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I just got a news item that really bothered me, and the Feed

I read several on-line newspapers as part of looking for bike articles to post here, and in one there was a report of a 21 YO white dude shooting up a black church in Charleston SC while berating the victims for raping white women and other such nonsense. This is much worse than what we get as cyclists. At least as a cyclist you know that once you get off the road and put the bike away you are no longer in any more danger than anyone else of your demographic age, but being a Person of Color is not something that you can put away and be done with at the end of the day. My heart goes out to all the people of Charleston who were affected by this tragedy.

Up first because it’s in TX, Houston cyclists are getting killed faster than they can put up Ghost Bikes to mark their passing. THREE HOUSTON AREA CYCLISTS KILLED IN THREE WEEKS Seriously, all those cyclists getting hit and nobody is even getting a ticket for failure to pass 3 feet or more away? TANJ!

Another double dose of Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Bike rider shot to death in LA’s Mid City; LADOT GM Seleta Reynold is new interim VP of NACTO Another senseless shooting death.

Part 2 is a guest post. Guest Post: Testing to Destruction I don’t like this post, it places too much blame on the victim for being there to get hit.

Some good news from NYC. Report: City Will Partially Ban Cars From Central, Prospect Parks and New Maps Reveal Expanded Car Ban In Prospect And Central Parks

A VT wreck is suspected to have been caused by a drunk driver. Police: Suspected DUI in crash that killed cyclist Really a 0.123% BAC and DUI is “suspected”? Oh, the perp is a cop’s wife…

This kind of wreck is very rare, but unfortunately it does happen. UPDATE: Cyclist dies from bicycle crash The juvenile mis-judged the clearance when he(?) made his turn. This might have been a case where a helmet would have helped.

This was a wreck where the helmet made absolutely no difference, in spite of what the LEO posited. Brooks cyclist escaped serious injury thanks to helmet When a big truck hits a cyclist they either have a head injury, or they don’t. Presence or absence of a helmet is not going to make any difference one way or they other. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Trigger warning: the video in this clip shows a cyclist being assaulted from a moving vehicle with intent to cause harm. Disturbing footage captures laughing yobs shoving cyclist off bike from moving car The people inside the car thought it was hilarious as the cyclist face-planted in the grassy verge. I did that a few years back and even wearing a full-face BMX helmet it wasn’t fun. I got momentarily stunned but the helmet prevented skin to ground contact. This guy didn’t even have that level of protection. There is a special circle in Hades for animals like this.

One reason the aforementioned animals might have done their assault is articles like this. Dorrington cyclist fatal hit-and-run: Suspended sentence for lorry driver Cyclist wearing HiViz and equipped with flashing lights still gets hit and killed, and the driver gets 200 hours of community service and a 2 year ban on getting caught driving.

Still in Jolly Olde is this report on a wounded veterans support ride. North East cyclists support wounded soldiers on gruelling bike ride

Ozzie cyclists strike back at crap infrastructure. Bike activists take guerilla action by painting ‘unsafe cycle lane’ on Sydney roads A cyclist was killed a couple of months ago riding in just such a lane as he was thrown in front of a truck after bouncing off a door opened in his path without warning.

If building your own is too much trouble, or you lack the skills, then Pedego has your assisted cargo carrier needs in mind. Pedego Introduces a Superhero Bike — the Stretch Cargo! I wonder if it uses the industry-standard Xtra-bike seats and cargo bags?

In other e-assist news scientists are studying how battery materials act under overcharging conditions to design next-generation batteries with higher capacities. X-Ray Imaging Reveals Secrets in Battery Materials

And on a sad closing note, WoaB lost one of the founding employees today when Brian the Security Cat died on the job. Brian has been “working” for WoaB since before we started writing a blog. He had lost a lot of weight in the last few months and we were getting worried about his health, then his breathing got raspy this morning and he couldn’t find a comfortable place to rest anywhere in the house. He went to take his afternoon nap under the bed and never woke back up.

