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That was an interesting trip to the bank

Well, full disclosure, I went to the credit union, not a bank. But for the purposes of this recital “bank” is more understandable. I did the bus thing downtown and got to the bank about a half-hour before it was supposed to close, and stepped up to the drive through and there was no deposit slips or canister to run through the pneumatic tube with the deposit slip. I looked in the lobby and there was nobody in the lobby, and there was a strong smell of burnt rubber (but no visible smoke). I probably should have tried to use the ATM to check my balances, but the whole place being completely empty that far before closing spooked me so much that I just “noped” out of there.

Anyway, tomorrow (today or yesterday as you read this) I’m going to call the main office and do the banking I need to do by phone. I needed to transfer money from the lockbox account that requires calling on the phone or actually showing up in person at the bank so I can pay for the new bathroom I mentioned in an earlier post. And I need to get out and pay for the phone so I can get from place to place on the bus, and post tweets, etc. I really need to go ahead and set up auto-pay so I don’t need to go out in bad weather.


Massage finally achieved, bank balances fixed, new tea cup broken

The beginning of the new year was mixed for me. Yesterday I made a 6+ hour journey to pay the mobile bill, deposit checks to multiple accounts, and get a massage. Most of that was waiting for and getting the massage, because there were already people getting a massage tying up the massage techs, and I got a 90 minute massage that concentrated on my neck and glutes (both of which were a disaster), but there were also long waits for the next bus and my unwillingness to pay for a ride share service. Let’s face it even with no wait taking the bus is twice as long as ride share or just driving, when you factor in waiting for the bus to get there between doing things and transfers you take what would have been maybe 2 1/2 hours and make it over 6. I left home before 1500 and got home after 2100. 💩 I do have to say the massage got all the kinks out of my neck for the rest of the day, it’s just that it took so long to get the rest of the day was like just a couple of hours. 😭

Now on the bank balances, while I was depositing the checks via the ATM I also checked the balances of the accounts I could access via the ATM, and some of them were way off. I had set up an automatic transfer from the checking account to the savings account, and there was almost nothing in the savings account when there should have been the $300 I had transferred from the checking account, and there was way too much money in Mrs. the Poet’s checking account. Her account was fine, it was just that our combined stimulus check had gone to her account and we had to have my $600 transferred to my account. My accounts for some reason the automatic transfer didn’t transfer automatically on 1/1/2021, so we had to go in and manually transfer the money that should have gone to the Tax Payment account and the Big Ticket Item savings account. The bank guy had no idea why the money didn’t go where it should have, because the transfer notice was right there on the accounts, but for some reason it didn’t happen.

 Now as for my new teacup, Mrs. the Poet was putting away the dishes and jostled the cup rack trying to get a clean cup on the rack, and my Cossie Rallycar cup fell off. As you can see it’s repairable, but not in a way it could be used for drinking tea from.

The break goes right across the bottom of the cup which basically means my Cossie Cup will no longer hold hot liquids, like tea. That chip in the rim was the impact point and is just dust where the cup hit the stove. And I just checked and there are no more Cossie Cups available, the last one was sold last month. Mrs. the Poet is why we can’t have nice things. I will say I have a cup that was a gift from one of my customers at the convenience store/gas station I worked the fall of the year Mrs. the Poet earned her MRS degree that we still have. Seriously, I got this stupid Starsign cup over 40 years ago, and I still have tea from it sometimes, but my Cossie Cup I paid the big bucks for didn’t last 2 months 😭

And the new composing software won’t let me resize the pictures like the old one did. I could specify 500 pixels wide on the old software, but I’m stuck with what WP gives me with the new… Anyway, I hope y’all have a good 2021.

Nasty thing I wanted to say to Trump followers deleted, you are welcome.

Roof is getting fixed, still Not-Rich

Even after all these years I still want to put “And The Feed” at the ends of the headlines. Some habits are hard to break.

Anyway, roof. We are getting the boring brown 25 year shingles that are rated to 120 MPH wind gusts, the roofer said the existing shingles looked to only be rated for 70-90 MPH gusts given the number that were missing and the distance the house was from the center of the tornado track. I need to go to the bank and find out why Mrs. the Poet’s debit card was declined for $140 of groceries with a $3700 balance the day before and also transfer the money for the roof from the firewalled account into the spendable account. I always put large sums of money into an account that is only accessible by going to the bank and moving it to an account I can write a check or use my card to get to. Until I make it accessible I can’t accidentally spend it on things like comic books or massages, because believe me if I had the money I would be getting a massage every other day at least. Besides just feeling good, which is enough in and of itself, massage is the only thing so far that has had any kind of lasting effect on the pain caused by Arthur Dent. And for those who have forgotten I give all my pains in the neck names if their parents haven’t already done that. And Arthur Dent is the divot on the back of my neck left by the removal of the huge lipoma that is shown in a specimen cup at the top of my Facebook page. But anyway, trip to the bank for fixing Mrs. the Poet’s account and transferring the roof money from the safe account to the account I can spend money from.

And the still “Not-Rich”? I only matched 2 out of 6 numbers on the Lotto, so I be po’ or p’r as in can’t afford a vowel.

The bad dream is finally over

I finally paid the ER bill for the DVT that wasn’t. I went through what could only be described as a Kafkaesque fever dream of declined cards with more than enough in the account and 6 attempts to pay before finally getting the bill paid.

First I had to get the money out of the fund we had set aside for taxes and emergencies, after we got the bill I mentioned. I got the full amount out in case I had to pay the billed amount. Then I called the billing office yesterday and negotiated a lower bill, that was still too high IMHO but as I had the $$ I really didn’t feel like pursuing the matter further. Then things got really fun. First I paid the bill for the facility, which went through without a hitch. Then I tried to pay the bill for the radiologist, only to get declined in spite of having several thousand dollars more that the payment in the account (I got the money for taxes at the same time I did the money for the ER bill). Apparently I exceeded my withdrawal limit for the day, embarrassing but sh!t happens.

So I called back again the next day to complete the process, only to get declined again for the same reason, in spite of the fact that I hadn’t made any new withdrawals that day. I called my bank and demanded (in a calm voice) to know WTF was going on. And it seems “what was going on” is previous day withdrawals are not posted until 0001, and count against current day withdrawals when determining if the current withdrawal is below the limit. This is going to be tons of fun come time to pay the taxes…

So, I got a temporary increase in my limit to complete my transaction, and the total bill came to $2628.67 instead of the $3300+ billed. And because I still have short hair that’s too short to grab and pull I still have most of the hair I had at the beginning of the process.