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That was an interesting trip to the bank

Well, full disclosure, I went to the credit union, not a bank. But for the purposes of this recital “bank” is more understandable. I did the bus thing downtown and got to the bank about a half-hour before it was supposed to close, and stepped up to the drive through and there was no deposit slips or canister to run through the pneumatic tube with the deposit slip. I looked in the lobby and there was nobody in the lobby, and there was a strong smell of burnt rubber (but no visible smoke). I probably should have tried to use the ATM to check my balances, but the whole place being completely empty that far before closing spooked me so much that I just “noped” out of there.

Anyway, tomorrow (today or yesterday as you read this) I’m going to call the main office and do the banking I need to do by phone. I needed to transfer money from the lockbox account that requires calling on the phone or actually showing up in person at the bank so I can pay for the new bathroom I mentioned in an earlier post. And I need to get out and pay for the phone so I can get from place to place on the bus, and post tweets, etc. I really need to go ahead and set up auto-pay so I don’t need to go out in bad weather.