Brian 2000-2015, RIP


On a Friday dark and dreary as I pondered weak and weary, and the Feed

Don’t worry, there are no talking ravens or any other birds speaking to me here at Casa de El Poeta in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. It’s just a chill and grey day here. I’m actually wearing a shirt with my usual shorts and socks to fend off the chill, and I had to turn on the lights in the office/bedroom where I work. That’s how chill and grey the day is. The “weak and weary” part is up for speculation, but I submit for your consideration the lump on the back of my neck and the Rice Krispies noises coming from the muscles in the close vicinity of that lump. I’m getting tired of having my neck sounding like someone punching out a bowl of potato chips nearly every time I move it, does that fit the “weak and weary” part of the rhyme?

Up first, Y’all can stop sending me the links to this video now. Cyclist’s Camera Catches The Moment He Was Hit by a Deer and WATCH: Cyclist collides with deer during ride in California Also CHRISTMAS CONFLICT I have seen the links and the video. You know because I have posted them here. Stop sending me links to this video. PLEASE!

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, why that is so in two articles. Collier County staffer suspended after threat to plow cyclist off road and Punishment issued for staffer who threatened cyclists The “staffer” basically threatened a cyclist with murder, so she got a paid vacation (leave with pay) before getting a few days off without pay and no jail time… And that’s another reason why FL is the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle.

To go along with the threatened violence in FL, a teen convicted of attempting to assault a cyclist in OR is arrested in conjunction with shooting up a school in the same state. Teen involved in throwing bricks at bike riders implicated in high school shooting Violence against cyclists is not just “road rage”, it is violence, assault or attempted murder. And violence against cyclists that goes lightly punished or completely unpunished leads to violence elsewhere.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Arrest made in Anaheim hit-and-run; saddle up for Selle’s Christmas party in San Diego

One of the links mentioned in Ted’s post also showed up in the Feed. Opinion L.A.’s cyclists should need a special ‘info’ license in order to ride How about drivers should need a special license to drive in LA? Incidentally Gigi would love the comments section, the Stupid is strong with this bunch, except for Bill from SD…

Speaking of Stoopid… EFR tells riders to strive for helmet hair How about drivers should strive to not hit other road users? That would save about 30K people a year if 100% effective.

A driver right hooks a cyclist and complains about the traffic ticket? Halifax councillor fights traffic ticket The driver right hooks the cyclist she just passed and then leaves the scene and she’s fighting the ticket? I could give her 3 tickets and a felony charge if I was on the scene. She got off lucky.

Infrastructure! news from America’s Amsterdam. With or without Vision Zero, a safer Barbur might be an economic win What is the $value of a human life? Because they kill an average of 2 people a year on this stretch of road, reducing that by half would save the $value of that life in addition to the economic benefits.

It happened again. Cyclist left waiting over two hours for an ambulance after crash in central London Last time was about an hour and a half, so things are deteriorating for cyclists. Eventually they are going to be so late that a cyclist that would have lived dies from something that could have been caught had they gotten medical attention sooner.

FB page to a cargo HPV. Johanson3 SA

Another “safety” innovation that depends on you having the right kind of cell phone to work. Volvo to Demonstrate In-Car Cyclist Alert System at CES I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind or otherwise in favor of “safety” developments that are dependent on my having the right kind of ceel phone to protect me from a light armored vehicle.

E-assist fat bike for when you want to ride in snow or across loose sand. iGO Electric FatBike I never rode a fat bike, but they tell me they’re fun in the conditions I mentioned at the start of the paragraph.

And I seem to have run out of links again.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the unkillable badass Poet

Wreck-Free Sunday is when I take out the mental garbage

Relax, I’m not dumping on you, well not really bad things. I’m just posting what I have been thinking about other than bicycles. Yes I do think about things other than bicycles from time to time. One of the things that has been occupying my non-bicycle brainspace has been the “other tenants” here at Casa de El Poeta. Currently we are renting rooms to a transgender couple and a crazy lady. The TG couple were a couple before they started to transition and swapped genders, and I think I have possibly mentioned the other person from time to time in this blog. Anyway these people live here in addition to Mrs. the Poet, and Brian the cat. Anyway Mrs. the Poet has decreed that the motel at Casa de El Poeta will be closed soon and asked me to pick a date for all the tenants to be gone. Being the kind, gentle, and non-confrontational person I am IRL I set the date as 2015/04/30 so that every one had time to find permanent lodgings and nobody was in panic mode. Did I mention that I make a terrible “bad cop”?

