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I still need new shoes

But at least I got my hair cut. I took care of the trip to the bank, and voted, and got the burgers for dinner.

Finally a decent flattop

And this picture shows which character I used to play in Rocky Horror.You have no neck!

And maybe I should use a different light source that doesn’t shine through my hair when I’m trying to show off my hair.

Anywho, I did a lot of walking again today, I think right about my upper limit for pain. I maxed out my Sweatcoin app and I want to lie down now because about the only thing that isn’t hurting is my hair. On the way home from Whataburger I checked the projected walk time compared to the next bus arrival time and it wasn’t even close. As I got to the street I have to turn down from the main street I was passed by the bus making its outbound part of the run. So, not only did I beat the bus by walking home instead of waiting, I beat the bus going out before it got to the turnaround loop at the “maul”.

OK my legs are telling me I need to lie down or sit in a different chair, because my hammies are starting to cramp.