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Didn’t go to the Dr.’s office today

My appointment has been pushed back a bunch from 1400 today to 1600 tomorrow. I don’t know why, but it meshes perfectly with stopping by Red Robin for an early dinner with the last bit of pay I got from doing QC for the USPS for years.

In case you were wondering about that, we got paid in gift cards that had limited places they could be spent. That way we didn’t have to pay taxes on the pittance we got helping track letters and international packages (some of the test mails were huge). But when deJoy came in as Postmaster our group got the old heave-ho. That last gift card has about enough balance to buy one burger, drink, and dessert at Red Robin, which is one of the few eating places supported by the gift cards.

My stomach is still a bit dicey, so I’m hoping nothing goes wrong tomorrow. Also we currently have a thunderstorm making the yard into a swamp. Just thought I should mention it, because Mrs. the Poet was commenting on it and she usually ignores the weather.

And I’m currently running on 4 hours sleep and getting woozy, so I’ll put this post and myself to bed.


Happy day all you mothers

And I even have a song for you 😉

Seriously, I hope every mom and mother out there had a happy day today, and was honored as you so richly deserve.

My mom passed about 11 years ago, so I honored her with a raised glass of my favorite malt beverage. I have somewhat gotten over her assessment that my Pagan beliefs were “just another phase” that I would get over, because I was a “good baptised Missionary Baptist boy”. Seriously Mom, I was more than 15 years Pagan when you died, that is way past “a phase”.

I also honor my Grandmother, a strong woman with knowledge of native plants. She showed me a native sarsaparilla bush and had me dig up the roots so that we could have real sarsaparilla to drink (tastes a lot like root beer), and would not take any disrespect from me while I was growing up.

Mrs. the Poet’s parents are still alive and she called her mother this afternoon to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and the kids took Mrs. the Poet out for a huge lunch yesterday so as to beat the rush for Mother’s Day. How huge do you ask? I had one of the lighter entre selections and I still had to quit halfway through the dessert. And I’m used to eating 4K-5K Calories a day when I’m riding. I had a burger that came with half a pound of meat, about the same amount of mushrooms, and about a quarter pound of cheese and cheese sauce, and cheesecake for dessert. It’s a good thing I’m not lactose intolerant, eh? I also had a Shiner on draft and an equal amount of water for my beverage. That is a huge lunch.

I’m ending this early so that it will still be Mother’s day when it posts.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Opus the Poet