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I have sorta recovered, and I don’t stink anymore, and the Feed

Yesterday’s gig to repair an adult tricycle damaged in transit was lots bigger than what I posted in the haze of exhaustion and body funk I came home with. There were 2 wheels that needed truing that I couldn’t put on the truing jig because they didn’t have axles after removing them from the back of the trike, so I had to do the best I could on the trike, there was a persistent noise from one side that would not go away no matter what I did, that I traced down to the outer bearing on the left side (I think it no longer has any lubricant in it but I can’t get to it without taking it to a shop with more tools than I have). There is also an intermittent banging from the drum brake on the drive side wheel that nothing I do will make go away for more than a block or two, but goes away on its own after a mile or so. I think that is the brake drum hitting the brake band, because I don’t see any other sign of contact in the brake. And of course there was the dented fender that had to be repaired without damaging the powdercoat because the entire trike would have to be repainted it match the color if I damaged the coating enough to require a re-paint. That meant the dent could only be mostly taken out because there was nothing I could do to shrink the metal that was stretched in the original incident. As I posted yesterday the normal way to do that is to apply heat to a dull cherry color, then hammer and dolly smooth and quench to complete the shrinking process. I was just lucky that the back of my extra-large Crescent™ wrench was the right contour and had sufficient mass to work out that dent leaving minimal wrinkles behind.

Today we are having beans and rice, which means I’m cooking dinner. I so enjoy this particular vegan entrée that I taught myself how to cook it because nobody else would make it. I don’t know why, it’s tasty, completely nutritious (you could live on it and some leafy greens indefinitely) and aside from being time-consuming to make is not hard to cook (I mean I’m making it, how hard could it be?). People who eat it and don’t have to be nice to me say they like it, so why is it that I’m the only one making it? I guess that is just one of those mysteries. I know I’m going to get lots of chances to eat beans and rice when Mrs. the Poet goes to see her relatives in Upstate NY without me this year…

Up first is a link to the Wales edition of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR). Naked cyclists were a shock on the street – but all in a good cause

The “Big Story” is the Oz sportscaster getting a gentle caress on the wrist for deliberately running down a cyclist during a road rage dispute. Mark Bosnich handed 12 month good behaviour bond after ‘clipping’ cyclist’s back wheel with his BMW in road rage collision also Premier League – Mark Bosnich escapes conviction for running down cyclist in his BMW I mean really, what amounts to deferred adjudication for an assault with a deadly weapon, with injury? TANJ!

A little happy infrastructure news from NYC as a 167 YO bridge is reopened to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Photos: Hurrah, The High Bridge Reopens After 45 Years I’m glad it wasn’t torn down during the time it was unused, because any street space in NYC that isn’t overrun with cars is a blessing, a bridge triply so.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Completing deadly Rosemead Blvd; Times seeks video of police shooting in Gardena bike theft

And Part numero dos. Breaking news: no sentencing in Eric Billings case today; driver found with narcotic drug behind bars

And also in L.A. Driver Sought in Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed Cyclist in South L.A.

A little good bike news from the city next to WoaB. Richardson Texas Gets Recognized As A Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are not even on the list for “Nice Try”.

Down the road a day’s ride from WoaB. Teen cyclist killed after colliding with car in East Austin The road is described as “narrow” yet the cyclist was blamed for “swerving” in front of the weapon vehicle. You can’t have both, either the road is narrow and the cyclist controls the full width of the lane, or it’s more than 14 feet wide and there is (barely) room to pass with 3 feet of clearance.

Next state over a pedestrian pushing a broken bicycle is hit at the side of the road. LSU professor, struck and killed while walking her broken bicycle, described as a distinguished, beloved faculty member

And I can’t tell if this person is trying to get more people on bikes, or warn those already riding to stop. Letter: Cyclists encouraged to be safe

One of the problems (as always) is infrastructure that varies in quality from crap to lethal. Cyclists urge drivers to share the road

Another academic is killed riding a bike, this one in KS. Washburn grad: Glenda Taylor was ‘a champion of students’ and Area art, academic community, cyclists mourn fatal accident

Many questions but few answers for the survivors of an AL hit-and-run victim. Family of woman killed while riding bicycle looking for answers And Stoopid comments about why she got hit.

UK cyclists are pretty steamed about the (lack of) quality in their infrastructure. ‘Die-in’ staged for cyclist killed in Camberwell and Cyclists hold ‘die-in’ vigil for Esther Hartsilver after fatal crash in Camberwell That was a very loud, very eloquent protest with very few words used.

Not every driver in the UK is a homicidal maniac all the time. Injured cyclist thanks Good Samaritan who came to his aid in Trowbridge Most are not (homicidal maniacs) som are for a small amount of time, and a tiny minority are full-on raving batshit crazy 24/7. The one that stopped to help was in the majority that is the first category.

And someone wrote a book about bicycle couriers in today’s London. On Your Bike Life expectancy slightly better than a soldier in a war zone, with crappy pay that sometimes gets stolen by the company you work for to pay the “rent” on required equipment.

It’s a good bet that the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell will never see any of this money. 7 Cities Get $375,000 to Work on Bike-Share Equity In order to study bike share, one must have a bike share to study.

Update on a WI bike wreck. Bicyclists killed in crash were longtime Northwestern Mutual employees What got left out was they were also extremely experienced and safe cyclists, but they still got killed.

Update on a MA bike wreck, as the victim gets buried. More than 1,000 mourn Mansfield teen killed in bike crash

Last link, a FL media outlet asks if cycling over the age of 70 was worth the risks. Biking over 70: Do the rewards outweigh the risks? Well if you live outside of the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike (and also walk) maybe…

And I’m (finally) out of links. This has been a terribly long day.

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That was a lovely service, and the Feed

My friend Alice has been sent to the Summerlands in true Pagan style, blessed be her memory.

In the meantime “Arthur, Arthur Dent” is being a pain as that muscle is still tied down and won’t move right when I try to turn my head. It doesn’t hurt any more (except for tiny twinges at the edge of the dent) but because it is tied down I just can’t get full range of motion to do things like look over my right shoulder, much less look behind me. I can almost look straight up now which is a major improvement over when “Chris Christie” would hit the back of my skull, but still a ways off from what I could do before things got bad.

And I’m going to miss Alice…

Up first, that driver given a cell phone ban is drawing national attention for the punishment, not so much for the fact that she killed a cyclist to earn that ban. Distracted Michigan driver who killed cyclist mom sentenced to jail and banned from owning cellphone and Woman who killed cyclist can’t use cellphone for 2 years also Driver Gets 2-Year Cell Phone Ban For Killing Cyclist I reported the wrong gender for the driver yesterday, who is in fact, female.

And continuing the jurisprudence theme of killer female drivers, the drunken MD cyclist-killing bishop went to court today. Trial of former bishop Heather Cook postponed as attorney considers a plea We are far too lenient with killer drivers, even drunk ones. The fact that this driver has a bail commensurate with both the severity of the crime (killing with a motor vehicle while impaired) and charges that are not a joke (the crimes she’s charged with can get up to life in prison) brings hope that cyclists will no longer be treated as disposable in at least one state.

That CO cyclist shot might just be another notch in the gun handle of a serial killer. Colorado police check if killing linked to 2 other shootings and Colorado Shootings Spark Serial Gunman Fears On the one hand this could break the case if it’s the same guy, on the other hand we may have multiple people shooting at people at random or worse targeting people for their modes of transport.

This is astounding, amazing, dumbfounding. Cyclist injured in crash; driver says she didn’t see the bike LEO actually gave the driver a ticket for driving while blind, I mean whodathunkit?

Next town over from WoaB. Bike To Work Day Energizer Stations 2015 – Recap and Pics This was right after I bid “Chris Christie” adieu, so I was still not “bikeable”.

Our Daily Ted. Weekend Links: Koretz keeps fighting Westwood bike lanes, while Ryu fights for Glendale-Hyperion sidewalks

L.A. is trying to get more people on transit. L.A. Metro Is Trying to Redefine the Transit Trip The problem is L.A. decimated its transit system in the ’50s and ’60s while sprawl was at its worst growth stage resulting in rather sparse transit sheds. As a result they have a serious “first-last mile” issue, getting people to and from the bus and trains. Bikes are among the solutions.

A child is struck inside the apartment complex where he lived. 3-year-old boy on bike struck and killed by van

Another child hit in MA. Friends gather, united in grief over death of Mansfield boy

Another RoS story about a ride delayed by really bad weather. Monday’s Ride Of Silence In Elk Grove Remembers Fallen Cyclist

More on the victim of a London wreck just feet from the hospital where she worked. Esther Hartsilver: Sister pays tribute to ‘wonderful’ cyclist killed by lorry as hundreds turn out for vigil celebration Hang in there UK cyclists, you are starting to make a difference.

When the laws don’t work in far West Canuckistan, change them. Lawyer wants changes to make the Motor Vehicle Act more cyclist-friendly

One of the things UK cyclist might have to look forward to is adaptive traffic signals that don’t just detect cyclists, but adjust timing to give them a bit of a jump on cars where there are more cyclists. London Tests Smart Bike Lanes to Improve Rider Safety

Another example of crap UK infrastructure. People living in Castell Road, Loughton, claim dangerous drivers are putting lives at risk Seriously, drivers that drive salmon on a one-way street? Aren’t cyclists supposed to be the only ones that do those things? /snark

Why improved infrastructure is vital in the UK. More cyclists on London’s roads than ever before, figures show

Something that might make UK bike infrastructure less expensive. BAN ON RUSH-HOUR LORRIES ‘URGENTLY’ NEEDED AFTER ANOTHER CYCLIST DEATH

This cyclist was sorta lucky, there was prosecution of the driver. Veteran cyclist injured in horrific smash vows to ride again Three words for the cyclist, rehab, rehab, and recumbent.

Someone helped this cyclist and then just melted into the crowd. York crash cyclist seeks heroic helper, and tells of long recovery battle ahead Who was that masked man woman?

This might be a fun activity for a cycling family. Bicycle Camping Means Fun On Two Wheels

And its now 0323 and I can barely see the screen to type.


Running light on links, and the Feed

First of all, I have good news. That hat I bought online has finally made it to the house. My Steezyworkz.com custom creation finally showed up this afternoon.

They also threw in a T-shirt visible in the background laying on the bed, because the order took so long to fill. I am so happy that this is finally here. I have been waiting on this since mid-September, and it has been running around USPS since Thanksgiving. It was sent 2nd day air, that took 4 days to get out of NJ and another 2 days to get out of the DFW sorting office (can you tell I take package tracking seriously?). I’m still trying to figure out what “steezy” means, but I’m very happy with how my new hat looks.

First up is a report from the town next to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Pics And Recap Of Participating In Richardson’s 42nd Annual Christmas Parade Some seriously cool bikes there.

From Down South comes another article on Houston’s crappy-but-improving bicycle infrastructure. BICYCLISTS RIDE IN REMEMBRANCE OF CYCLIST KILLED Seriously, someone needs to go to jail over this mess. Things are getting better, but seriously, painted bike lanes on TX are like painting racing stripes on a prosthetic leg as our statutory lowest legal speed limit is 5 MPH faster than legal under the Dutch CROW manual for painted bike lanes.

Looks like the “reason” given for why Bono’s wreck didn’t show up in social media was a joke, leaving us again with no explanation of how there was nothing showing of how or where he wrecked in social media. No, Bono was not dressed as a Hasidic Jew during bike crash So, where are the pictures? Even if Bono was in disguise this wreck was the kind of gruesome mess that draws ghouls like flies to honey, so where are the pictures and the tweets?

A little infrastructure news from Cheeseland. Fatal Crashes Down in 2014 I wouldn’t pat myself too hard on the back if I were you guys, you still have to deal with Gov. Walker’s legacy on transportation funding.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: LASD to bar deputy distracted driving before they kill again; successful South LA CicLAvia

A little infrastructure news from the Emerald Isle. ‘All motorists see is a bike… not the person riding it’

Some really cool bikes, and some not so cool. Wheels of change

And those were all the links I could find today.

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Stream of consciousness time again for Wreck-Free Sunday

I have absolutely no idea what I should be writing about today. The riots and assaults of Black Friday are vanishing into the mists of memory (but not the stores that stayed open on Thanksgiving), all the leftovers are likewise vanishing, and there are some nice pictures of Black Friday Rides on many community bike blogs like Bike Friendly Richardson . About the only thing interesting to report is Mrs. the Poet decided that she wanted leftovers, too, so we are having a second Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon because we didn’t get any of the leftovers from the dinner with our daughter and her husband, and our grandson. Then tonight we are taking some of those “fresh” leftovers to church for a potluck dinner/evening service. Which reminds me I didn’t write the elemental calls yet. BRB. OK I wrote calls and dismissals appropriate for the service.

Something amusing that happened this week was about one of my favorite web comic artists announcing a get-together over where my other daughter lives in Scotland. I got involved in discussing the gathering and mentioned that it was quite a haul from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell in Texas, so someone replied that maybe I should add a motor to my bike and I shot back that we would just install a paddle wheel on the bakfiets, and because this person lives someplace where such cargo bikes are commonplace they ran with it and suggested a mast and sail to go with the paddle wheel as a visual pun.

Speaking of visual things, I will be putting the blog logo on the box of the bakfiets and would request some input from my readers. The current blog logo is almost as old as this blog and has a bike that is two bikes behind what is current as part of the logo, plus the whole thing just will not blow up to be intelligible when placed on the side of the box. If I leave the logo small enough that the pictures make sense then the whole thing will be like 3″ tall and not very noticeable, but if I blow up the logo enough to make it stand out against the box the pictures will get pixelated beyond recognition. So the question I ask is should I do a new logo for the blog?

Question for any of my Dutch-speaking readers, what are the singular and plural forms for the bakfiets? I don’t want to look like a rube using the wrong form for my bike.

Also this week I got a kind of dodgy job offer from some guy in Alberta to act as his mail forwarder so that he could have a stable mailing address while he galavanted about on his business. I politely declined the offer. It just seemed too much like the Nigerian Prince scam. Or I would end up forwarding a bunch of contraband someplace and get busted for smuggling.

Thanks to the Pagan Fellowship Night, and Drum Jam at church I now an swimming in bottle caps to make Beer View Mirrors and Shield Amulets, and I found a steady source of the mirror blanks to glue into them. So that source of income is now secure for the moment.

The slipper socks are comfy, but I still need to come up with something to keep my foot on the lifted slipper as I still keep walking out of that one. The straps from the old pair of sandals I’m replacing are not long for this world either, so I’m going to have to find something else to keep my foot in close proximity to my slipper. This isn’t something I could sell, but I could see a group getting together to make them for a nursing home with colorful socks and flip flop soles, because they are quite warm. The flip flop soles keep the cold out of the bottom of the foot, and depending on the choice of sock for the upper part that can be warm also.

I have been terribly frustrated because so many of the web comics I read to decompress after I do the blog post have been on hiatus because of the holiday. I just hope the artists and writers are in good shape after they get back. I’m serious about that, I had one web comic go on break for Christmas a few years back and never resumed and I have no idea what happened to the artist. It was like he fell off the face of the Earth. And speaking of artists that have fallen off the face of the Earth, has anyone heard from the creator of “Venus Envy”?

And the second turkey is done and the sides are starting to come from the oven, so I’m going to end this here and go eat.

PSA, Opus