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Things that used to make me happy don’t anymore

I’m turning into a cranky old man. Things that used to make me happy now make me angry, or at least a little mad at life. I used to like things, a lot of things, but now they just remind me of stuff I don’t have and probably won’t get.

Porn is on that list of things that remind me I won’t ever get stuff. I have managed to outlive all my romantic relationships except Mrs. the Poet, and she’s not in the mood for physical romance. I mean really not in the mood, doesn’t want to be read poetry, doesn’t want to hug and kiss and snuggle, doesn’t want to watch scary movies and snuggle under a blanket when the bad guy does the scary things, doesn’t want to share funny cartoons, just nothing.

As stated in earlier posts, everyone else I had a relationship with is dead. One lady had a rash that turned into sepsis and died back in 2007, one lady had breast cancer and finally died in 2014, one died in a car wreck… My track record is not good. Part of that is from living for a long time, no all of that is from living a long time. Live long enough and this will catch up to you. I might be immortal but that is not the case for my friends.

Mrs. the Poet is basically crippled from back surgery that severely limits her mobility and she hasn’t walked without some kind of support since March of 2020, which as a person who spent 3 months with a walker and over 19 years with a cane (AKA driving a stick) I completely understand. Thing is I can manage to get to the mailbox by myself and regularly unload the groceries without the cane (but not without discomfort). Mrs. the Poet can’t even get out of bed without the walker. And hasn’t since April of 2020. She’s been in mild to severe discomfort almost every day since her operation, something else I understand from personal experience. Something has hurt or been uncomfortable pretty much daily since I was killed, and I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I’m alive enough now to experience pain. We both have surgical scars that get tight and anywhere from mildly uncomfortable to please kill me now it hurts so bad. We both have nerve damage so bad that it gets hard to walk because parts of our legs are not responding to control inputs. I understand all of this, but it still makes me angry when I need to have some physical affection and she can’t or won’t respond physically. When you need physical affection it’s not like you can say I’ll be good until tomorrow, I mean sure you’ll still be alive, but you won’t be living.

Other things remind me I probably won’t finish the Sprint-T and drive it. Mostly that is getting in and out of chairs and cars… Sometimes those are either difficult or seriously uncomfortable to painful. I might get the Sprint-T drivable but it looks increasingly unlikely I’ll be the one driving it in races.


I went for a bike ride yesterday!

Yesterday I took my sorry self out for a bike ride, since I managed to get both tires pumped before the pump failed and my hip was stretched out enough to get my foot over the top bar of the frame. I managed to get 6 miles under my wheels before it got too dark to ride, and I also managed to get lots of points on the phone app that pays me to play. So good day.

Today was a good day, too but I didn’t get a chance to go for a ride today as I was helping Mrs. the Poet clean out the garage to make room to build my hot rod. I found my collection of vinyl records, that appeared to be in good condition, so Mrs. the Poet and I discussed what to do with them. We agreed that we really needed to convert them to digital as some of them will never be available on CD, like the LP we recorded in Concert Choir during my senior year. I have one that is a recording of Bach pieces done by a jazz trio in the late ’50s that I swiped from my parents when I was in college. Unfortunately my copy of “Blows Against the Empire” by Jefferson Starship (the only record album to win a Hugo) was not salvageable.

Also, while I was surfing the net last night I found lug studs that would fit the hubs from the minivan but have SAE threads. I won’t have to buy 2 different kinds of lug nuts and somehow keep them straight so I don’t mess up either the nuts or the studs from putting SAE nuts on metric studs or vice-versa. All I really needed to do was get the knurl diameter right and the overall length close, which turned out to be no problem as many other people seem to have done the same thing for whatever reason. The parts are readily available.

I’m still trying to find a replacement head and hose for the broken pump that blew the hose off the gauge (the first one). If I can get a refund for getting 2 pumps in a row that failed I might be able to afford to get a replacement head and hose for it because the pump still pumps, there is just no way to get the air from it into a tire.

And I’m done typing here. Y’all have a good evening/day depending on when you read this.

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Glad I dodged that bullet, and the Feed

Remember that camping trip I was going to go on and couldn’t? They are under a severe weather watch/warning for the second day in a row, and I’m reading reports that some camps have already been inundated once by flash floods with more wild weather forecast for tonight. I’m kinda glad I’m not in that weather tonight. I don’t mind getting wet in the rain but I prefer to enjoy communing with Nature while I’m warm (not hot) and dry. So anyway, it’s nasty out there and I’m not there to experience it.

Up first, I have been feeling a bit stressed because I haven’t been able to ride, so I can really relate to this video. SHED THE MONSTER I can vouch that a good bike ride is good for dealing with stress. Feeling angry? Go for a bike ride.

Followup to that article about the appeal of the weak sentence for killing a cyclist. Novi man’s jail term in fatal cyclist crash challenged Like I wrote yesterday, one year in county jail for killing a human being is ridiculous.

The drunk driver that ran head-on into a cyclist had drunk friends in the car. Passenger in fatal bicycle-car crash facing charge I am unsurprised that a chronic alcoholic has alcoholic friends.

The UK is starting to administer more severe sentences to killer drivers. Jailed: Man who killed cyclist, 26, in hit-and-run crash in Clapham and Careless BMW driver, who evaded police for five months, jailed for killing cyclist in Clapham crash Three years and four months I suspect is mostly for trying to hide the evidence. Consider the MI case posted above with the one year in county compared to the 31/3 years in this case…

So what do you do when the infrastructure runs into you? Cyclist injured in collision with Bixi truck near La Fontaine Park The truck is part of the Bixi system in Montreal, that takes bikes from where people leave them to where people need them.

More on the failure to change deadly infrastructure before it killed again. Cyclist death: Why did Westminster Council put the brakes on safety scheme?

The politics of cycling in the UK. Election: What the political parties are saying about cycling Not going to make any suggestions here, but the Greens seem to have a better grasp of the situation with the UKIP seeing conspiracies on every bike path. There are many issues in every election, bike infrastructure is just one of them.

Looking at the lead picture it is indeed a wonder that nobody has been killed there. ‘Coldharbour needs to slow its cyclists’ says husband of hospitalised pub landlady See that doorstep only inches from the street? She stepped off that and got hit. I’m sorry injured pedestrian, but where you got hit you are screened from view until you step on the street. But, I will reiterate DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

This wreck was made to sound a lot worse in the headline than what actually happened. Two-year-old puppy dragged along pavement by cyclist As was pointed out in the comments a 2YO dog is not a puppy, and the wreck happened when the bike got tangled up in the extended lead which was invisible in the dark.

And a little UK lifestyle. Tiverton cyclist takes on the Big Battlefield Bike Ride to give Help for Heroes

Nothing like victim blaming/shaming to get more people riding bikes. /s Getting back on the bike? Responsible riders recognize the rules of the road Another “safety” article that most prominently mentions helmets…

With all the years FL LEO have been doing this ride you would think they would have more empathy towards cyclists. Florida Tour de Force bike ride helps fallen officers’ families

And I’m out of links tonight, thank [$DEITY].

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