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Been doing some thinking, and the Feed

Interesting things have been happening here at WoaB! I have a student, and I didn’t even know I was a teacher. I have been approached by a person who wants me to teach them about magick (with a “k”) and religion (because they’re intermingled and inseparable in how I learned). The reason why I’m posting this is to warn people that Wreck-Free Sundays are going to get… “different” for a while. I’m going to post the public part of what I’m teaching on Sundays, starting with the ethics of magick (with a “k”) and just teaching religion in general. My student will have to tell me (or send an e-mail) what they understand I said about ethics, not just regurgitate word for word. Second thing: I’m thinking of changing the focus of this blog. As people have been telling me for years, it isn’t healthy to wallow in all this death and mayhem when there ain’t a damn thing I can do about it. As it is now I have probably read more wreck reports about bicycles than any currently living human. That number is so large I lost count years ago. I think it’s somewhere over 6000, but that’s just a SWAG based on the number of links average per post and the number of posts I’ve done. That doesn’t count the reports I read but did not link to because there wasn’t anything I could teach from them, so maybe 10K counting them? That is a crap ton of broken bodies and souls. And it just occurred to me that the last day in March would have a better time to make this announcement, just so that you could spend the next two days thinking that this was all an elaborate April Fool’s joke while I posted cat pictures to my blog and left recipes for love potions.

Anyway, expect the blog to veer away from wrecks and more into infrastructure, because I have discovered that more than 95% of the wrecks I post to this blog are either directly related to bad infrastructure, or could have been prevented by good infrastructure. That means I’m going to have to learn a lot more about creating good bike infrastructure than I know right now, which can be summed up as “Keep the cars away from the people riding bicycles.” I think the best metaphor I have for that is this picture I swiped and edited from Subnormality:
Cars are bullets

Up first is a blind driver running over a cyclist wearing clothes in CA. Cyclist Hit, Killed in Turlock and Bicyclist killed in fatal collision The cyclist was riding in the right side of the lane and the driver did not see him until just before hitting him, and instead of blaming the driver for not watching the road they blame the cyclist for “failure to wear glow-in-the-dark clown suit”. And don’t get me started on how they de-humanized the cyclist: “The report states Medina didn’t see the bicyclist until it was a short distance away.” Last I checked the AP style sheet required referring to members of the human race by either gendered pronouns when the gender of the subject was known, or as “they” when gender was unknown. In this case not only did they have a gender, they had an age and a name to go with that gender, “39-year-old Jose Borjes“. Also note that the lights and reflectors on the bike were never mentioned just the cyclist’s wearing normal clothing. TANJ!

Up in MN a cyclist was doing everything right (including the glow-in-the-dark clown suit) but is still dead. Bicyclist fatally run over was new to Minneapolis, careful about bike safety Hit-from-behind by a drunk driver with snowbanks cutting off the escape route, which moots the protocols. There was infrastructure present, under the snowbanks. This demonstrates that if you want the infrastructure to do its job it has to be maintained.

A driver is convicted of killing a cyclist in FL. Driver guilty in accident that killed bicyclist in Tampa Now to see what kind of pansy “sentence” he gets. He was also convicted of driving without a license in the wreck which should be an aggravating circumstance especially as he was racing on the street at the time, but I have my doubts since the victim was a cyclist riding in the bike lane in a park…

What appears to be a SWCC in NC. Police: Bicyclist injured in wreck The “crossing west into the southbound lanes” combined with “Hit in the inside southbound lane” has the cyclist coming from the left when hit, but no place for the cyclist to have come from. As you can see from the Street View this was an undivided 4-lane highway in the middle of a residential area.

A weird wreck in Jolly Olde. Cyclist’s lucky escape as bike skids under bus Not sure how this happened but kid, bus, crushed bicycle, and no blood makes it “not bad”.

An unknown type of wreck in Oz. Australind cyclist injured in mystery crash The cyclist was found on the ground with head injuries and an undamaged bicycle, pretty much the calling card of a buzz job. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

What to do if you’re first or one of the first on scene at a bicycle wreck. Guest Column: Bikes Have Rights™*

A conflict-free commute on You Tube. Count the number of moving cars in my bike commute video Yes, it happens.

