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Mrs. the Poet is home, all is right with the world

Mrs. the Poet’s plane landed while I was drinking my morning coffee, and she managed to navigate the DART system satisfactorily so about noon today she walked in the door complaining I left the deadbolt locked. The deadbolt was locked because we live over black gumbo soil that has the highest expansion rate in the world and the foundation shifts every time it rains, leading to doors that won’t latch. The front door won’t latch but it will deadbolt so people can’t just walk in.

BTW, happy Back To The Future day. Now where are my hoverboard and flying car? And I want a Mr. Fusion to power my e-assist bike. Oh, yes, another thing, I downloaded the PDF instructions for that T-Bucket in Sunday’s WFS post and it comes with a quick-change rear as part of the kit, So all I need to do is build the frame and front axle, and cobble together some wheels to fit what I can find for either street tires or race tires.

The Feed today is infrastructure heavy and wreck light, thank [$DEITY]. I’m not a happy camper when I have to read too many wrecks.

Up first because hey, bike, and hey, web comic artist/author!


I know how this feels. A BIKE LIFE: CUSTOM FRAME BUILDER I prefer brazing over welding where that is a viable alternative, but I agree there’s nothing like TIG or acetyline welding a junction together.

Is this really from TX? Cyclist safety an issue in the Valley Given that the RGV has not shared the job “growth” of the rest of the state and that wages have been even worse there than the northern parts of the state it stands to reason there are more people riding bikes for transportation so they have more money to spend on things like rent and electricity. This is not just happening to “the poors” but has crept its way into the lower middle class (who are now technically part of “the poors”) and is working its way higher up the economic foodchain in south Texas. I have been reading FB reports of angry confrontations between RGV cyclists and rural drivers as the trend has been moving away from urban areas. Short term drivers and cyclists need to learn to get along, long term either the economy down there has to pick up, leading to more jobs at higher wages, or they are going to have to figure out how to move a bunch more bikes on the streets than they have been recently. I got this link 4 times in today’s Feed out of 5 pages in the folder.

We all know cycling can save the planet, did you know it can save your neighborhood too? L.A. Cycling Event Cited for Improving Air Quality It didn’t even take a full day, pollution on neighboring streets went down the day of the CicLAvia. “CicLAvia events should be held more frequently in the future,” suggested Shi Shu, the study’s lead investigator.

While we are talking about L.A. how about Our Daily Ted, part 1? Low Speed E-Bikes Given Bicycle Privileges This certainly bodes well for the e-assist market in CA.

And Our Daily Ted, part 2. Bicyclist killed in Compton collision

Another indictment of CA infrastructure. Walking in Southern California unsafe at any speed Interesting that the headline talks abot pedestrians, but the lead photo show cyclists? Because cyclists are orders of magnitude less dangerous to pedestrians than motor vehicles.

More on CA infrastructure. What a Bike-Crazy California Town Can Teach Us About Car-Free Cities

A case that WoaB has been following from the get-go (love that Texanism) finally winds down to the judicial conclusion. Driver sentenced to 15 years in hit-and-run with Atlanta cyclist They dropped the most serious of the charges in exchange for the guilty plea and a near-max sentence on the lesser charges.

More on the dog killed by a cyclist in WY. Army Veteran Wants Military Burial for Dog Shot by Cyclist I can certainly agree that as a combat veteran the dog deserves full militaty honors when he’s laid to rest.

Update on a handicapped cyclist in UT killed by a hit-and-run driver. Nevada man pleads guilty in hit-and-run death of Utah cyclist And we find out what murdering a cyclist is worth in UT “write a letter of apology to the victim’s family and pay a $2,500 court fee.” No jail time, no restitution, NADA. A letter and court costs. TANJ!

Getting back to infrastructure, Seattle rents a bike equipped with multiple accelerometers to assess the pave quality of their bike infrastructure. Seattle Is Improving Its Bike Trails With a Garage-Built ‘Frankenbike’ The bike has more computing power than the laptop I use to create this blog post. And that’s not counting the iPad on the handlebars.