One of the other things occupying my non-bicycle brainspace has been the new Chase for the Sprint Cup format. We are now in the second round of the elimination format, with 12 drivers starting even at 3000 points following the elimination of 4 drivers from the previous round of the Chase. This really jumbles things up especially with the last race for this round coming at ‘Dega, which is always a fuster cluck. And with the repaving at Kansas giving so much grip that they are running wide open around the track at nearly 200 MPH it is looking like today’s race will be almost as bad as ‘Dega.

Another thing running around my non-bicycle brainspace has been the Sprint T, especially now that I have an actual body to measure from for the frame. And I have been doing a lot of measuring lately.


The inside showing the mounting flange for the floor/frame.

the bottom

The bottom of the body with a real good view of the mounting flange.

Speaking of measuring things that mounting flange measures 34″ wide outside to outside at the rear opening of the floor, 33″ at the back part of that jog between the firewall and the dash, and 27″ at the firewall. This complicates the frame design to say the least. With the need to have the rear hoop of the roll cage very close to the outside edge of the passenger compartment at 47″ this means I have to do some really fancy design work at the back of the frame to meet the SCCA requirement of the rear hoop mating to the frame rail. Since I was planning on using the rear hoop as the kickup of the rear frame with two frame rails, one above the rear axle and one below the axle, getting that securely mounted is a must. With the trunk wall acting as a diaphragm between the two rails and the front wall of the trunk acting as another diaphragm across the back of the axle cell the back of the frame will have adequate torsional stiffness. I’m still trying to figure out how to go from the 35″ or so at the back of the body to the 47″ outside to outside width (44″ inside to inside) of the rear hoop. Maybe some angle iron welded to the floor pan to mount the body? Getting the diagonal brace from the rear hoop to the frame means some really tricky fabrication and design work because that diagonal is the only part of the frame that is inside the body. That means it is the only part of the frame that will be bolted in as part of final assembly, rather than welded on in initial fabrication. Or, I could split the body down the center and bolt it together from each side of the frame? That is harder to seal up against water and exhaust gas intrusion, but makes building the frame much easier. Changing one thing changes a thousand other things…

Speaking of changing one thing and other things being affected, I’m nursing a bruised knee from hitting the handlebars on Francis/es after changing the seat for something that doesn’t leave me with a numb but that sometimes bleeds from the abrasions because it didn’t fit. Well the new seat fits in that I don’t get any of the backside issues I had with the old seat, but it moved me closer to the handlebars enough that right turns and crosswinds caused my longer femur to put my kneecap into the back of the handlebars. Result, bruise, and a small hole under the right kneecap. So I remounted the handlebars to move them forward again, which rotates my torso forward and makes me rotate my head back farther. Then I didn’t get the binder bolt on the stem tight enough with all the grease to prevent the wedge nut from corroding solid with the steer tube, and the handlebars came adrift in heavy traffic this week, eek! They weren’t loose, just not pointing in the right direction which made riding scary. Well scarier than usual, that particular area is always scary even with a perfectly functioning bicycle… 3 lanes in each direction that narrows down to 2 each way on the other side of the intersection. I still had steering but the bars were pointed sharply to the left from hitting the steering stop during one of Francis/es “NO, I wanna go that way” starts and trying to make Francis/es go the way I wanted to go.

Back in Kansas, things have Not Gone Well for most of the remaining 12 chasers, to say the least, with about half of them having right front tire issues or getting caught up in other people’s wrecks. Junior and Jimmy are many laps off the pace and others are mired near the back of the pack from damages accrued from wrecks. Joey Logano won (again) making the third Penske team victory in 4 Chase races. I’m thinking we may have a Penske entry as the first Chaser over the line in Homestead.

Yesterday getting to and from the RPG group was the worst part of the day, as we were back out past the last stop on the Green Line for the site where we met. Flash Drive, my character, was in rare form for the game, managing to prevent the villains from securing their prizes while using the two groups to disrupt each other’s operations and keep civilian casualties to a minimum. When pursuit of the bad guys got caught in rush hour traffic my speedster used his abilities to head off any combat and prevented any possible civilian casualties while preventing escape until LEO showed up to take control of the situation. While investigating the attempted kidnapping and robbery across the street from our secret headquarters we discovered an operation that was way above our pay grades, so we called in the government agency in charge of super-crime to take over. What we found was evidence of human cloning and genetic engineering, along with illegal memory manipulation, possibly including one of our team members. When the Feds completed their investigation they found that our wolf/man was the result of commercial continuations of Nazi genetic experiments and implanted memories from someone else’s life that got interrupted when someone blew up the lab and stole as much as they could cart off (us playing villain characters back several months ago). Because we called the Feds in we managed to get our character moved from legal-as-super to legal-as-human, taking him from only legal in his Hero identity to able to vote and live wherever he wanted (and can afford).

