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Bonus post: Alcohol and brain damage are a bad mix

The headline pretty much spells out what I’m going to be writing about tonight, the rest is just details.

I went to Pagan Fellowship Night at my church tonight. That “fellowship” always includes drums and dancing and usually a 24 pack of Shiner Bock that I have one(1) of and no more. I like the taste of dark beers, with Shiner being one of my favorites. Tonight was different, because everyone was pushing beers on me because I didn’t have to walk, ride a bike, or take the bus home, so I could drink as much as I wanted. I was more polite than I should have been and ended up drinking 2 beers and 2 shots of tequila (with a salted slice of lime) in just the first hour of the event. And then I had 3 more (different brewerys’) beers over the next 3 hours. I’m a big guy, but as I pointed out in the headline I have a “head start” in the “walks like a drunk” contest because of the brain and nerve damage I took from the wreck. So all that alcohol did my gait and coordination no good at all. In addition my concentration is shot to hell, but at least there is still only one of everything in my vision.

At this point I’m not sure of what effects this is having on my judgment, but since I’m writing about it in a public blog I’m going to go with “judgment is shot to Hades” as an assessment. I’m sure Hephaestus is just overjoyed my alcohol consumption has temporarily sent me to the arms of another deity, but this too shall pass. And even as I type this out my liver is doing massive efforts to clear my bloodstream of toxic additives, as my head has cleared considerably in the last half hour.

But this experiment has made me know: One beer or other alcoholic beverage per hour maximum. More than that and my poor liver can’t keep up with the workload, and my damaged brain can’t function with more than that much alcohol in my system.

PSA, Opus