As someone pointed out if you have an activity that demands you be crazy to participate, you get people being crazy, but if you make the activity appear safe enough for everybody to do it, the ratio of crazy to not declines from over unity to under. NYC Cyclists Are Getting More Considerate, Study Shows And you get results like this.

And those are all the links that I could find about bicycles, that may or may not have given me fits.

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Been very busy, and the Feed

I’m getting started on this post way late. I went to get my toes done because I can’t get to some of the toes on my left foot because of the nerve damage so I have to get someone else to cut my toenails. The cheapest way to do this is to get a pedicure from the local nail spa. I get a “normal” pedi’ minus polish (so far) including the “Baby Foot Peel” and getting all my calluses buffed down (which tickles like you would not believe) and the foot and leg massage. The only problem I have is the edges of the nails are trimmed to prevent ingrown toenails and my toes are sore for a couple of days. Other effects are the rest of the foot feels wonderful to the touch for about a week because of the peel, and of course the leg feels much better for a couple of hours after the massage.

Up first was a difficult decision today but I think this deserves the lead paragraph. Update: Driver faces charge for August death of Debra Deem in Newport Beach and Charges filed against driver in bicyclist death Oopsie! You’re dead! And somehow that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There really needs to be something criminal that drivers who kill can be charged with when they kill because they violated a traffic law, but otherwise did not deliberately kill people.

Same state but more recent wreck. 78-year old Glendora bike rider dies after being taken off life support Left cross, intersection protocols mooted by no reaction time because of the geometry of the wreck, but infrastructure will prevent left crosses.

Still more on the death of a high-profile cyclist at the wheels of a LEO in CA. District Attorney’s Office To Review Deputy-Involved Crash That Killed Cyclist, Milton Everett Olin Jr. Nothing new in this article except being posted by a national news outlet.

More on another CA wreck. Cyclist Involved in Fatal Crash is Identified Still nothing on what happened, yet. LEO is sitting tight on this one.

From the former long-time champ at killing cyclists and pedestrians, the family of a DUI victim exercises their prerogative of suing the vendor that over-served the DUI driver. Family of Cyclist Killed Files Suit Against City of Lakeland

More on a NYC wreck. Bicyclist Killed by a Bus Rose Above Usual Anonymity of Deliverymen in the City The narrative is the cyclist was totally not at fault in this one as the bus driver pulled into the cyclist after he got past the bus. Not an avoidable wreck for the cyclist, Dutch quality infrastructure to prevent.

A cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Vernon cyclist injured in collision Classic SWSS narrative made worse by the ninja cyclist. The lack of visibility probably made it look like the cyclist rode into the car instead of being a gutter bunny getting buzzed. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent.

Another unavoidable wreck, this time in Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured after moped riders grab him and pull him down on Scunthorpe road This was no “accident”, this was a deliberate assault on a cyclist. Infrastructure would still prevent this assuming mopeds are not allowed to use it.

A wreck without witnesses is ruled to be a single-vehicle wreck. Cyclist’s death on ride ruled a tragic accident

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Mother of killed cyclist says motorists should be retested before getting licence back

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclists hope petition will go the distance

And those were all the links that gave me fits or otherwise. I have been watching the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona both on cable and on the computer, which has been fun except for the really bad wreck that happened just before I turned the TV on that sent 2 drivers to hospital.