And it is getting late so I’m going to go to bed.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet

Wreck-Free Sunday on a Monday, or how I spent my spring break

I got back from my camping trip late last night nearly exhausted from my adventures and somewhat the worse for wear. I’m nursing a sunburn on my scalp again because I had to remove my hat to be able to see where I was going during part of the campout, and in spite of wearing long sleeve shirts every day I managed to get some sun on my back and arms somehow.

This was Francis/es public debut as a working bike, and I couldn’t have hardly picked a better demonstration ground than where I was. Spirit Haven is ~100 acre semi-primitive camping area about halfway between Austin and Houston, about 2 miles north of Flatonia and 26 miles west of LaGrange, just east of TX 95. There is one “road” that loops around the grounds that is about 3/4 of a mile around from the front gate to the point where the loop comes back to itself (AKA “the end”). This “road” is actually more of a double track with some mud/dust, some gravel, lots of ruts, and washboard. IOW small enough to make riding a bicycle easy and pretty much a wash over going on foot, but rugged enough to make riding a cargo bike a challenge. Photography was limited to your own camp site so I can’t show much in the way of pictures, but I did get a few.

This one is a typical load I moved around from Vendor’s Row to a camp site.
not very heavy, but hard to steer around

My best customer as a passenger, she took like 5 trips to or from Vendor’s Row.
Passenger service
As you can see a Clyde can be used for passengers. It just isn’t as easy as a dedicated pedicab.

This was not without complications. The roughness of the road and the geometry of the bike combined to have me wind up with blood in my shorts twice in 4 days of working the event because of bad fit. I really need to raise the handlebars about 6-8″ from where they are in the pictures in order to have the hardened parts of my butt resting against the saddle, and probably a broader saddle to absorb the bumps. Riding around getting blood in the shorts from resting against the wrong parts of the butt is a highly sub-optimal condition for making money on a cargo bike.

Speaking of making money I did make a few bucks at $1/ride or delivery anywhere on the grounds. Delivery was for anything that fit in the cargo bed and less than 300 pounds, and I had a wood delivery that came very close to those maximums. I also had a passenger run that did likewise 😉 Running close to max loads caused the front tire to deflect a lot bouncing over the washboard “road”, but the ride was smoother with a bigger load. Launching caused Francis/es to live up to hir name as a stubborn mule especially in the open field of Vendor’s Row, but I never lost a load or rider on launch. I did dump one rider at the end of her ride when I pulled off the “road” and into a hidden hole that caused me to lose my balance. Because of the way the bed was built it was a “no harm no foul” kind of a dump, but I still felt pretty bad about the rough end to the ride, especially as she was recovering from a really bad car wreck (a semi running near DOT maximum GVW T-boned the car she was riding in from the driver’s side at 70 MPH, killing her husband instantly and putting her in hospital for 3 months).

The group I was camping with blesses their camp fire at the beginning of the camp, than never lets it go out until either the end of the event or some weather emergency requires all open flames to be extinguished. The evening fires can have flames over 8 feet tall from a stack of wood right at 4 feet tall, and let me tell you it can be quite a sight. Having a fire going that long and that hot causes a lot of heat to get down into the ground under the fire pit. This picture shows how much heat there is after burning for more than 4 days continuously.Boiling water in the fire pit
That water is boiling furiously 5 minutes after the fire was put out. Yes it really was that hot.

Now that I have this post almost done I have 5 days worth of e-mails to sort through and file before I can get my online life back in order. Not to mention 5 days worth of comics to get caught up on so I don’t lose the threads of the plots.

