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Happy Valentine’s Day

And congrats to all the Rams fans for winning the Superb Owl, who will now fly around your heads for a year.

Game group went well as our assault on the McKinney Omega Mart got under way, with my initial assault against the building with an HE grenade from the launcher having literally no effect because the building was not entirely in the Material plain when my turn came up in the initiative. I did get to blow up some shelves and demonic merch next time through. Our Technomancer did get the building out of the Matrix by crashing the part of the building that was a server, now it’s just partially in the Astral and Material plains, so I still can’t use my grenade launcher against the building yet. And that’s where we had to leave off after several hours of RP and intense virtual dice rolling. I like our rolling bot in Discord, I’m getting combat rolls that I could never manage physically with real dice, my unbuffed grenade launcher roll is 18 d6, with buffs I can go as high as 24. And our Technomancer has some rolls that are in the low 30s of d6, can you imagine holding 30 d6 in your hand? No don’t imagine that it’s impossible.

Other stuff, I’m on pins and needles waiting on the Daytona 500, and all the pandemonium leading up to it. The qualifying is Wednesday, the Duels are on Thursday there are Truck, ARCA, and Xfinity series races Friday and Saturday, and the Cup race is on Sunday at 1430 ET, 1330 here. Because the Gen7 cars are in such short supply the winning car this year will not go to the Museum like all the previous winners, a show car body on a partial chassis without a drivetrain will get a wrap in the winner’s livery complete with printed confetti. Basically they are hanging a Gen7 body over a Gen6 frame and hoping that will be “Good Enough” for a year, when they will go back to the winning car spending a year in the Museum. I wonder how they are going to do the wheels and tires, the 15″ steel rims and 10″ wide tire of the Gen6 car or the 18″ aluminum wheels and 12″ wide tire of the Gen7? We’ll find out Monday.