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Still angry about… things

First and foremost, my phone locked up. I can’t reboot it, I can’t even get it to shut down. I’m waiting for the battery to run down so that maybe I can reboot it after charging it back up. Not having my phone feels almost like I’m missing a body part, or maybe an internal organ.

Second now that I have the tool for the job I want to install the spindles to the axle for mockup purposes and measure the required length of tie rod I need to build, but because I would have to stand on concrete I can’t. This is frustrating because I had to wait for the $$ to show up to get the tool, then wait for the tool to get here to use it and after using it once I have to wait until I recover to use it again.

Third, and this is political, it took months for the ACA to get through both houses of Congress, but the AHCA will have less than one day each for the House and Senate, and everything is secret until then? This is legislation that will have a drastic effect on one-sixth (17%) of the economy and nobody gets to see it until the day it gets voted on? Not even the rank-and-file of the GOP are allowed to read it until it hits the floor of the Senate. Are they literally trying to get stormed with torches and pitchforks? Because I can’t think of a better way to provoke it.

Now for some things I’m not angry about, that idea I had about the composite floor/splitter/belly pan turns out to be even better than I thought for mounting the radiator and fenders. And I’ll just glue the body to it when it comes time to mount the body to the frame like a big model kit. Really going to be easy for that one.

I still haven’t settled on the final shape for the rear fenders, speaking of mounting fenders. TX regulations are pretty lax on that. I could probably get by with nothing more than mud flaps, or less, but I’m looking to reduce drag on the highway for gas mileage and maybe get some downforce for racing by way of some HDPE flaps to divert airflow.

I have figured out how to drop the car for racing without having to have two upper shock mounts, I’ll just use an extender on the street shocks to make them run at a higher ride height than the race shocks. The street tires are taller than the race tires but the street tire race can use a lower ride height as well, so both sets of race shocks will be standard length while the street shocks will have extensions on the ends .

And Now I’m going to haul my decrepit carcass off to bed.