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I finally got the errand I tried to run on Monday and Tuesday finished, and the Feed

Things did not look good this morning when I went to run the errand I have been trying to get done all week long. I was watching the bus stop as soon as I could see it and saw the bus go by 11 minutes early, somewhat destroying the 5 minute leeway that DART suggests to riders who don’t want to miss the bus. I wouldn’t even have seen the bus except I left a few minutes early because of missing the bus Tuesday. Fortunately I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be tonight unlike Tuesday so I waited for the next schedule and got my transfer an hour later than planned. I stopped for an Angry Whopper meal at the BK next to the bus stop where I caught my next bus (did I mention this was an Epic Bus Ride?) and got my business done in record time and caught the same bus on the return trip. The routing for the return trip was not the same as I came but reversed, I was supposed to take the train instead of the bus as the train would have switched to rush hour frequency and gotten me home sooner. Unfortunately the bus was delayed by a greater than normal number of people that needed to use the lift to get on and off the bus, so I was watching the train pull out from the station as the bus was pulling in. Because of that I missed my connection Downtown and missed again when I got back to the Beautiful suburbs of Hell, so I ended up getting home a little before 1800 tonight. So 5 bus rides, 2 trains, and a lot of waiting later I got home with the stuff I was supposed to get Monday. Epic.

More on that Houston hit-and-run. Another hit-and-run death has cyclists wondering if they’re safe on Houston streets The body was discovered by guys fishing the next day after he was hit the night before.

A new wreck in NM. Bicyclist struck by truck in Alamogordo This appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck on a frontage road. I have a serious dislike for frontage roads as they are frequently the only access for anything that can’t use the adjoining highway, and they get treated like an extension of the highway by people driving on them no matter what the posted speed limit is. I have watched people do 60 MPH in a posted 30 zone while I was riding with them in the car, as an example. The second problem is that usually in order to get around the highway the frontage road is fronting you have to use the frontage road for at least part of the trip, which means riding with people who think the frontage road is part of the high-speed highway… Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A deliberately blind driver who was watching the soybeans grow instead of watching the toad in front of him gets a ticket for killing the cyclist he ran over. Man ticketed for killing bicyclist 3 months ago The report is so suffused with windshield bias and car-head entitlement I could barely keep my dinner down with lines like “(the cyclist) was in (the driver’s) lane.” No the cyclist was in her lane and the driver ran her over, because he was more interested in soybeans than he was in what was in the road in front of him. TANJ!

I keep saying that just because you don’t have lights and a glow-in-the-dark clown suit on that doesn’t mean drivers should get a free pass to hit you on your bike, and someone else agrees. Bicycle Fatality: Cyclist Not To Blame This was the FL hit-from-behind where I asked if the weapon vehicle had headlights. So at least one other person in the world knows about the basic speed law. “No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing or under the conditions and having regard to actual and potential hazards. Tran. Code §545.351(a) & (b)” That’s the law here in TX complete with VC citation.

An injured IL cyclist gets some civil justice when the person initially accused of hitting her brings video to the case. Video Identifies Cause of Crash That Injured Bicyclist On Milwaukee Avenue It seems that someone could also be charged with interfering with a police investigation as well, which is a serious felony.

Same city is much hand-wringing about people riding bicycles in the street without helmets! >swoon< Divvy Bike Accidents A Growing Threat I’m not sure what a bike share bike is a threat to, but it MUST be a threat to something. People are having fun and getting cheap transportation, quick, do something…

Moving out west to CA a woman on a bicycle and a person on a motorcycle had a meeting of the minds when they misjudged speeds. FRENCH VALLEY: Bicyclist injured in collision with motorcycle (UPDATED) The cyclist was getting ready for a left turn and did not allow the motorcycle enough space. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

Still in CA a 70 YO cyclist ran a red light? Really? Vehicle Fatally Strikes 70-Year-Old Cyclist IF this is as reported then intersection protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent. Since there were no pictures of the wrecked bicycle posted to the web I have no idea if this is accurate, but it didn’t pass the smell test the first time I read it and it still stinks.

Another driver gets a gentle caress to the wrist from Jolly Olde. Suspended sentence for driver after cyclist killed TANJ!

He probably won’t. Lorry driver could be jailed after admitting causing cyclist’s death

A little Infrastructure! news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclists want Miami-Dade mayor to see dangers on Bear Cut Bridge Two words about drivers driving in the bike lanes Solid Bollards. Install 4″ dia 0.5″ wall steel tubing filled with concrete about 5 feet apart set a couple of feet into the road surface and welded to the rebar in Portland concrete surfaced roads, and cars will stop driving in the bike lane. I admit picking up the pieces from cars that try driving in the bike lane will be time consuming at first, but if the messes are sufficiently publicized on the news and in internet videos (“Wrecked car swept into small garbage bags after crossing into bike lane” would be a good headline) the problem will eventually go away.

National infrastructure news. Secretary Foxx Pledges to Make Bike/Ped Safety a Priority I think the traditional response to statements like this is “I’m from Missouri,” or “show me.”

A big problem with bike/ped infrastructure and safety is antipathy from the car-heads. Park Slope Woman Decides Family Of Slain Boy Has “Mourned Enough,” Tries To Take Down Memorial

PSA on motor vehicle danger. Cars don’t kill people, irresponsible drivers do

And last link sometimes you need to get off that bike. Wheels of Truth

And those were all the links that gave me fits after I got home.

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Really nasty weather again, and the Feed

The good thing is it’s warmer outside. It’s also much wetter with more wind and mud everywhere that isn’t covered in asphalt or concrete. And all that moisture in the air makes it feel even colder than it really is. Plus I really don’t like being wet unless I’m swimming or taking a bath or shower, and Mrs. the Poet says I take those too hot. I grew up around people who took very hot baths, plus a few Japanese folks who thought 105°F was just right for a cool off pool. This mess of wet and in the 40s just makes my everything hurt. Later in the day when things are above 60 it’s not so bad but still wet and cold. BLEAGH!!

Up first because of sheer stupidity, the driver that hit 3 kids walking on a sidewalk and pinned one to a building says the wreck was the kids’ fault, not his. Sidewalk-Jumping Driver Claims Children He Hurt Were “Reckless” I have been trying to think of what the kids did in this wreck to cause the SUV to jump the sidewalk and hit them and… I got nothing. The kids were exactly where they were supposed to be in the middle of the block walking on the sidewalk where the driver was not supposed to be. There wasn’t even a driveway next to the wreck site that the kids may have been crossing when they were hit, this guy just jumped the curb and pinned 2 kids to a building with a couple of tons of steel because he couldn’t drive.

A GA hit-and-run. Vehicle hits cyclist, then drives off Salmon cyclist is hit by a turning vehicle, one of the biggest reasons to not salmon. Intersection protocols and ride with the flow of traffic not against it to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The narrative suggests the cyclist may have been riding on the sidewalk which makes this even more an infrastructure issue. Cyclists that are afraid to ride in the street need better infrastructure. And interestingly enough in spite of riding salmon being listed as a cause for the wreck there was still a person making a comment about cyclists should ride facing traffic.

A strange wreck in North Chuck. Bicycle rider killed after being struck by North Charleston fire truck Lights and siren but the bike was still there to get hit, did the fire truck try to squeeze by the cyclist? Too many questions, not enough answers.

A KS cyclist is hit from behind in a hit-and-run. Traffic crash in south Wichita kills bicyclist This one is straight-forward compared to the last two. Since there were two cyclists on the scene riding together and it wasn’t mentioned that either was riding ninja it can be safely assumed that both were lighted in excess of legal minimums. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure to Dutch standards to prevent.

Interesting how this SD assault with a deadly weapon against a cyclist is termed a “spat”. New video emerges in driver-cyclist spat When the driver “bumped” the cyclist this went from a “spat” to an assault with a deadly. I don’t know what to do when a driver acts like this and there’s no place to pull over safely.

More on that CA cyclist hit by a train. Metrolink train fatally strikes bicyclist who rode around gate Still don’t understand why people do this, and as a person in the comments section pointed out this is a 45 second delay at worst when dealing with a commuter train. Less than a minute and the cyclist would have been on his way.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike could get less dangerous. Drunk Drivers Could Lose Incentive To Flee Crash Scenes If this passes and gets signed the only incentive drivers will have to flee the scene is the high likelihood of not getting caught.

