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Nothing to worry about it’s just the asphalt roads melting

We have a patch of cold-mix outside Casa de El Poeta that seems to have gone soft. It had a couple of tire tracks because cold-mix remains soft for about 24 hours after putting it down in more temperate conditions, but it seems to have a few more today after a string of 100°+ days this week. The concrete seems to be holding up fine where it wasn’t undermined by broken watermains years ago. Current temperature at 1700 is 99°F so nothing to worry about.😅

On bicycle things I have been perusing Craig’s List and online pawn shops in hopes of finding a bike I can get on and off of and still be able to ride, but prices haven’t been in my price range, or the bikes were too small for me to get proper leg extension while seated. I really need to find something I can ride to get some exercise with this bum hip making walking extremely risky for falling. That walk I had earlier just emphasized how bad my hip is now, but at least I can put my socks on without help again. There was a time right after the injury that action was impossible. It got a little difficult for a while this month but I’m better now.

On the Sprint-T I’m still plugging in the entries for the POWERNATION Ford (click to help me win, maybe) in hopes of winning the engine and having something to shove in front of the firewall. As I stated many years ago, there are two design objectives for this car, aside from doing car things like getting groceries and so forth. First is winning Goodguys autocross events by using basic physics and good design to succeed, second is cruising events and looking cool, and also not needing a trailer and tow vehicle to get it there. That is I want to drive to the event, drive the event, and then drive home. I also want to be able to bolt some slicks on it and compete in SCCA events. I will need a trailer to carry the tires for that.

I don’t object to doing a little maintenance at the motel beforehand, but I don’t want to unload and load a car hauler at the event. If I could afford to have a separate vehicle to get my race car around I wouldn’t be having these issues in the first place. There would be many problems I would not be having if I could afford to have a tow vehicle and a play vehicle. I would be fully vaccinated now because I wouldn’t have needed to leave the line because of running out of money for the Lyft, I could just keep circling the site until I got to the end of the line, not until my fare exceeded my checking balance.


What a race on Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m watching the Sprint Cup race from Watkins Glen right now that has dragged on because of 2 red flag sessions to repair the track safety barriers after they were destroyed in wrecks. The last restart is just rolling, with 2 laps to go. And now it’s over and A.J Almendinger just barely rubs ahead of Marcos Ambrose. The ‘Dinger is driving for a really small, underfunded team, and for him to win just says volumes about him as a driver. The driver he beat is no slouch either, Marcos Ambrose is a former V8 Supercars champion from Oz, one of the most competitive series anywhere, especially in the era Marcos won in when they only had the 2 manufacturers. So Wow! so Race, much competition.

Last night was RPG night again, and I shared my beans and rice with the gang, who pronounced it good. I’m not going to take that as a ringing endorsement, I have seen these guys wipe out Sloppy Joes extended with a package of mixed veggies, so it’s not like they are all that discriminating of what they eat. But describing the costs of making the dish (about $1 worth of beans, $0.50 of brown rice, and a few pennies in spices cooked for 7 hours total in a crock pot) and mentioning I could do this every week if required and have dinner at any time after cooking was completed was met with a resounding approval. That’s 10 servings of main dish for less than $2. That’s even cheaper than ramen.

So we played a Heros game with some pre-made villains. I was a gadgeteer named Waylon Talos. We had a group of us who were raiding an illegal bio-tech lab in New England (bad guys stealing from other bad guys) and getting paid a decent amount to begin with but there was a substantial bonus for successful completion of the mission objectives (destroy the lab, steal all the data, grab as many physical samples as we could carry) which we made in spades, as we “kidnapped” one of the lab techs as well. The lab had clone guards, gene-spliced baboon-squid hybrid guard animals, toxic exploding flower booby traps, and goofy password security systems. My character was about as useful as a broken leg but I did have one contribution during planning/prep for the mission that saved the mission, I built everybody a sealed air system with unlimited air (rebreathing with O2 replenishment), that saved everyone when we triggered one of the flower booby traps accidentally and the lab tech triggered one on purpose. I was originally going to give everyone sealed environmental suits but one of the party was stretchy and couldn’t use a sealed suit. Anywho, we “won” and got our reward.

My permanent character for the game is a flying speedster capable of sustained Mach 2.5 speeds and super strength, with a disadvantage of “theme music” whenever he flies that is loud enough to make a stealth approach impossible from the air, and the need to have a “power up” of a bag of tortilla chips every hour to retain flying powers, and for some reason the Scientologists really don’t like him. Oh yeah, he really doesn’t like bugs where he flies.

I’m thinking a character I really want to play is a bicycle-based speedster of some kind, where he has limited endurance on foot but slap him on his bike and he’s got full speed and unlimited range. I will have to send a text to the GM for this particular game to see if he’ll bite for this particular disadvantage. I could really work with this guy. I’m already thinking of who’s going to be on his case all the time since he can exceed the posted limits on the freeways by orders of magnitude. Digital orders of magnitude, not binary. 😉 We are talking riding a bicycle on the freeways at more than 500 MPH! Wheeeeeeeeee!

And it’s about time to get ready for evening services, so I’ll end this now.

