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Good racing, bad allergies

Yesterday I watched the Camping World Truck Series and the Cup Series from The Bristol Dirt. Much better this time around without the excess moisture on the track. The races were supposed to be run on Saturday and Sunday with heat races setting the lineup, but a drenching storm system basically drowned the track both days causing the heat races to be cancelled and the mains to be set based on the formula that has been used to set the starting order since Daytona. Running both races in one afternoon/evening did put the shortcomings of dirt over concrete on display, as the track surface was really rough by the end of the 250 lap Cup race following the 100 lap truck race.

By the end of the Cup race there were holes in the surface big enough to pretty much swallow one of the Goodyear bias-ply dirt tires. Which was another major change for this race, going back to bias-ply tires instead of the steel-belted radials they have been using since the end of the Tire Wars of the 1980s. The consensus was from data gathered running the truck series at Eldora that the radial was too stiff to get good racing on dirt, particularly when the track got rough. Racing on dirt requires more compliance in the sidewall than asphalt or concrete, and Goodyear’s engineers just could not get a radial that would stay together and be compliant enough to get good grip and last with the Cup Series engines and suspensions. The CWTS racers have less than 2/3 of the unrestricted Cup Series cars horsepower and running radials at Eldora had racers that couldn’t use full power except for the last third of the straights and that lost control at the high yaw angles usually associated with dirt racing. Basically the radials acted like they were on a dusty paved track and did not develop any side or forward bite into the dirt surface. But Goodyear did have bias-ply tires that made good grip on dirt for racing dirt late models, so the one that was closest to the Cup Series pavement slick dimensions was used to develop the tire for the trucks and Cup Series at Bristol. Basically all three of the NASCAR top touring divisions are built to use the same tire so that Goodyear only has to supply one tire for events running more than just the Cup Series.

Now the racing was good, lots of beating and banging as is the norm for stock cars (and trucks) on dirt. Martin Truex Jr. outlasted everyone to win the Camping World Truck Series race, while Joey Logano did the same for the Cup Series race. Basically the race was won by the cars that were in the best condition at the end of the race. I think for next year both series will go with softer springs and greater ride height to make sure they have enough travel to keep the tires in contact with the track. What’s going to be real fun is when the next generation of Cup cars running the 18″ wheel and tire package and 4 wheel independent suspension runs the dirt. Will they go back to 15″ wheels for Bristol Dirt so everybody gets the same tire? As I’m reading it right now, they are going to keep this year’s car for the next dirt race because there is zero development on the next year’s car for racing on dirt, especially with the rear suspension. Straight axles have been scienced out pretty well and are well-understood for getting the power to the track. The only racing format that races on dirt and has independent rear suspension is the off-road buggies, and they have zero in common with stock cars. In fact the off-road vehicles closest to stock cars, that are allowed to run any type of suspension are trucks and they use close to the same suspension as the current Cup Series cars in the back. They have more locating links/arms than the Truck Arms used by Cup series cars, but the basic axle is nearly identical to what is run by late model dirt racers that are forbidden to run IRS. If IRS gave an advantage running in dirt like IFS does you can believe the off-road trucks would have adapted the uprights and axles from their fronts to the rear suspension.

Now on the other topic in the headline, trees are having sex in public and it’s getting all up in everyone’s faces, literally. I’m getting frequent white-outs from goop covering the cornea that I can’t see through and takes several blinks to clear away enough to see what I’m doing. If you think typing without looking at the keys is hard, try typing when you can’t look at the keys or the screen. That is all kinds of no fun at all. Makes proofreading interesting too.