An Irish cyclist is killed, but the driver was uninjured, yay! Cyclist dies in hospital following collision with a car Been doing this blog since 2006 on various sites seen tens of thousands of bike wreck reports, and I can recall exactly 3 where the driver was hurt solely as a result of hitting the cyclist and 2 of those were fatal for the driver. All were high-speed collisions where the dead cyclist came through the windshield. This was nothing like that. The location of the wreck in a roundabout strongly indicates a failure to yield on the driver

When the cyclist you abuse in Oz is a cop the head cop for the state, things get done. Vic police chief abused while cycling I would like to think this will alter the driver’s future behavior, but I think it will just make him only abuse cyclists he knows are not cops.

A hit-and-run in Enn Zed with a difference. Hit-and-run cyclist ‘deplorable’ Yep, this is a case of cyclist-on-cyclist crime. Seriously people, don’t be like this. I’m reasonably sure my readers won’t act like this, but still…

Infrastructure! news from NE. Bike club, other groups protest proposal to ban cyclists from Bellevue Bridge The person proposing the ban objects to cyclists slowing drivers over the bridge because the drivers make unsafe passes. This is not a bicycle problem this is a driver problem.

Two looks at the same Infrastructure problem in CA. Letter:Making it better for bikes and Curious City: What goes ‘round I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

Part of the problem with the issues listed in this article is that they are so rare. Are Crashes Involving Only Cyclists Accidents? Bike/car wrecks get almost no attention from LEO, bike/bike wrecks even less. Was this unavoidable?

Does the world really need a bike that buzzes the handlebars when you get close to an intersection? Smart bike pedals toward accident prevention

Like the concept of the go-anywhere fat-tire bike but find them a bit difficult to pedal? Guide to “Fat” Electric Bikes [VIDEOS] Add a little battery power to your legs.

And last link, the world’s first hot burrito vending machine is accessible by bike. Burrito Box: A hot and melty burrito from a gas station vending machine And thanks to Ted Rogers from BikingInLA for the link to the bike lane outside the store with the vending machine.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Scary stuff, and the Feed

As if this blog did not have enough scary things linked, I found something truly terrifying while I was just wandering around my usual haunts on the Net about the place I live. Someone Has Died on Texas Roads Every Day for 13 Years and 13-plus years since day with no Texas road deaths That’s right the last day that nobody died on a Texas street or road was before I got hit by the insane homicidal maniac drunk and stupid truck driver.

Up first is a salmon ninja cyclist severely injured in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist seriously injured in Pinellas Park crash Everyone knows I bend over backwards to give a cyclist the benefit of the doubt about the narrative, but really there was so much wrong in this one that even I have to call the victim stupid on this one. None of my regular readers would have any problems avoiding this wreck as I’m sure all of you have lights and ride with the flow of traffic either in bike lanes where available or taking primary where you need to. Even so infrastructure would have prevented this wreck.

Lifestyle from CA. Claremont Mourns and Honors Cyclist Killed in Crash

Continuing on the theme from the opening paragraph… Overall traffic deaths are down in Oz, but people not protected by light armored vehicles are dying at an increased pace. Almost 10,000 NSW drivers caught speeding And buried in all that verbiage is the news that the number of people killed riding bicycles doubled last year, with significant increases in pedestrian and motorcycle deaths. Once again as in the UK we see that cars are getting safer while drivers are getting worse (fewer killed inside cars with more getting killed outside them).

And if you’re in CO and want to watch someone build a bike while you have tacos and a cervesa you now have a place to go do that. Jason Rogers, the man behind the food at Oskar Blues, talks tacos and Cyclhops I’m wondering if both sides are expected to be profitable or if one is supposed to subsidize the other. But food and bikes is a natural pairing, because one definition of a cyclist is an eating machine with/on wheels.😉

And those are all the links about bicycles I could find today, forget giving me fits.

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I don’t have a theme today, and the Feed

Nothing of Great Import to report today, not even as momentous as putting 2 cups of beans and 10 cups of water into a slow cooker and then adding some spices and a cup of brown rice 4 hours later and 2 hours after that calling it dinner. That’s the Reader’s Digest version of yesterday. Today isn’t even as exciting as that. Which is definitely Not Bad, days that are interesting to write about are seldom fun to live through. And I have more than my share of days that are fun to live through and interesting to write about.