PSA, Opus

Waiting in the rain on a Wreck-Free Sunday, and cargo bikes

Well we got a Sprint Cup NASCAR race a bit out west of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, well we would if it ever dries up. This makes 3 rain delays in 7 races, something of a record, or working on some kind of record. I wouldn’t call this a “Good Record” though, I like to actually see a race when the race is supposed to be run. Rain delays are by definition not on time. We are now almost 2 hours late getting started on this because the track is not drying out even with the jet driers and the Titan air broom “sweeping” the water off the track. It’s so cold and humid that the track is just not drying out. So we wait.

While we wait out the rain delay have I told you the good word about the Goddess? >slap< NO RELIGION! Yes, ma’am!

I love my new cargo bike, as soon as I can get the one tiny glitch with the steering ironed out. Everything else is great except the tie rod hitting the tire on left turns, but the replacement still hasn’t come in from the supplier so that the interference problem can be fixed. I really want this bike to work well, as I will be demonstrating it as a replacement for a golf cart at the place I go camping twice a year at CMA. I really think that cargo bikes and trailers behind regular bikes can replace their aging fleet of golf carts for hauling stuff around the 101 acre campsite in southeast Texas. If the steering doesn’t work then it will look bad for the dedicated cargo bike. Obviously I want cargo bikes and trailers to look good for this.

I have been re-evaluating my choices for building my T-bucket hot rod as my budget has been drastically reduced. The engine I really want to install is the GM LS375-525 crate engine which puts out 525 HP, weighs 515 lbs., has a 2 year warranty, and costs about $9K complete. What I’m looking at is buying a used cop car and using the 4.6 Modular SOHC 2V engine and transmission, which have been selling about $1K at auction around here. This will get me the whole shooting match, engine, transmission, rear axle and brakes in one package, for less than the cost of the crate engine. The bad parts are there is no warranty, everything is going to be covered in dirt, rust, and grease, and the old suspension brackets are going to have to be cut off the rear axle before it can be used. Also the 4.6 2V is rated at 250 HP and weighs 600 pounds, less than half the power and almost 100 pounds heavier than what I had selected when I thought my budget was much larger. This will still give me a quick car with almost-decent gas mileage, as the T-bucket will still weigh less than 1800 pounds compared to the more than 4000 pound car it was pushing around before. The wheels and tires should also be usable (well I will probably have to replace the tires before putting it on the road, but if they hold air they could be used to roll the car around the shop).

Also on the T-bucket I have been looking at a fabricated aluminum frame that will slice about 100 pounds out of the completed car, but my welding skills are not close to being up for that, and neither are any of my welders capable of welding aluminum. Well, maybe the oxy-acetylene torch if I could find a set of the cobalt welding goggles that let me see when the base metal starts to puddle, but those are hard to come by even here in the Metroplex. Still the costs are similar because the sections are cheaper for the aluminum frame than the steel frame.

PSA, Opus

I’m ALIVE! and Wreck-Free Sunday

The headline refers to the difficulty I had in learning to pilot the new bike. The bed does not have a lot of clearance so lean angles for cornering are not high and the steering does not have a lot of travel, especially to the left so catching the bike with steering is not easy. Then there was the whole “bending too far over to stay on the seat” business that had to be adjusted out. That required reversing the stem to reduce the reach in the horizontal plane, then raising it to the minimum insertion point to get the handlebars up where my knees didn’t hit them. Then I could ride the bike a little, but still not very well. The combination made for evil low-speed handling until I could get ahead of the curve, literally. The builders and I are working to get rid of the steering lock issue and to retrofit it to the other Clydes already on the road (both of them). It appears that the other Clyde on the road is not having these issues because it has a fairly powerful throttle-demand front hub motor assist to go with the pedal power applied to the rear wheel. This gets it out of the low-speed regime in a big hurry, maybe fast enough that the owner never noticed how bad the low-speed handling really was.

One reason the new bike is important is transitioning the campgrounds at the Council of Magickal Arts from golf carts to cargo bikes as the golf carts age out. They were used and not a lot of life left in them when the campgrounds were first built back around the turn of the century but we are coming up on the middle of the second decade of the century and those used carts are spending as much time getting repaired as they are running people and cargo around the festival site. Also the carts are not as aligned with the core values of the organization Council of Magickal Arts as using bicycles to move things around. Eventually they plan on moving to something else for moving stuff and the infirm around, my vision is cargo bikes and pedicabs with a large number of people using powering the units as their community service to help keep the festivals running smoothly.