SD is having infrastructure problems and a mild case of bikelash. My voice: City’s policy changes make bike riding safer The streets are safe, but they don’t feel safe so people don’t ride bikes on them.

More infrastructure news, this time from PDX. Bike lane blockage (and what you can do about it) Blocking a bike lane is way more dangerous than not having the bike lane in the first place. Without a bike lane you are in the lane constantly so drivers are not surprised by the sudden appearance of a bicycle in “their” lane. Blocking the bike lane requires merging into what may be fast-moving motor vehicle traffic from a very low speed because most of the time there is little to no warning that the lane will be closed ahead except how well you can see the obstruction.

This facility has only been open a few weeks, and they already have their first wreck. Woman walking near Tilikum Bridge suffers serious injuries in collision with bicycle rider The problem was identified about 2 days after the bridge opened, one would think experienced transportation professionals could have forseen this potential conflict. Like maybe installing a bigger, brighter signal on the bike side? The video linked in the article after I filtered the link shows just how little time the cyclist had to react, and the video camera had a much better sight line than the cyclist. This crossing needs a much larger signal and a stop bar so the cyclist knows where the crossing is. Unfortunately there is nothing much that can be done about the sight lines without major reconstruction of the station.

NYPD, this is why people hate you and shoot you in the streets. Good News: New York City Cyclists Have All But Achieved Vision Zero Look at how many people have been killed by bicycles compared to those killed by motor vehicles (although if they really wanted to get an honest comparison they would have used all motor vehicle victims, not just the ones that could have been killed by people riding bicycles), and ask yourself “Is this a good use of scarce police manpower?”

Also from Streetsblog is this story about wildly misplaced priorities. True Story: Ratings Agency Pins Dangerous Roads on Car-Free Young People Really? Blaming the kids who don’t drive for the crappy state of the roads? Are we blaming people living in Africa for the poor state of race relations in the US, too?

The entire state of Rhode Island is barely bigger than Dallas County…R.I.’s Bike Infrastructure a Disjointed Maze Dallas County 909 sq mi, Rhode Island 1,214 sq mi. So why are they having such a big problem with their infrastructure? You have less than half the population of Dallas fer cryin’ out loud.

Last link, a laser that projects a brilliant bicycle symbol against the road surface in front of your bike is now sold in the US. Blaze Laserlight now available in US Supposedly the idea is to give drivers a visual warning there is a bicycle in their blind spot.

And I’m all outta links and Mrs. the Poet is flaked out on the couch with the TV on, so this seems like the perfect time to stop.

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This is going to be a busy night on All Star weekend for NASCAR, and the Feed

There are a bunch of races tonight because of the All Star race tomorrow, there is the Sprint Showdown to get in the race tomorrow for drivers who did not meet the criteria to get in the race before. Then there is the truck series race after that, which promises to be another barn-burner. So I’m going to be as happy as a pig in cool mud on a hot day tonight with all the NASCAR action.

Up first, the article is fairly straightforward about this wreck and the rider’s projected recovery, but the comments, whoo boy the comments… Injured cyclist Alistair Corkett talks about crash that cost him his leg My favorite crazy comment was the guy that blamed the wreck on Obamacare. Really, dude? How do you get from a driver making an illegal left turn and running over a cyclist riding straight through the intersection to Obamacare?

As we get closer to Memorial Day we get more “Injured Veterans” rides. Wounded veterans flock to KC for empowering cycling event and Bush’s Three-Day Bike Ride with Wounded Vets also Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride rolls out in June with help of Cérvelo

First link from NYC, a driver who ran over a person on the sidewalk may get away with it. NYPD May Not Charge Hit-And-Run Driver Because She Lives In NJ Apparently NYPD is unable to use insurance claims from NJ as evidence in a hit-and-run. TANJ!