The one thing that is sort of interesting to write about is the other denizens of Casa de El Poeta have decided that 1) they were tired of not having coffee, and 2) they were not fond of the dinky 5 cup coffee maker that I was resurrecting building from the remains of the previous coffee maker. So we have a new 12 cup coffee maker that is currently being purged of the junk that accumulates in transit when you get a new coffee maker. Since I have recovered from my previous half-gallon/day coffee habit I’m in no hurry to get the damned thing up and running, but I got overruled on that 2-1 in favor of setting up the new coffee pot.

Up first is a direct link to the UK study that found drivers really don’t have any trouble seeing cyclists unless they want to have trouble seeing cyclists. Walker, I., Garrard, I. and Jowitt, F. (2013) The influence of a
bicycle commuter’s appearance on drivers’ overtaking
proximities: An on-road test of bicyclist stereotypes, highvisibility clothing and safety aids in the United Kingdom.
Accident Analysis and Prevention. ISSN 0001-4575 (In Press)
And that has to qualify as the longest headline I have ever used in a link. Not that there is any kind of contest for that or anything. And the initial link to that study can be found in this article. High vis clothing doesn’t make cars pass you more safely, says new study

Commute Orlando looks at AFRAP laws. A Law Like No Other

Update on a VT wreck that injured several cyclists. Cyclists injured in Tour de Farms are mending, will receive new bikes It appears the cyclist with the worst injuries was the one that went into the windshield of the weapon vehicle until it was stopped by the tree.

A ninja cyclist is hit in NJ. Michael LaRose of Berkeley hurt after being struck by a car while riding his bike Yep, lights at night is not just the law, it’s a danged good idea!

And from the rest of the world starting with the UK, that cyclist who went around a car stopped in the ASL box and was ticketed for jumping the red had the case dismissed. Case dropped against London cyclist who crossed red light for safety As the article pointed out, dropping the ticket was good, but it never should have been written in the first place.

A pinball wreck in the UK. Cyclist killed in two-car collision in Norfolk; police say ‘low winter sun’ a problem on the roads that day As in US pinball wrecks there is nothing a cyclist can reasonably do to avoid getting caught in a pinball wreck. And unless it includes a barrier that can stop a speeding car infrastructure isn’t much help either. More Witness appeal after cyclist dies on A140 at Marsham

And we have a wreck in Oz. 37-year-old bike rider hit by ute this morning OK I really don’t understand this one, the driver was backing up so they blamed the cyclist because some ride in the sidewalks? Not just hit by a vehicle driving backwards but driving backwards at such a rate the cyclist went over the roof? TANJ!

Backlash over a State Supreme Court judge that hit a cyclist while DUI. Hit-run widow Di Gilcrist wants alleged drink-drive Supreme Court judge Anne Bampton removed from the bench Yeah, I concur, an officer of the highest court of the region should not be allowed to take office until all pending charges are dismissed, or ever if found guilty of causing injury while DUI.

Last link from Oz is a bit of satire that takes all the arguments against cyclists and places them in such an order that they contradict each other… 14 reasons we hate cyclists

And you thought the US has a cyclist death problem… China Marks 2nd National Traffic Safety Day Yes, you read that right. China kills more than 5000 people a year just on e-assist bicycles. That’s not even counting the regular cyclists and pedestrians, of which the US kills less each year combined than the number of e-cyclists alone killed in China. That’s a lot of cyclists.

