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Ima try this again hopefully with different results

For those of you wondering where yesterday’s blog post went, so do I. I clicked “preview” to make sure the links went where they were supposed to go and the only thing happened was all the text disappeared, but since I back up I figured there were some bugs in the preview function and just went back to the previous save and clicked “publish”. And you see what happened next, the only thing that got published was the category and the tags. That was using the text version of the composing screen, I use that because I can hand code a link faster than I can use the link tool to create one since I make so many links every day. I don’t even have to think about it when I do it I just &lt;a href=”url” target=”_blank”&gt;title&lt;/a&gt; except this time I used the codes for the < and > chars instead of typing the actual symbols to create a link.


Anyway I should say again that yesterday’s visit to the Lab Rat Keeper turned out mostly well, I managed to lose all the weight I gained from vacation plus another 3 pounds, from 213 in May down to 210 now, and my BP was 84/51, which was light years from where it was back in 2004-5 when I signed up for this gig. Back then I would get readings of up to 245 systolic and as high as 145 diastolic, which is way too high no matter how you look at it. Back then I was under a lot of stress trying to build my bike business, worried about getting long term employment and health insurance and knowing I was another wreck away from losing my home for medical expenses. Today I’m sitting pretty with Obamacare making sure my total OOP for any wreck is never more than $500, and I don’t have either an annual limit or a lifetime limit on how much can be spent to keep me kicking. I have access to money as a result of the trust transferring to me after my Dad died so that stress is gone too. I won’t lose my home anyway. You can’t know how big a stress that removed when it finally sank in that I won’t have to deal with the mortgage any more.


Pretty much all the links I have in this abbreviated post are from a single source and about NYC, but until I know I can make a post and have it still exist after I publish it I’m not going to do a lot of finding links on the web.


http://gothamist.com/2014/08/14/cyclist_kills_jogger.php Oh [$DIETY] we still haven’t heard the last about the previous pedestrian killed by a cyclist back in 2009, this one looks like the cyclist had to take an evasive maneuver to avoid another vehicle in the bike lane. And you know how you can tell for certain the cyclist was not at fault? He’s not in jail and did not even get a ticket for NYPD. Given that NYPD will invent laws to write a bicycle ticket for (the famous “not wearing a helment” ticket from a couple years ago ring a bell?) the fact that they didn’t give the kid even a ticket screams “not his fault”.


A NYC cyclist left-crosses himself.http://gothamist.com/2014/08/13/cyclist_killed_by_ambulance_driver.php The ambulance was just on a normal transport run with no lights or siren when the cyclist turned in front of it. So intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.


Update on a hit-and-run wreck in CA. http://bikinginla.com/2014/08/13/riverside-hit-and-run-victim-dies-after-being-taken-off-life-support/


Bike lanes are the new sidewalks for NYPD and City Hall bigwigs to park in, got it?http://gothamist.com/2014/08/14/nypd_loves_bike_lane_parking.php#photo-1


And the NYPD crackdown in response to the recent bicycle-pedestrian fatal wreck has no sense, whodathunkit?http://gothamist.com/2014/08/13/cyclist_crackdown_cops.php The most recent fatality was a not-at-fault wreck in Central Park. So where has the crackdown been taking place?


Our Daily Ted http://bikinginla.com/2014/08/13/morning-links-popular-la-cyclist-seriously-injured-update-on-the-san-diego-crash-that-injured-8-riders/


OK let’s see if this posts.


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Blogging during a brief gap in the racing on Wreck-Free Sunday

Right now I’m in the one-hour gap between Monaco and Indy with the pre-race show for Indy playing in my background. I have been burning up the sketchbook trying to come up with something automotive that would be acceptable for both Mrs. the Poet as a passenger, and myself as a driver. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but a big factor in not repairing my car when it quit running back in 1995 was that driving had become a job that was no longer fun. I hadn’t been racing in about 4 years before the car expired from a chunk of metal debris breaking the crankshaft. My work schedule had me spending most of my time behind the wheel half asleep, and even when I was fully awake the combination of traffic and my econobox did not inspire trying too hard to stay awake. The car was competent but not exciting. I want exciting and competent. I want acceleration, handling, and brakes that make my eyeballs put dots on the inside of my glasses. I want wind in my face and the smells of my surroundings. In other words I want a car with all the sensory inputs of a race car and a bicycle. Mrs. the Poet wants a mobility appliance since she doesn’t drive. For her lateral acceleration is just uncomfortable when it isn’t terrifying, and she prefers her eyeballs remaining entirely within her face. She also doesn’t want to wear a helmet and a waterproof jacket when she’s riding in a car. Otherwise she’s a pretty decent wife. Just don’t ask her about the time I took her for a ride in the 2-seat car at Malibu GP…

PSA, Opus

Another dead cyclist and what does your car really cost?

First up I had to share this guy getting killed on a bike, and then I found a link to what your car costs you every year, besides the $$ you shell out for gas oil and tires.

Dead cyclist. Bicyclist killed when run over by tractor-trailer in Sanford Sidewalk riding is bad, and can get you killed. Even if the guy had been crossing with the light cars still don’t see you on the sidewalk and right turning vehicles may hit you.

And do you know how much your car costs you? The true cost of our cars Yes, your car costs you an amazing amount of your life just keeping it on the road, and paying to run it is just the most visible part of that equation.

Well, that’s about it for the moment.

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