Still in NYC. SUV Driver Who Killed UES Man Says Victim “Ran Into My Car” The pedestrian version of the SWSS.

Yesterday’s Daily Ted. Bike rider killed in Hollywood collision Some supporting information Cyclist Killed Riding Through Hollywood Blvd. Crosswalk

Another link to the protest in Portland about the cyclist that lost his leg. Portland protesters call for cyclist safety improvements

Some minor measure of justice in Jolly Olde. Wife of cyclist killed by lorry describes her grief to court and Lorry driver jailed for London cyclist Alan Neve’s death and Death crash driver pleads guilty to causing fatal collision which killed cyclist in Dorset

infrastructure in NYC. Here’s How The DOT Plans To Make The Area Around The Manhattan Bridge In Chinatown Safer I don’t see anything about keeping cars out of the area, so they can’t be too serious about it [/s]

L.A.’s bike week celebrations and informational links. Watch A Cyclist’s Nerve-Wracking Commute Without Bike Lanes I can’t believe how many driver refuse to get over and pass with 3 feet of clearance on Broadway Bridge… Good Samaritan Hospital Holds Its Annual Blessing of the Bicycles The opening does sound like the setup to a bad joke.

On the face of it this sounds like a major improvement in pedestrian safety, but without knowing how many tickets they issued before it may mean next to nothing. S.F. Is Nailing a Lot of Drivers Who Don’t Yield to Pedestrians

Maybe they could do something about the cab drivers? Two Cars Crashing Into Each Other Injure San Francisco Bicyclist

More Bike to Work in CA. Bike to Work ride in Stockton

Still in CA. 10 tips for safe cycling Another article full of factual mistakes, like the “21% of fatalities” and “85% reduction in head injury” lies.

What is the deal with NOLA and bikes? Nicholson Drive crash involving 3 cyclists raise questions of ‘respect’ on the road The evidence indicates the driver was not legally allowed on the road so he took off as soon as LEO attention was distracted.

This is sad. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run accident had dreams of being car mechanic Many cyclists-by-necessity are working to get out of poverty.

Riding a bike is still tense in NH. Hudson: A cyclist’s plea for civility If the comments section was open it would be “Blah, blah, blah, red lights, blah, blah, blah, taxes, blah, blah, blah, insurance, blah, blah, blah, licenses…”

Infrastructure and culture clash in NC. 2 incidents prompts NCDOT to stress bicycle safety

And trying to get away from the stereotype of “hick AL driver”. Cyclists looking to educate, increase awareness among drivers

Lifestyle in WY. Bike Safe Wyoming raises awareness with 24-hour ride

The driver that killed a cyclist also killed another man the day before he killed the cyclist. Vic widow vows to learn truth from killer Is killing cyclists a “gateway” to general murder?

Weather.com confirms what this blog has been saying for years… The Deadliest States for Bikers FL “wins” again.

Speaking of FL, that’s today’s link about the Ride of Silence. Fort Myers, Sanibel to hold Rides of Silence

Some people have really strange things happen on the roads, and this one wasn’t me. South African Cyclist Hits Dead Buffalo in City Suburb I can honestly say that large livestock has never died in my path while cycling.

Last link from Bikeyface. TWO MILE TOURING This is similar to what I have planned for my rehab, except about 3 miles each way as I go to church as often as I can, and shorter trips to the bank and library.

And I’m all out of links. See you Sunday.