Last link is to a fun trike made even better with a little assist. TerraTrike Rambler with E-BikeKit Review [VIDEO] Personally I think it rides a bit high in the front, but that’s required to give the relaxed seating position.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Happy Veteran’s Day to my fellow Vets, and the Feed

I spent today the same way I spend just about every day I don’t spend at home, on the bus for several hours to spend a few minutes getting something done. I left home about 1145 to go to the storage center to pay the rent on the storage unit, then got on the first bus of the day to go meet my wife at the school she works to go with her to a doctor’s appointment we had made consecutive so we could get it all done at once and me pay for it. I returned to Casa de El Poeta at 1945. Time spent riding on a bus or train or waiting on a bus or train 6:50, time actually doing something :50, time eating that caused us to not catch the next train :20. Number of meals eaten while on the road: 2 for me and 1 for Mrs. the Poet. Number of trains not caught 1 for an extra 10 minutes of waiting that would have been canceled out anyway by waiting on the bus we caught anyway even after we stopped to eat. The biggest problem with this was the time spent standing around waiting for the next bus, which was literally over half the total transit time. The DART system does not mesh well with transfers sometimes taking almost an hour depending on the desired direction at the transfer point. The frequency of the bus routes during mid-day travel makes what would be a 1 hour bike trip a 3 hour bus ride after transfers and routing out of the way. Our doctor’s appointment was a block off Walnut Hill Lane, but to get there we had to take a bus from the school to Walnut Hill Station, then a train about 7 miles south and more than halfway to downtown Dallas to catch a bus that meandered back to Walnut Hill Lane and to Walnut Hill/Denton Rd station after waiting a few minutes to catch the bus. Time to go most of the way downtown on the train and back on the bus was just under an hour, but even taking the faster train ride to the Walnut Hill/Denton Rd Station would have netted only waiting for the same bus we would have been riding from the other train station nearly downtown. The problem is frequency of connecting routes and the circuitous routing required to get from one side of town to the other. Unless you get lucky and your starting point and all destinations lie on the same bus or train route most of your transit time is going to be eaten up by transfers and out-of-the-way routing.

Now had I not needed to pay the storage unit rent I could have saved some time and left at 1245 instead of 1145, so the walk and catching the other buses only added an hour to my day, or I should say subtracted about :45 from Doing Something Else.

Up first isn’t a wreck but 2 lots of links asking the same question, one that I keep asking over and over again in this blog. Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists? and No, it’s never Ok First one from the well-respected NYT, the second from some guy in Oz in response. And this from BikeSnobNYC Shafted Again. And the Economist in the UK The American right-of-way and Treehugger says Is it OK to kill cyclists? You would think so, from the number of drivers who get charged for it.

Cyclists in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike want that changed. Cyclist group pushes for change after deadly hit and run If hit-and-run was treated like the real crime it is, then there might be fewer of them.

Cyclists in CO are working to the same ends as FL cyclists. Fort Collins Looks To Reduce Hit & Run Bike Accidents

A drunk driver runs down one cyclist of a pair, leading to the driver’s arrest. 12-year-old Wagoner boy killed by suspected drunk driver and 12-year-old boy riding bike killed in Wagoner Seriously, the only thing keeping WoaB from being on an archipelago in the Gulf of Mexico is how much OK sucks. Nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid the wreck in this case, maybe infrastructure could prevent a similar wreck. Like placing breathalyzer interlocks on ignition switches to keep drunks from becoming drunk drivers, thereby preventing drunk drivers from becoming killers. Chain the driver to the steering wheel of his vehicle as it gets fed to a car shredder.

A CA cyclist gets squished by a multi-ton weapon of mass destruction and all cyclists are blamed for it (go back and read the first paragraph of links again). Bike safety emphasized by Chico police after recent accidents

A cyclist is hit while riding wearing clothes in the Great White North. Cyclist hit by pickup truck in Woodstock Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The narrative makes me angry for blaming the cyclist for wearing clothing and arriving on the scene before the pickup truck. Was the truck not equipped with headlights?

Another wreck in the GWN. Cyclist injured after collision with police car The cyclist “lost control”? Well it is already winter up there so there may have been a temperature-related loss of traction incident. Or the cyclist got buzzed by the police vehicle and the driver was looking for a way to deflect blame. Hit from behind wreck so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A UK driver is blamed for hitting a cyclist from behind. Lorry driver in court accused of killing cyclist on A19 near Hartlepool Go back to that first paragraph of links again…

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Fresh calls for HGV safety measures as cyclist death toll rises – but are stickers and lenses enough?

And those were all the bicycle-related links that gave me fits after I finally got home this evening.

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