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Watching races again today

Today is the first day of the Indycar season, the St. Petersburg Gran Prix, the street/airport course. Then there is a break between the end of the Indycar race and the start of the Cup race from Phoenix. During that break I’m going to take my new loop and grab some Sweatcoin, hopefully the maximum 5 coins I can get today.

And for those who think I’m joking about dark chocolate as an antidepressant, grab a peak at this report .

Speaking of the Cup race, this is the last event in the current configuration of the track in Phoenix. Among other changes the start/finish line is getting moved to what is now the backstretch as they expand the grandstands to accommodate more people and get them away from Rattlesnake Mountain.

I have been deciding on what tire for just driving around on the street and if I get something with a lot of sidewall height I can keep the same suspension setup for street and Goodguys autocross and just change the tires. So I will set up for the 245/40-15 race rubber that is 22.7″ tall, then swap over to 255/60-15 street tires that are 27″ tall and get that extra 2″ of sidewall to deflect and smooth out the ride. The handling will be a bit tippy-toe on the 255 tire, but since the 255 is for keeping the bottom of the car clear of speed bumps and wet traction, not all-out performance, tippy-toe will be fine. And we are talking tippy-toe only by comparison with the short sidewall tire, in absolute terms the Sprint-T will still be like a slot car, just a little softer slot car. The precision on turn in will still be there, just a tiny bit softer with the 255s. But seriously, for street use even the 255s will have more performance than can be used legally on the street, except maybe getting on or off a freeway ramp. Of course the CG will be 2″ higher with the 255s because physics are immutable. Plus the looks of the 255/60-15 on the car are just really good and muscular.

And this is the kind of idiot I have to deal with while composing the blog post.

Clyde claiming his space

It’s really hard to type when he does that.