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Got my toes done, and the Feed

I think most of you are aware that between the ravages of age and the damages I suffered in the wreck I can’t cut my toenails on the last two toes of my left foot. That means I have to get someone else to do it for me, and the easiest way to do that is to go to my local nail spa and get a pedicure. They have gotten used to me there and sometimes just for giggles I get the whole enchilada and let them paint my toenails. Today I left part of the figurative enchilada on the figurative plate, and came home without any polish on my toes. To give an idea of how ingrained in my psyche not spending money until there is no alternative is, my shoes fit sorta loose now…

There is a new conspiracy theory out there. Did Bono Really Crash A Bike In Central Park? The crux of the argument is CP on a Sunday is a pretty crowded place, and just about everybody in NYC has a phone with a camera on it, yet there is zilch about the wreck from witnesses on any of the social media, or even “Is this Bono?” pictures on Twitter or FB. Given the number of pictures and video posted of Michael Brown getting killed, someone who wasn’t even on the radar until after he was killed, the fact that a celebrity like Bono can get that kind of damages without any pictures of someone trying to help, or even of the ambulance taking him away seems rather odd. I just did an image search and there is nothing of Bono in Central Park in the last 6 months. The only images I could find were of the free concert U2 did in CP a while back, and the tree that killed Sonny Bono while he was skiing many years ago. To quote Alice, “Curiouser and curiouser.” I left a post in a Facebook group devoted to bicycles and bike commuting asking if anyone had any pictures or knew where any pictures of the scene were posted, so I’ll keep y’all posted if I hear anything.

The war of the lumens continues. Try these bright ideas for biking at night. I still think the best thing for making cyclists visible to drivers would be a law requiring all motor vehicles used in a wreck with a pedestrian or cyclist to be crushed and shredded in front of the driver or on national TV if the victim dies, or in other words, hit a pedestrian or cyclist, lose your car. You still have to pay for it, but it will no longer physically exist to be repossessed. That would mean that you would have to pay off the balance immediately… de facto huge fine for hitting a vulnerable road user, payable to the finance company.

More about a friend of the blog who was killed (and even though I know his name and had several conversations about bicycle safety with him I still don’t want to post his name in a link description. Don’t ask why, I can’t put it into words.) Cedar Mill bicyclist killed in crash was known for his graciousness and bike safety advocacy There would be little that could be done further to increase a cyclist’s visibility that the victim had not already done, including lights and dozens of square feet of HiViz fabric covering the bike and rider. Best comment:k7
According to same logic as posted here, the stripes on the road are too low to be effective so they need to be elevated immediately so they can be seen.
More Kirke Johnson’s BikePortland comments are chilling and inspiring

Former Congresscritter and current poster child for the gun control movement Gabriel Giffords rides a recumbent trike in public. Gabby Giffords completes 11-mile bike ride That is about the same distance I rode on my first public ride after my wreck…

A FL cyclist died and fell over or the other way around, but wasn’t hit by any vehicle. Medical event killed bicyclist, not traffic crash Yes, it does happen, rarely.

AZ cyclists are trying to find an infrastructure solution to an infrastructure problem. Cyclists unite after death on Pecos Road

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: San Diego cyclists get blamed for collisions, and accused Eagleson killer enters not guilty plea

That San Diego link showed in my Feed as well. Cyclists faulted most in bike-car crashes

A rider searches for the good Samaritan who helped him after a wreck. Injured rider finally tracks down helper

A bit of common sense from Oz. Time to stop the war on the roads, says injured cyclist In the War on Cars, cars are winning by a huge body count.

A modern take on Frogger with more realistic scenarios. CrossyRoad

A little assist on your way? Electric Bikes, On A Roll In Europe, Start To Climb In U.S.

And those were all the links I could find today.

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Another grocery day with thumder storms, and the Feed

Another day shopping for food and sundries, spiced this time by being inside the store while a violent thunderstorm raged outside, violent enough that people were calling my cell to make sure I wasn’t out in it. We weren’t but we did see evidence of a major downpour on the way home, like small branches everywhere, sections of fence blown down in the streets and alleys, and a sea of mud in the back yard.

Up first is a cyclist witnessed by pedestrians pulling out into traffic and getting hurt on the opposite side of her head from where witnesses claimed she impacted. Woman Injured in Bicycle-Motorcycle Accident Hit from behind wreck that could have been avoided by a little better SA on the part of the cyclist. Kudos to the motorcyclist trying to avoid the wreck and laying the bike down.

