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Last post for a while

OK quick post before I have to pack and go. The laptop can’t travel, the phone hasn’t been set up to blog, and I don’t know what my service will be like for my phone anyway. The house sitter will be here in the morning to feed the cats. And I will get to see Mrs. the Poet again after 6 weeks Wednesday. Back is giving me fits but as long as I sit up straight I’m OK.

Posting again Thursday after next.

Almost recovered from yesterday

I don’t know what I did yesterday but it was literally a pain. I used to get pains in my lower back way back when I first started walking after the wreck which is how we discovered the short leg issue. This pain is highly similar to that, but I can’t trace why it came back after so many years. I ditched the lifted shoe over a year ago because it had failed to alleviate the pain when I was walking barefoot part of the time, and part of the time walking with the lift. I think a big part of my problems is the amount of time I sit with my pelvis level and then walk with the tilt.

There wasn’t much heat to deal with as there was a heavy cloud cover and spotty showers all day long. I got more moisture from showers than I did sweat. And most of the places I went to had AC turned way too strong so whatever slightly over-warm I experienced was countered by cold AC shortly thereafter.

On the Lab Rat Keeper front I’m in a new study for 3 years. The most I can say under my NDA is they are working on a surgical cure for hypertension (high BP), and I will get an overnight hospital stay after the surgery. Then spend the next 3 years getting poked and prodded and periodically drained of blood. Right now I’m in the washout period where I get rid of all the medication reducing my BP. Then tests to “qualify” my blood pressure, then schedule the surgery, then the procedure, then 36 months of monitoring for effectiveness and side effects.

On other things tomorrow I get to pay my phone bill and buy the replacement stones for the hone, and get a little walking in. And maybe grab a burger from Whataburger. I can still handle a cheeseburger or a pizza without getting hit by a lactose gut bomb gas attack, so I’m going with my favorite Bacon Cheese Jalapeño Whataburger. And fries and a Coke Zero in the combo.

On the TGS2 I’m getting the replacement stones for the hone like I said in the previous paragraph, which means I can get the kingpins installed on the spindles and the spindles on the axle, and another thing off the list for building my car. Then I can get the exact measurement for the tie rod and get started on building it. I’m still deciding on steel tubing or carbon fiber, one is quick and cheap, the other is light and just as strong but expensive even if you build it yourself. Either way I will use the threaded weld bungs to provide an attachment point for the rod ends. With the carbon fiber I would use a EPS core and extend the carbon fiber over the bung right up to the threads. With the steel tube I would just weld it in and metal-finish the joint to make it look like a single hunk of metal that had been whittled to shape like I used to do building bikes. Then I used brass brazing rod as a filler and filed the brass down and painted over it. That’s how I won my class in the car show many years ago. The carbon fiber tie rod would get a UV absorbing clear coat while the steel one would get matt black epoxy or powdercoat.

And since I have stuff to do tomorrow I’m gonna put this one to bed.

I’m exhausted on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I was up late last night and early this morning to work the HRC booth at Dallas Pride Day. I only had about 8 oz. of coffee this morning compared to my usual 32, meaning I was seriously caffeine-deprived all day. This lead to getting off the bus at the wrong stop and having to walk about 2 miles to get to Lee Park this morning. With the way my back has been that was not a very good idea as I was already in pain and tired when I got there, late, with next to no idea of how to get into the park. Where the entrance was last year was not where the entrance was this year leading to more walking around the park going the wrong way to find the place to pay to get in. Yep, the volunteers running the booths had to pay to get in.

I found a few things that were slightly interesting, the city of Vancouver BC had a booth promoting the city. And I found one of the interns that used to treat me at the Parker School of Chiropractic is setting up a practice much closer to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of hell than the 3.5 hour one-way trip from WoaB to Parker School of Chiropractic.

Something else interesting is I got a coupon for a free burger and got a free 6 oz chocolate shake from a new restaurant. Before I give out the name to this restaurant I’m going to try the food so I can say if it’s worthy of your food dollars, because I can’t be bought with just a small milkshake and a free hamburger. If you want a good review from me there are only two ways to do it, lots of free food, I mean weeks worth of free food, or you have to serve good food with good service. Take it from me the good food with good service is going to be easier than showering this cyclist with free food. Of course if someone wants to see if they can get a good review with mass quantities of free food I’m not going to say “Don’t try”, heck yeah go for it.

On another front, Wells Fargo has given us the instructions on how to pay off the mortgage so we don’t have it hanging over our heads as Mrs. the Poet goes into retirement. so tomorrow morning I’m going to the bank and following those instructions to the letter and letting my bank record the transfer of funds so that there is no doubt that Wells Fargo has been paid as requested. Since my “bank” is actually a credit union which makes me a part owner of the “bank” they are more responsive to m than a typical bank would be. Also funneling over $70K through them in a single lump sum makes them a bit more responsive to my needs. I really expect to see some major interest payments coming from that $70K deposit.

I took a break in composing this post to go to evening services and see how the people doing evening service handled a seasonal service in their tradition. The answer is pretty well. Part of the reason I didn’t go “Yay! wonderful” is they moved the handoff between their dealer of death and the culler of herds all the way up to the Equinox, which is way too early. Some Wiccans and Northern Traditions have this at Samhain, others especially certain Celtic traditions have it at Winter Solstice with the battle between the Oak and Holly Kings. IMHO especially in a place like Texas handing over the reins to Death in their many aspects at the Autumnal Equinox when temperatures finally fall below 90 as a high on a regular basis is silly, beyond silly really.

In Sprint T news I will be purchasing this body to mock up the frame with and use as the base for the simulator. At this point there is no solid delivery date on the body.

And since I’m still tired and sore, I will cut this post off here.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet