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Something happened to time and space

It must have, because last I checked my videogame controller was in the middle of the Pacific and not due until the end of August, but when I checked the mail guess what was on the porch?
It must have been a rough trip

Going through a time-space distortion must be rough because will you look at this?
Battered box is battered and not that kind of batter.

So far the steering works, the gas works, the brakes seem to work, and it doesn’t shift when I move the shifter either direction, changing gears requires using the controller buttons which is no big thing. It might be because of the game settings needing to be changed from automatic transmission to manual.

Now I need to find someone who can program my car in whatever format GT5 requires so I can drive around the loose and flowing autocross courses I was able to create using GT5. The controller takes some getting used to, but I managed to get a full lap without hitting any walls in the 2011 NASCAR Chevy. Not at speed, but getting through the course without hitting anything with the game controller was not something I could do at any speed, so the new controller is a major improvement.

More when I have it.

Opus did not survive Christmas

And who knew ghosts could blog? 🤣 Seriously I think I ate myself to death yesterday, and my eternal punishment is to continue to feel stuffed for all eternity. My daughter got a spiral cut ham as a gift and I might have gone definitely went overboard loading my plate with the ham, on top of the hors d’oeuvres served in the hours before dinner. I never even touched my pound of Reese’s peanut butter cup which was actually two half-pound cups that my son gave me for my wrapped present. All told I made out like a bandit again this Christmas what with the engine hoistshop crane, $100 in gift cards for a famous online shopping destination, cash from the in-laws, and a pound of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Mrs. the Poet did well with the upright vacuum cleaner, a cooking device that can either be a panini press, or one or two griddles, gift cards, two tea pitchers and more gift cards.

Getting back to the gift cards to the online shopping destination I bought more raw stock for the Mini Sprint-T, because when you are scratch building something you don’t have detailed plans for you will make mistakes about dimensions, especially for things like bends and clearing other components. So I bought enough rod stock for at least 3 frames, to allow for many mistakes. And some sheet for making brackets and linkages, because those things need to be on the car.

In the meantime boxes were opened and contents were unpacked and assembled.

Note the weight limit markings

And I may not be able to unpack some boxes.
This is his box and he loves his box.

And the fur babies were not ignored either.
A filtered recirculating water bowl, the end of the nasty water bowl.

I have recovered enough for coffee and breakfast partially because I don’t want to insult Mrs. the Poet’s cooking, but lunch was beyond my abilities and I’m not banking too much on eating dinner, either