Excuse me while I engage in a little schadenfreude. Sunset Hills mayor charged with assault for allegedly hitting cyclist with car If it wasn’t for the fact that I already know the guy that said this right before (and as) he tried to kill me is dead and buried for several years now I would be sending the “good mayor” a subpoena for notice of where he was on the night of the crime… Heck I might do it anyway, just for giggles.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in AL. Fairhope cyclist hit, injured by SUV; driver sought The narrative of the wreck sounds like deliberate assault to me (weapon vehicle left the road after hitting the cyclist and hit an obstruction off the shoulder of the road then continued on). Hit from behind protocols would have been ineffective in this incident as the driver made sure he(?) went all the way off the road to get the cyclist, rendering escape routes moot. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent a future wreck.

A CO cyclist is hit allegedly running a red light. 14-year-old boy riding bike hit by vehicle in Arapahoe County; teen has life-threatening injuries Intersection protocols to avoid particularly the one that says to not run red lights or stop signs with oncoming traffic. If the infrastructure was “up to Dutch” then the cyclist and the driver would have been on mostly parallel but segregated street networks with little to no interaction and this would not have happened.

Another salmon cyclist is hit and killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Orlando bicyclist killed on U.S. 1 That is a bad road to be riding a bike on particularly if you aren’t riding according to the rules. There are bike lanes on part of US 1 but drivers have a bad tendency to use them as passing lanes when traffic is backed up and turn lanes at intersections and to not pay any attention to if there is a person riding a bicycle in the lane. This was one of those stretches that had bike lanes and also had medians blocking the road making cyclists go out of their way to get to where they could ride both on the right side of the road and in the direction of their destination. So now we might know what caused the cyclist to ride salmon. To avoid don’t ride salmon, to prevent don’t make cyclists have to choose between crossing a busy highway without a traffic signal or riding salmon.

A cyclist in TN had a medical emergency out on the bike trail. Man dies after having medical emergency while biking in Maryville I got nothing on this one except sympathy for the cyclist’s survivors.

This VA wreck report had lots of information on what happened after the wreck. Suffolk cyclist dies after collision with pickup truck Not much on what happened before or during the wreck other than a location. LEO are sitting extremely tight on this one, which in VA usually means the driver done screwed up royally.

(Not) typical UK treatment of dangerous drivers that injure cyclists. Cheltenham cyclist Mark Schofield, who almost died when hit by a Ranger Rover, feels ‘let down’ as the driver will not be prosecuted after legal error What makes this not typical? the driver was considered for prosecution. Most drivers never see the inside of a UK court after hitting a cyclist and being found at fault.

If you really want to kill someone… Truck driver fined over cyclist’s death Do it with a motor vehicle and claim you “didn’t know” you did it. The worst you will get is a fine or maybe a few weekends in jail.

A two-part Daily Ted. Gov. Brown tacitly endorses hit-and-run; LA finally says enough is enough when it comes to traffic deaths

And part the second. Morning Links: Fundraiser for bike-friendly SaMo Mayor O’Conner, CicLAvia visits Boyle Heights on Sunday

Infrastructure! news from CT. New law to protect cyclists, pedestrians This is virtually identical to a law that was vetoed by Gov. Goodhair back in 2009 that would have protected vulnerable users in TX starting in 2010. Since then more than 100 cyclists and 2000 pedestrians have died in wrecks that fell under the purview of the law.

A little lifestyle from CA. Family of bicyclist killed in hit-run raising funds You would think that charges would be filed before they buried the victim.

Presented without comment. Cyclists v the rest of the world – can we please call a truce?

Advice from The Cannibal. A public service announcement

Getting the “Down Low Glow” on your pedal powered ride. Bicycle Trailer LED Lights This will work not just on trailers but also on the down tube and chain stays of a regular bike or the bed of a cargo bike like Francis/es.

And those were all the links I could find for today.

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