Getting a horrendously late start, and the Feed

I did not even begin filtering today until 2300 because I have been busy all day. First I had to mow the lawn again, in 90+°F heat, which required frequent breaks to cool off and rehydrate, then a shower and laundry because I was down to one pair of underwear and the “emergency” pair of house shorts, the one with the small split up the back from when they were baggy bike shorts I wore for the pockets. Then it was time for the second-biggest NASCAR race of the year, the Mud Summer Classic at the Eldora dirt track in Rossberg OH. This is a big deal because this is the only dirt race on any of the NASCAR national touring series. NASCAR started this race in 2013 after their last dirt race in 1972 (won by Richard Petty, of course) and people come from all over the world to see the Camping World Truck Series race in the dirt. And the reason this is the second-biggest race of the season is not because of speed, or violent wrecks. This is the second-biggest race of the year because it has the best racing, and because people you never heard of could win the race by out-racing the competition. The tires they use for this race don’t have much grip, being built more for durability than traction, and nobody can use all the power from the engines because the back tires will lose traction and cause the truck to spin out so the teams that spend the big bucks for more horsepower have no advantage here. Everyone has the same suspension components, shocks, and springs, and the crew chief that makes the best adjustments to those combined with the best driver will win the race. Tonight it was a former USAC Midget champ making his fourth start in the CWTS, but he almost got beat by an 18 YO dirt modified driver making his first CWTS start. I’m sure if the rear deck lid hadn’t gotten knocked loose so that it covered his rear spoiler the 18 YO would have won.

Up first some infrastructure news from the next town over from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. League of American Bicyclists Presents Richardson With Our Bronze BFC Certification

If this doesn’t make you angry, you should check for a pulse. Cop’s Drunk-Driving Wife Won’t be Charged for Killing Cyclist I covered this earlier but I didn’t realize that the driver is going to get away from killing a cyclist while DUI with no charges whatsoever. You know how I say that a cyclist should never hit a pedestrian? There is an exception to every rule.

Cyclists and advocates in AZ are outraged. Friends of killed cyclist react to driver’s 9 year sentence That is actually pretty harsh for any driver killing anybody with a motor vehicle.

I wonder what those cyclists and advocates from the previous paragraph would think about this sentence? Man Sentenced in Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed Mother of Eight Three years, and nothing for obstruction of justice for repairing the truck to destroy the evidence. Why nothing for destroying the evidence?

Another SWSS wreck in NY, not far from whee my wife is visiting her relatives. Police: Cyclist hit, killed after swerving into oncoming traffic in Lake Ronkonkoma Standard response to reports of “swerving” cyclists getting hit, who saw it other than the driver of the weapon vehicle.

UK infrastructure news from a US source, StreetsblogUSA. After Another Cyclist Dies, David Cameron Considers Truck Ban in UK Cities This story is mainly notable for introducing me to a new troll, Keith Peat. Now I’m following his dog on Twitter.

Another door prize “winner”, but why show a track bike on a velodrome for an article about a road wreck? Cyclist allegedly injured by opening car door sues driver A similar effect would be dicussing a pedestrian injured by a truck running over the curb at a corner while showing a picture of an F1 racer.

Speaking of door prizes, lots of links to this one on Wext Canuckistan. Patricia Keenan, Kelowna Cyclist, Dies After Crashing Into Car Door and Patricia Keenan, Kelowna cyclist, mourned after fatal crash into car door also Event Will Honour Kelowna Cyclist Killed When “Doored” finally Bike riders to mourn cyclist Some of those links have very toxic comments sections with many people blaming the cyclist for getting hit…

And also speaking of mourning a dead cyclist. Funeral held for Army veteran, 26, killed when truck hit his bicycle in Mount PleasantThe bicyclist was wearing dark clothing, and inclement weather appears to have been a factor, police said.” Edited to remove “truthiness”.

Back to the Great White North for an exercise in the absurd. Montreal police remind cyclists to follow the safety code Apparently the “safety code” has a heavy emphasis on helmets and HiViz.

A cyclist in the UK couldn’t get even a ticket issued when he was run over. Cyclist left permanently injured after crash hits out at Met for failing to prosecute driver who ‘admitted liability’ How do we force LEO to live up to the first two letters of the designation?

Is the government in Oz schizophrenic? Riding into a storm: Sydney cyclists face politics on two fronts

Last link. How Bicycles Gave us Freedom

And I’m tired so I’m sending this one out unproofed.

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