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Again I feel compelled to write but don’t have anything to write about

I have to write something again but (again) I don’t have anything new I can write about. I have a subject but (still) can’t write about it in this blog. I wrote about the Shadowrun game already, that’s covered. I wrote about the LS engine I lust after, and the transmission to go with it. I wrote recently about how much I miss riding since my hip started having problems so I can’t get on the bike anymore.

That remains the same, I still miss riding. I miss having my heart pound after a climb and the thrill of a fast downhill. I miss getting to choose when I leave the house because I can get home whenever I want to. My miserly side misses being able to go across town for no more than the cost of a Gatorade or a candybar. And I miss getting cardio everyday while I got around.

Getting around now is exhausting because walking is so hard with my hips getting bad. I spend all my energy just trying to stay upright even just walking across the room. My glutes hurt all the time now, and I don’t know what to do about them. I really need to get a massage and get the tired out of them.


Life is boring, turns out I prefer boring

Yep, I’m bored and I still don’t like it, but boring is better than exciting. Exciting frequently involves doctor bills and I already have enough of them.

Speaking of doctor bills I have two doctor appointments this month, one for my brain doctor on the 23rd and another with the Lab Rat Keeper on the 17th. Both appointments are pretty much for the same reason, check me out and refill my prescriptions.

Looks like the 20th anniversary of my death will be celebrated by getting Whataburger delivered. Kids are probably going to be busy that day. That’s the day before my grandson’s birthday.

I have to spend the last few dollars of the gift cards they gave out instead of paying money at the QC for the USPS gig that ended last year because deJoy didn’t was to publicize how bad he was making the service of the Service. I’ll probably buy a burger from Red Robin.

I’ve been really boring lately

I’m eating raisins and generic peanut butter cups and drinking generic diet cola and coffee, and watching YouTube videos. Well reading web comics too. Not the source of massive missives.

I’m still doing things but this video is something everyone should watch, because funny. Seriously I get a little cranked that buns are 8 to a package but hotdogs are 10, until I remember I can make my own beanie weenies with the extras.

Also I apologize to my Francophile readers for neglecting Bastille Day celebrations and I hope you fed the bourgeoisie to the guillotine by yourself. Nobody sent me any orders for tumbrels, so I don’t think anyone did.

A Day, In Which A Trip To The Bank Was Made, And A New Person Was Met

And I didn’t get to the Post Office in time to buy Mrs. the Poet’s Stamps. And because the Nice New Person gave me a ride home I also didn’t get to buy Powerball, or Mega Millions, or Texas Lotto tickets.

Basically I had to transfer money from the lockbox account that I have to go to the bank to transfer money from, so that I won’t bounce the tax checks. Bouncing the tax checks is doubleplus ungood, or “The Worst” in Amerispeak otherwise known as American English. So I did the Bus Thing and got to the bank drive-through because we are still not allowed in the actual bank without making an appointment a week in advance, and Everybody Has A Car except me so I have to stand in line with the cars out in the weather. And there’s nothing to put the slip on to sign the transaction slip so it looks like a demented toddler signed the slip. Why even have us sign the slip if it doesn’t look like our normal signatures? But, banking was accomplished, then off to the Post Office.

It was a long walk to the Post Office, and by the time I got there it was closed up tight. Nothing to do about it except walk back to the bus station because there was no place to sit and walking hurts less than standing (it really does, my legs and back hurt much more from standing around than walking the same amount of time). But as I was walking away from the Post Office someone honked at me, then offered a ride. And not so much for the fact I was tired from the earlier walking as I didn’t feel like waiting for the next bus (even though I was a little tired) I accepted a ride from a nice older woman, who decided to take me all the way to Casa de El Poeta. We chatted some and she told me her mother lived a couple of blocks on the other side of Pleasant Valley Road from her and I lived a couple blocks on the other side of Country Club from her and she was always seeing me walking around the neighborhood which is why she offered me a ride.

After that I washed up and helped a tiny bit with getting dinner out of the microwave and off the stove (I usually do the plating because Mrs. the Poet’s bad grip strength makes it hard for her to carry the plates) and we had Spanish Rice and microwave burritos and a very forgettable vegetable (seriously I know we had a veggie, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was, or even what color it was, either green or orange because we bought green beans and carrots).

Then we watched old person TV and I started to compose this post after we watched James Corden. As I put in the tags it was a pretty boring day.