PSA, Opus

They finally finished counting the votes and I’m screwed, and the Feed

The votes are counted and batshit insane won out over just crazy. I’m screwed because batshit has made public statements against government spending on any bicycle infrastructure as being “socialist”. News flash for you Batshit, all infrastructure is socialist to some extent. Installing bicycle infrastructure just gives people a choice as to how they use it. Right now we have a choice between cars, trucks, and SUVs when selecting our mode of transportation, but public transit is kinda sorta useful if you have the time. Riding a bicycle is physically uncomfortable because of the climate and emotionally uncomfortable because there are so many cars, trucks, and SUVs using the infrastructure that the operators have no earthly idea of how to share with bicycles. And Batshit wants to make that worse for people riding bicycles. Of course opposing bicycle infrastructure is a minor issue with this guy, oppressing women and voters of the “wrong” kind is much higher on his agenda. This is still not good for me because I’m the “wrong” kind of voter: “not-rich”.

Up first is a hit-and-run from down south a few day’s ride. Deputies: Hit-and-run suspect later found unresponsive behind the wheel and Driver arrested in FM 1960 hit-and-run Let’s see, line of cars moving over a lane to make a legal pass on a cyclist legally using the road, one driver moves out of the line and hits the cyclist then merges back in line and leaves the scene, later found slumped over the wheel of the weapon vehicle and unresponsive to LEO commands. No toxicology report back yet but I’m willing to bet alcohol, drugs, or possibly an out-of-control blood sugar level. I’m putting my money on good old-fashioned ethyl alcohol.

Update on an OH left cross fatality. Trial date set for truck driver charged with death of cyclist The cyclist’s family is being very understanding and Stockholm Syndrome about it claiming the fact that the driver is disturbed about having killed “is punishment enough”. Listen people, everyone is disturbed about the first time they kill if they have any shred of compassion in them. The ones that aren’t just need to be placed where they can’t hurt the rest of us ever. But if drivers are allowed to kill and face no sanction for killing, no matter what the mode of transport of the victim, then there is zero incentive for the drivers that don’t have that shred of compassion to not run over the cyclist or pedestrian that causes them to have to slow down a bit. Swerve enough that the vehicle isn’t damaged too much to drive and keep on trucking, because you will get a worse ticket for tossing a cigarette butt out the window than for leaving a dead or dying human on the side of the road.

A MD driver that killed a cyclist tries to get the sentence dismissed because the felony conviction interferes with her life? Sentence in death of bicyclist stands Another sociopathic driver thinks it’s all about her after leaving a corpse in the road. Consequences are a bitch, aren’t they honey? Less than a year in jail with work release after killing a human and discarding the body like a cigarette butt and you want that expunged so you can “get on with your career”? You changed your career path when you left the person to die on the road, now you have to live with that choice. And this was not the first time you hit a cyclist either, you hit one in 2008 that left the victim with a permanent and life-altering brain injury, for which you essentially skated.

A cyclist in the UK is killed by a pothole that the relevant authority was notified about weeks before the wreck. Cyclist mown down during charity bike ride after hitting a four-inch deep pothole that police had warned about more than a month before One thing I like about UK tort laws is they specifically allow local governments to be sued when they commit an action or an inaction that results in people getting injured, unlike here in the US where most municipalities invoke “sovereign immunity” at the first hint of a lawsuit.

And another cyclist hits the pavement because it has holes in it. Exeter pharmacy staff help “pot-holed” cyclist The cyclist was lucky to not have been hit by a motor vehicle like the previous paragraph.

Even comic strip characters can’t escape the pothole monster. Frazz by Jef Mallett I do hope that one goes to “freeze-thaw cycle”, it’s impossible to test.

Lots of infrastructure news today. This one is from America’s Copenhagen, Portland OR. Video of right-hook collision shows risks at NE Couch and Grand First up this video is a near-perfect example of using intersection protocols to minimize damages from a right hook, the cyclist ran out of road before the driver finished the turn.

Infrastructure news from CA. Beverly Hills tells bicyclists to drop dead; LAPD to focus — finally — on traffic violations this year As I commented in the article Beverly Hills needs to be sued for violating CA’s Complete Streets law. They have been reminded several times of the law’s requirements, I think a little smackdown from a judge would be appropriate. More Beverly Hills City Council Disses Road Safety, Slaps Riders in Santa Monica Boulevard Session

A slightly fun infrastructure link. If Your Local Elites Have Gone Completely Bonkers, You May Have Bikelash It would be impossible to tell here, our “elite” varies between “disturbed” and “batshit crazy” every other minute.

An infrastructure link that is only marginally about bicycles. Detroit study to examine effects of bad air quality As we all know installing bike lanes reduces the local pollution on streets that have them, I don’t know how well that transfers to networks of bike lanes in entire cities. That’s something that hasn’t been studied.

A really unhappy lifestyle story from CA. Popular pre-L.A. Marathon bike ride canceled after city permit snag I thought that the powers that be liked the Crash because it acted like an additional sweep of the course the organizers did not have to pay for.

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles. There were a couple more that just were kinda “blah” so I thought “Why include “blah” in my blog?” Also apparently I have been missing a lot of clicks to this blog because I don’t put a tag on the Daily Feed posts that this is about bicycles. What, they can’t look at the blog title and tell that most of the posts are going to be about bicycles? But anyway I’m going to be adding a “Bicycles” and “bikes” tag to the Daily Feed posts so that people looking for information about bicycles can find these posts.

> sigh <

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