But moving on from the new bike, today is the opening race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season. As I type this the Daytona 500 is under a rain delay (again), so they are showing last year’s race on the station that is supposed to be carrying today’s race. The racing was good until the rains came, but now they are under a tornado warning and everybody is under the stands where it is somewhat safe until the weather blows over. And now they are saying there is about 10 minutes until coverage resumes. And it resumed watching the track driers out drying the track for about 20 minutes then went back to last year’s race replay. It looks like another 90 minutes until they get the track dry.

So, while I wait for the track to dry I’m going to muse about the modified BMX bike I’m working on for someone to ride during the festival this Spring. The idea is a crank forward bike that the rider can reach the ground to dab when things get yucky (technical term) while still having the crank far enough away from the seat that the rider gets full leg extension. I have a batch of square tubing to use to make the seat tube, and I’m going back to the metal supplier to get the right size to make the seat post. I’m even going to give my “secret” jig settings for building this bike from the modified BMX frame. The wheelbase is 42″, the bottom bracket is 19″ from the front axle and 3″ (center, 1 15/16” edge) above the axle, and a 45° seat tube angle. I’m preserving the head tube angle of the donor BMX bike to match the fork on the hardtail version, but the full suspension version will have a slack 70° headtube to go with the suspension fork I have. The real work will be the swingarm mounting points and shock mount points. Then I have to work the seat tube around those mounting points. For that bike about the only parts that will survive from the donor bike will be the down tube and the head tube.

OK they are saying that it will still be at least 60 minutes before the race resumes, so I’m going to stop trying to live blog the race and post the blog.

PSA, Opus

Thoughts on a sturdy but cheap cargo trike on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I think I mentioned that I was volunteered to organize replacing using golf carts as mini-pickup trucks with cargo bikes/trikes instead. I have been contemplating on how to do that for things that are too heavy or bulky to throw on the back of Blue. I have also been wondering how to make this doable for people who can’t ride a bike. The answer is a trike made just for hauling of course.

The quickest was to do this would be to add an HP drive unit to an existing cargo trailer, add a 12V headlight and a power source for the rest of the lighting system, and call it good. I was thinking about using this trailer as it has more than enough load capacity to carry what needs to be carried plus a rather large power unit, and the modularity of the construction allows replacing the drive portion when a better design drive unit is built by just unbolting 4 bolts and placing those bolts on the new unit.

Obviously this will have to be a FWD drive unit as there is no way to send power to those tiny wheels. I’m really busy trying to figure out how to add brakes to it much less trying to drive those tiny wheels. Obviously I will have to fabricate something to put a brake caliper on the axle and a disk on the hub, but the design work on that will have to await actually having hands on the trailer to see what I have to work with. For simplicity this will have to be a single-speed drive with fairly low gearing, but that’s OK because there is a blanket 5MPH speed limit on the property. The only vehicle allowed to exceed that is the golf cart ambulance that brings injured or ill people to the medical facility on property, and to the front gate if they need to be transported off property. And even that unit needs to be replaced as it ages out of service. But that aside, this will have to be a very simple and slow unit capable of moving significant loads over a very rough road system, but with only one significant hill/valley area to negotiate to get to the front gate.

So, I’m thinking something on the order of a 20″ front wheel with either direct drive (Unicycle wheel) or basically the same thing with a crank, chain, and coaster brake. Making this a very large adult tricycle with either the seat mounted to the fork and the handlebars mounted to the trailer for making tight turns and reversals, or the seat on the trailer and the handlebars on the fork for higher pulling power for climbing out of that valley I mentioned. I’m thinking at this point that the ability to ride backwards to get out of tight spots is a feature that will be little-used, while the ability to climb away from the Troll Bridge with a heavy load is something that will get frequent use, but I could be wrong. Or it could be that both abilities are vital, so I would need to build more than one trike, a light version for getting in and out of tight locations with a moderate load, and a heavier version to ferry people and supplies to the front gate over the Troll Bridge. After writing that I think the front gate hauler would get more use, especially if it had a seat that would allow it to be used as a pedicab so that people who don’t walk so good (like me?) could get a lift to gate duty for their community service.

Doesn’t this sound like a fun project?

PSA, Opus