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Would MLK Jr ride a bike?

The answer is “Of course” as there are many pictures of the man riding common bikes of the era and place. But the actual question is about riding as a political statement, then the answer is less certain.

Dr. King did appreciate the concept of direct action in the pursuit of a goal, which in the case of Climate Change, riding a bike is a direct poke in the figurative nose of the crisis. Cycling is almost as low on the carbon scale per mile as walking, depending on who you believe about the carbon cost of building the bike being part of the carbon footprint of the ride. It’s several orders of magnitude less than one person alone in an SUV, and on that scale walking and cycling are too close to tell apart.

Now for racial justice, cycling has a positive effect, but just how much is highly debated. Like there is huge debate about how little or much effect cycling has on racial justice. I’m in the “Not much” camp myself, because it’s more of another symptom of racial inequality how many people are arrested for BWB for breaking mythical, or otherwise made-up laws. Some might help, maybe, a little. Others, not at all.