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Nothing much exciting today, just paid for the phone

I didn’t do much interesting today, beyond catching up on sleep after Mrs the Poet found out what had been waking me up early in the morning. Turns out we had ants biting me while I slept, that would go away when it got light out. My back is just covered in little ant bite welts. Apparently I’m quite tasty. Anywho, after I finally woke up I made the trek to the phone store and paid the bill for my mobile phone, and on the way back paid way too much for a Coke Zero Sugar because there were no prices posted in the cooler. I bought it anyway because while the temperature may have dropped, the humidity has really plummeted and the 0.8 mile walk to the phone store left me with a serious case of cottonmouth. The 16 oz. bottle ended up $1.94 after taxes, which annoyed me as I had some $1 2-liters in the refrigerator at the house. But having something you need not with you doesn’t do you any good. Add that the water in the drinking fountains in the park was like coffee hot and I really didn’t have much choice about buying the Coke product. Tomorrow I go for a walk to find out when I get paid from the thing in the trust I was supposed to be taking money from every month but nobody thought to tell me about. It’s either the first/last of the month, or the 15th of the month, and if it’s not the 15th there will be money in the account, if it is the 15th I’ll still be broke for a few more days.

Aaannnnnd if you would like for me to be not broke might I direct your attention to the Ko-fi button in the sidebar to send the price of a cup of coffee in my direction. Actually having money that isn’t already spent before I even see it would be like heaven for me.

Now I have to go wade through the email and sign some petitions and ignore people asking for money I don’t have to give away. And hope I don’t melt tomorrow.