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Just Chillin’

Well we had some kind of front move through and it has been darkly cloudy but dry all day and now the outside temp is under 80°F before midnight for the first time in ages. And as I started typing that a light shower popped up and cooled things down even more. So things are very chill here at Casa de El Poeta.

Seriously all I have done today is read web comics, feed, water, and pet the cats, clean up cat poop, and check e-mails. Oh and do a little work on one of my side gigs, that got done in less than 10 minutes. I have been running around enough already this week and I have another full day tomorrow going to the LRK and if the check cleared buying the return bus tickets from eclipse watching in TN. I thought about working some more on the TGS2 but changed my mind in favor of chilling some more. So now I’m so chill I’m frosty on the sides. And I have to get up at 0600 tomorrow, three hours after I normally go to bed.