating software. I got the pictures from the Shearing of the Sheep ritual last month but had to do a lot of brightening up so that they were usable, because while the flash was bright enough to dazzle me it wasn’t bright enough to get a good picture. There was some blurring of some of the pictures because of laughing as everybody was feeling a bit giddy about the ritual (since it was announced that the cutting part would be as goofy as possible).

First we had to figure out how to keep the hair where the birds could get it and not down my shirt.re-purposing a garbage bag as a barber's apron

And a few minutes later it’s easier to see we re-purposed a garbage bag as a barber’s apron.Same picture without laughing

Moving outside to the chair under the parking lot light.Taking the first cut

And here is where the Mohawk starts.Halfway through the Mohawk

And a pause to “admire” the handiwork.You can see one ear...

Both ears showing now.You can see ears now.

I looked so distinguished with just the tuft on the chin.Just a tuft on this chin, so distinguished-looking

And the finished project.All gone!

As I said the focus for the camera was adversely affected because the photographer was laughing so hard. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my shedding 4 month’s worth of hair and beard.

PSA Opus